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53 years ago, Warren wrote this when he graduated school. 


Your last year of school should reflect in you all, many pleasant memories of happiness, tinged with smaller moments of sorrow. Most of the students in the lower classes view the year 12 class with a feeling of jealousy.

To them, the last year at school is the last year of homework, the last year of endless good mornings and the last year of report cards and the subsequent punishment.

Your last days of school to them, is the beginning of freedom from the harsh voices of school teachers and the agonies called examinations. On the other hand, your elders repeat daily that “school days are the best days of one’s life”;

They will tell you that life is a continuous struggle for existence, burdened with the weighty problems of keeping alive the family. They are further trodden upon by tax payments in a variety of ways and charity workers asking for donations to a dozen different projects.

From this you will understand why the older heads are bald! Caught between two extremes of opinion, it is understandable that you find it difficult to make up your minds. The future should present you all with a challenge.

Perhaps you will find yourself as an insignificant cog in the big cycle on life or perhaps you will find yourself in the not too distant future as a leader of men or women as the case may be.

What you shall really be, you probably don’t know. Perhaps you will be a humble school teacher with 40 little rascals to harness and tame. Perhaps you will be a faithful parent, reading and re-reading the book, “Cheaper by the Dozen”. At saner moments you will wonder about your many friends and comrades from school.

I know that it will be difficult to say goodbye to the many teachers who have grown dear to your heart throughout the years. “Parting is such sweet sorrow”, said Shakespeare.

Your last days at school will be crowded with some of these thoughts. However the mirror of the past and the crystal of the future are in front of you. You should remember every previous moment of the present. That soon will be no more.

In these last hours you should seek to re-live the many years of happy comradeship, knowing that when you say goodbye, you shall carry with you these sweet memories, memories that cannot fade, even in the cruel desert called life.


Do these words bring back memories for you? When was the last time you saw friends from school or attended a reunion? Tell us below.

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  1. This does bring back fond memories of the best days of my life & amazing friendships forged.I also had, on the last days 56yrs ago a feeling of excitement ,curiosity & expectation.I had a very positive feeling of future achievement. I was not really disappointed by life,I learnt it was not meant to be easy & every moment has to be lived, no staying stationary.Also learnt you need to accept many changes in the way we live in the world.

  2. I was lucky, I had a 2 year taste of boarding school. This I think has stood me in good stead. The school I went to gave me an excellent education, a sense of pride, honour and taught me how to live with others of many backgrounds. I am still in touch with all my classmates, other girls from other classes in that school which I left 53 years ago. Deep friendships were formed which have lasted over the years even tho’ I have not physically seen most of my friends since then. This sense of deep friendship as can be found in the forces still, is missing from school life today where children seem to join the rat race by the age of 5! How sad.

  3. As a certain long streak of misery in Canberra said, many years back, “Life wasn’t meant to be easy.” It’s a truism, certainly, but tempered by the fact that most of us manage our way through with a reasonable level of success and, hopefully, good humour. There is no model for each of us, despite those who’ve been there before.
    Thanks for putting together the words. They are yet another mnemonic to help bring back memories of what were generally good days. I left school 59years ago.

  4. If we knew then what we know now…..

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