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You don’t need to be told that your body has changed with age. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but not everyone can get back into shape. The good news? There are some incredibly effective lifting and concealing lingerie to help hide perceived imperfections and enhance your assets. Shapewear is going to be your new best friend, if it isn’t already. Sensitivity to your midsection and thighs will be a thing of the past after your try out our favourite lingerie items.


high waist sculpt

The sculpt high-waisted thigh shaper

This piece will be your daily tummy tuck. The sculpting brief will help smooth your stomach under your dress or skirt and will do wonders at shaping your waist.

Price: $49.95

Sizes: S – XL

Available here



The Ng seamless tank bodysuit

This is a really lovely option for summer. Since it’s too hot to wear a long-sleeve, this tank bodysuit is a great way to hold everything in and cover any muffin top. We love the wide straps too!

Price: $44.95

Size: X-XL

Available here


The seamless legging

We know it may be a bit hot for summer but these leggings are a comfy option for evenings. They are thick enough to be worn as leggings but also could be worn as hold-me-ins under your pants to give you more shape. Plus, the high waist will hold in your tummy!

Price: $49.95

Size: M-XXL

Available here

Do you wear shapewear? What is your favourite item from above? Share with us below!

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  1. With the tank body suit, is there any provision for urgent trips to the toilet?

    1 REPLY
    • I’m with you on this one Mary. When I get the signal I have to go straight away, no time for unzipping or unbuttoning undergarments as well as the outer ones.

  2. Everyone is beautiful just as they are 🙂

    1 REPLY
    • Of course we are, but there are very special occasions that it would be nice to smooth out a few bumps, however these garments usually don’t go above size 16. Grrr! 🙁

  3. I agree with Rhonda but there are times when we ” want to hold it all in” and these help. I have one on the first one in flesh coloured and wear it with certain clothes

  4. Shape wear is okay, if you don’t have a muffin top and we all them to some degree. The excess has to go somewhere and it is up and over the top. Believe me, I know and by some standards, I am not fat.

    2 REPLY
  5. I notice the model used is slim and doesn’t need anything to make her look better. I know plenty of people who have bought such things and the fat is just pushed elsewhere so they tell me.

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