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Have you noticed that children today have more behavioural problems than ever? A friend of ours, a psychiatrist who deals with adolescents, told us that he sees so many “crazy” kids today compared to when he graduated. Looking back at my years in chiropractic practice, I never saw an autistic child in the early 1970s and only occasionally was there a child with hyperactivity. That changed in the 1990s, and the incidence of autism is going through the roof with each passing decade.

In 1970, the rate of autism was 1 in 5000, today it is 1 in 64 children. Some of this is attributable to a change in the way the disorder is diagnosed. However, even the experts say that there is something else going on. What many of them do not say is what that something is.

The consensus now is that most children with autism have a genetic predisposition. However, researchers believe that there is some environmental factor that triggers the condition into its full-blown manifestation. It could be nutritional or even mass vaccination.

Dr. David Amaral, research director at the University of California, about autism, stated, “Vaccinations for those children actually may be the environmental factor that tips them over the edge of autism. Moreover, I think it is incredibly important still, to try and figure out what, if any, vulnerabilities in a small subset of children might make them at risk for having certain vaccinations”.

I had some patients over the years who noticed within days of their child receiving a vaccine that the behaviour changed significantly. Unfortunately, there have been some who have totally discounted what parents experience and have tried to discredit totally anyone who mentioned that vaccination could be one of the factors.

Autism is not the only prevalent worrisome condition. ADD, ADHD, and other related conditions are things that not only parents are having to deal with but also it is a stress for grandparents who are involvement with assisting with the care of these children.

There are things that can be done. There is research at this time that is looking at certain brain therapies to make neuroplastic changes in these kids. Practical things we can do is making sure that these children have diets in which there is a minimum of refined sugars and food additives. These aggravate hypersensitive nervous systems. Chiropractic care can also assist, especially with hyperactive children. They may have spinal nerve interference that is throwing their system out of balance.

As a grandparent be aware of all these factors when it comes to your grandchildren because you can have a positive influence on their future direction.


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Dr Ely Lazar and Dr Adele Thomas

  1. I have been thinking about this a lot lately because of two grandchildren that are so labeled. I think about my children & one was a handful to get to do anything really she as an adult was told she was ADHA. Oh we did have assessment etc. I think it’s need to create structure to some degree in how things are done etc. Just saying

  2. We were all vaccinated in the 50’s. We need to kill this idea that it causes autism as that has been soundly disproven. I don’t want to see a child with polio again or whooping cough. Blame overprotective parents, too much tv and not enough activity, dreadful food additives and schools that ban cartwheels first.

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    • Remembering Ellie we did not get the triple vaccination then that the children get today as well as a few other vaccinations added along the way. Our diet was a lot healthier also without all the take away junk and we spent time playing outdoors so we got a better start in life. Children are paying the price of the modern world and all the pesticides coming through the generations are building up in the DNA causing all the problems that are arising today.

    • I think Ellie you miss the point. Multiple vaccines given at the same time cannot be discounted. Many of us exposed to them do have symptoms but we were programmed so that it was all explained away. Remember it takes maybe 3 generations before it can be verified

    • I did get the triple and many others. Only takes one generation to kill with the epidemics of the diseases. If course there should always be research into imorovement of any medication but don’t stop vaccinating. Change the other factors first.

    • They did not have the triple antigen vaccinations then Ellie

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      • triple antigen is whooping cough, diphtheria & tetanus came in in Australia in the early 1950’s. Before this people died of diptheria. The changing strains of some of our grains, especially wheat, have caused a lot of problems. I think diet as well is related to autism. Our commercially grown & produced food has changed significantly since WW 11.

    • I generalise but from my experience, kids who have some learning problems often have had neck jerks/unsupported neck as a baby and care things like this. Blaming the vaccine is a cop out.

    • We were not babies but I have my development book that shows the vaccinations. I def had them but the polio was a liquid.

    • Ellie, Ellie Ellie, there were no triple vaccinations then, I should know and the parents had to consent to a vaccination it was NOT compulsary

    • I never said it was compulsory and I repeat that I have a record of receiving whooping cough, tetanus and diphtheria injections

  3. A chiropractor isn’t a Medical Doctor experienced or educated to discuss vaccinations in the public forum – this post is irresponsible with regards to the DISPROVEN autism link. I’ve enjoyed following this page but this post is a disgrace

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    • I agree I think this post is irresponsible….in a climate where parents should be encouraged to get their children vaccinated to protect the children that can not be vaccinated for medical reasons.

    • Compromised immune systems etc plus those too young to be vaccinated eg little Riley who died earlier this year at just over a month old from whooping cough – it shouldn’t happen

  4. why vaccinnes, they were around in our day

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    • When my first child was born in 1977 there were only a few vaccines…polio, diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Now there are about 16 or so before 12 months. And don’t forget Hep B at birth..why on earth do babies need that, it is a disease of drug addicts and prostitutes!

  5. As a retired teacher I can agree with some of what was said.YES, there has been an increase of Autism, ADHA Asperger diagnosis etc etc. YES there does need to be research into this. Some “naughty” children can be just poor parenting, Some of the problem can be poor diet (processed food etc etc) and lack of certain minerals (zinc). If it is Vaccinations that cause the problems then why sometimes only one child in a family (of many children) are diagnosed? I do NOT believe that we should abandon and blame Vaccinations as I too believe that it has been disproven. To have the terrible diseases back in the world would be horrendous. They also need to look at the correlation of the increase of these conditions with the rise in electronic games,TV, computers, mobile phones as they all give off electronmagnetism.

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    • I don’t out and out blame vaccinations but to say that if one child is affected through vaccination and not a sibling that the idea that the vaccination is not to blame doesn’t make sense. All children are different. If one sibling gets a disease it doesn’t necessarily mean that a sister or brother will too. Everyones make up is different. One of my children was seriously sick after the triple vaccine but thank god with no lasting symptoms.

    • “The consensus now is that most children with autism have a genetic predisposition.” Surely if that is the case that more than 1 child in a family with the same mother and father may, having the same genetics, would be predisposed. I am not an authority on genetics but I have taught children where on child is autistic and the others (4 in one case) is not. This maybe wrong but they should at least do studies on what are the causes.

    • Agree totally Anne. Have seen this in my family also but with unfortunate results. One child in a large extended family shows everyone has a different reaction to vaccinations than all the others.

    • In saying all that I have a grandson with autism and with all the research we still don’t know the cause. He had a traumatic birth where his heartbeat slowed a number of times. Signs were evident early long before he watched TV or played video games.

    • The mystery of Autism or related behavioural problems will be with us a long time and have heard many theories as to the cause but the problem just keeps getting worse.

  6. Yes, their discipline does not seem to be consistent, and and the good is not praised enough. We are always hearing about the bad behaviour and awful family backgrounds they come from.

  7. Agree this post is irresponsible to say the least. The doctor who initially linked autism to vaccination had been completely discredited and struck off. Experts now agree there is no link. Very disappointed Starts at 60.

  8. A lot of so called ”behavioural problems” are the result of parental inability or reluctance to make discipline and the teaching of respect part of bringing up their children. There are far too many ”experts” preaching theories on how to raise children and unfortunately far too many young parents with behaviour problems themselves.

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    • I agree Rod.
      This can have parents bending over backwards to be the best parents they can be ‘according to the book’ and meanwhile leaving all instinct behind.

    • I had never heard of Autism ,when my children were growing up ,now Maternal instincts came to the for when I had my first child ,which is 58 years ago ,Young mum ,today I see this first hand everything comes out of a book ,or a Paediatrician,.who has never had children ,but it is gospel ,children pampered to the degree where they are not children ,they act like and speak like young adults ,they are alway board ,yet they have Myers in there home ,the older generation know nothing ,I won’t go on any more ,,except to say Sadly children will never know what it was really like to be children ,Sad ,

  9. Absolute claptrap. You’re very irresponsible peddling this rubbish… It’s been proven that vaccines have no link to causing autism.

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    • You can’t prove a negative. There are studies showing a link and others that don’t. It is not settled.

    • Money has been paid out to families in America whose children developed autism after vaccination. Autism is listed on some vaccine package inserts as a possible side effect!

    • There is also a HUGE fund for future payments. Big pharma & govts know there is a problem & the increased number of vaccines compared to even 30 years ago are also a factor.

    • Vaccinations have rid us of such horrible things such as polio, tuberculosis, measles, rubella and whooping cough and saved many many lives. It’s irresponsible of you to suggest otherwise and peddle your rubbish

    • Whooping cough is rampant at the moment, even adults are getting it and that is in spite of 90% vaccination rates. I don’t remember there ever being mass vaccination for TB so vaccines did not wipe it out, better food and living conditions did. Polio was just renamed, it is now called AFP ( viral meningitis, GBS etc). Measles is not horrible, it is a cold followed by rash and fever and is a mild illness in healthy well nourished children. It is only since the vaccine was introduced that it became a serious disease.

    • Helen you really are sprouting rubbish. I went and had another whooping cough vaccination recently as I had a brother who was diagnosed and coughed so badly he cracked ribs. Not to mention the SA baby who died earlier this year. My Doctor says the vaccination lasts about ten years and anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated should stay away from tiny babies to save them. Go to a hospital if you want the rude shock of seeing how horrible this is. Just because you can’t remember doesn’t mean that TB wasn’t wiped out by medicine & if you have seen the damage (as I have) of the damage that measles can do you wouldn’t be sprouting such ill informed rubbish. You are clearly deluded & dangerous.

  10. I have worked in disabilities and with autistic people it’s not vaccination

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    • What do you say then to parents who had a normal, happy, talkative child who was vaccinated and just shut down? Stopped speaking and interacting, began the repetitive behaviours, hand flapping and walking on the balls of their feet. Nothing different in their lives except the vaccination which resulted in a high fever and convulsions. Thereafter, totally different child. How else can it be explained?

    • Exactly, Barbara, there are thousands of eye-witness accounts of children regressing into autism after vaccinations. Google ‘Hear This Well’

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