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Today we want to get to the bottom of over 60s fashion – do you think it should be more interesting or is it great the way it is?

We’ve put together the below survey so we can work to deliver you the best style content, advice, opportunities and deals possible!

By filling out the below survey, you go into the running to win one of three beautiful Crafted by Carmel rings, so make sure you answer all of the questions!

We’ll announce the winners in the first week of April!




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  1. As an 80 year old fashion blogger, I definitely think fashion for women over 60 could be vastly improved, but that requires more selection. Our choices are so limited it makes it very difficult to find stylish clothing that suit our needs. I would love to see designers add pieces to their collections that are specifically tailored for a more mature figure. That means designs with sleeves, a hemline that comes to the knee and a bit more of a forgiving cut to accommodate a slightly thicker middle.

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  2. I think there’s a lot of lovely clothes and accessories out there, it’s a matter of putting them together.

  3. I buy most of clothes from uk online as you can buy some lovely clothes I’m 63 and the things you can buy are different to what you can buy here I love going out well dressed even to the supermarket makeup on and the pearls he he and always get asked where did you get that outfit I don’t want to look mutton done up as lamb but I like to think I dress for my age and I’m a bit of a tubby so the things at myer David jones in larger sizes are so expensive and there not my cup of tea

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    • Jan Any chance you can post the UK website you purchase from as I find the clothing for over 60’s in Australia is still in the 1960’s at 5 times the price

    • Hi Jann, would you mind sharing who you buy from in the UK. I, like you like to dress tidy , makeup on etc..It’s having pride in yourself. Would be interested as I agree with you about Myers/David Jones…so over priced for what they are.And I like different styles that camouflage.

  4. I think at this age it’s more important to be comfortable…dress to what suits your body shape and size…it doesn’t have to be daggy…as Kim says there are some lovely things out there…it’s just putting it together properly…

  5. Yes we don’t want to look like our daughters but we do need our own look and one we can afford I don’t think any body really thinks about the average over sixties I still see styles like when my mother was sixty and now she would be104 and nothing has changed I agree with senior stile bible so what can we do

  6. Yes, our fashion needs a re-vamp. We’re not ready for the nackers yard at 60+, we still want to look good for ourselves and keep the self esteem elevated. Strictly Classy – Not Trashy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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