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One of the best ways to look younger and more vibrant as we get older, is to be sure to wear colours that flatter us. This doesn’t only apply to our clothes and accessories but to our eye make-up as well!

Where choosing the correct eye colour to enhance our eyes may once have been a bit of a gamble, now it will be easy when you follow these fantastic tips:

  • The key is to give your eyes some definition – groomed brows, luxurious lashes, and some colour on the lids. Give more definition to the upper eye line than the lower eye line.
  • Avoid anything with a red undertone as it will make your eyes look sore and tired.
  • There will probably be a shade of purple that will suit you!
  • Avoid anything with lots of shimmer.
  • No harsh lines, go softly and blend well.


11092015 BLUE EYES


Best colours

Look for soft neutral tones!

  • Champagne and soft corals are great for vivid blue eyes.
  • Steely greys and silvers are wonderful for grey/blue eyes.
  • Charcoal liners can be kinder than black.
  • Soft browns/taupes.
  • purple.

Avoid blue eye shadow as a general rule, but dark blue mascara will bring out the blue of your eyes!

Revlon colorstay 16 hour eye shadow in siren

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Estee Lauder pure color eye shadow trio in artic zinc

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Dior diorshow fusion mono in fantaisie

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Bobbi Brown eye shadow in shell

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Chanel le volume de chanel mascara in bleu

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Dior smoky eye colour palette in smoky pink

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11092015 GREEN EYES


Best colours

Purple is probably your best shade!

  • Taupe
  • All shades of purple
  • eggplant
  • Brown/bronze
  • silver

Try some purple close to the upper lash line or some purple mascara to really make your eyes sparkle! Brown eyeliner is especially flattering.

Revlon colorstay 16 hour eye shadow in seductive

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Blinc mascara in dark purple

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Yves Saint Laurent palette collector in multi

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Bobbi Brown eye shadow in taupe

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11092015 BROWN EYES 


You will find that most colours will work well for you, but look for shades that will enhance

any golden undertones!

  • Go for warm tones of bone, champagne and salmon.
  • green with gold undertones
  • Chocolate, soft bronze

Black eyeliner and mascara will make eyes sparkle.


Revlon colorstay 16 hour eye shadow in decadent

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Clarins eye quartet mineral eye palette in forest

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Yves Saint Laurent colour palette existing harmony in afrique

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Bobbi Brown everything mascara in jet black

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11092015 HAZEL EYES


You want to highlight the green and gold flecks in your eyes!

  • Creamy bones and soft metallics.
  • Browns and with hints of gold, green or bronze.
  • Dusty pinks.
  • Warm autum colours in pastel shades.

Define your eyes with rich brown eyeliner and black mascara to enhance your eyes beautifully.

Natio mechanical long lasting eye liner in brown

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Dior 5 couleurs designer artistry palette in nude pink

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Revlon colorstay 16 hour eye shadow in adventurous

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Max Factor colour perfection duo eyeshadown in supernova pearls

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Did you already know what colours suited you? I wish someone had told me this years ago!




Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. I have to agree with the suggestions for Hazel eyes, (which I have) browns, creams and greens…….sometimes my eyes look more green at other times more brown,

  2. It is s hard to buy matte colours. If you buy a palette there are always shiny colours so I don’t buy them. Does anyone know of any brands of eyeshadows suitable for blue eyes that aren’t shiny and don’t cost the national debt?

  3. I disagree with the green eye colour using purple eyeshadow. Most green eyed people are red heads or have a freckley complexion. Purple makes us look like we have been crying, or gives that impression. Best to use greens or neutral colours for a natural look. Nothing with a red undertone ie purple!!!!

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