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Do you like to wear crinkle fabrics? Or do you think they look unkempt?

I like them as they are a totally modern fabric built for the busyness of our everyday lives. They are easy-care and as their name suggests – don’t require any ironing, which in my books is utterly fantastic!

This season is perfect to embrace the crinkle look as it is in tune with the boho chic trend. Let Starts at 60 Style share with you the art of wearing crinkle successfully!


01102015 CRINKLE CUT 1


Adrift panama top in cobalt

Available here

Sportscraft simone crop jeans

Available here

Billini tabitha flat

Available here

Najo spring time earring

Available here

Polka Luka sakura double bracelet set

Available here


1 Don’t wear double crinkle!

I would avoid this as a general rule as it can go horribly wrong.  Instead, choose one statement piece – like a pant, cardi or a scarf to add some interest to your look.  A cool crinkle summer dress is perfect in an Australian summer!

2 You want obviously crinkly

Ensure that what you have chosen looks obviously crinkly and not like you have been too lazy to iron it.

Some things are best left on the rack – in the shop!  Choose wisely by avoiding cheap fabrics which will not hold their shape and never look good.  Some cheap crinkly skirts can flatten out when you sit down, which spoils the look.


02102015 CRINKLE CUT 2

Adrift St Helena pant

Available here

Vigorella mesh long draped cardigan

Available here

Millers lace back top

Available here

Tiny and I nice bead necklace

Available here

TS14 small glitterati cross body bag

Available here


3  Don’t forget to accessorize!

Jewellery will help pull your look together creating a polished appearance

4  Go for colour or a print

Aside from black and white, I would recommend going for a gorgeous bold colour or an interesting print.  Try to avoid wishy-washy colours, they don’t come up as well.


02102015 CRINKLE CUT 3


Adrift aquila dress in navy

Available here

Fuzen porcelain cluster necklace

Available here

Sofia Cruz moli beige wedge

Available here

Kooringal ladies wide brim kata hat

Available here

Millers bambi glam sunglasses

Available here


 Do you wear any crinkle clothes?  What do you like about them?

Siobhan Beirne

Siobhan Beirne is a creative soul with extensive experience in both the fashion & beauty industries. With a keen passion for helping women to look and feel their best, Siobhan cannot wait to share her tips with you all.

  1. Fabulous for travelling! Don’t mind the crinkly look, as long as it is only one piece,

  2. Look I will be very honest I am not a fashion conscious person! I wear what I feel comfortable with! Most clothes I wear are from Second hand shops and I love them liked them thats why I buy them and wear them!

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