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Our politics is shallower than a reflection pond at the moment

Today was a tragic day in the game of shallow empty politics that marrs our country… another one of many.  But the highlights yesterday showed both sides up with the depth of thought leadership shallower than that of a reflection pond. 


Our politics is shallower than a reflection pond at the moment

Julia Gillard launched a new campaign “Women for Gillard” vowing to give women a voice, as if we didn’t already have one… and apparently not have us banished again from Australian politics… I mean really??? Is this giving feminism a good name?  She invited the debate about abortion back into the public sphere by saying “We don’t want to live in an Australia where abortion again becomes the political play thing of men who think they know better”.


But to those of us who have been listening, we haven’t heard abortion used by the other side as a play thing for some time indeed.


More shallow empty politics… just hours before, journalists all over the country could have been mistaken for trying to drive party politics talking up the fact that Labor is about to overturn their leader.  Speculation is rife that Rudd is sitting in the wings waiting for an invitation back to the head table and Bill Shorten is said to be the man holding the axe and the guest list to the party.  But would he really want to be remembered as the man who axed two Prime Ministers and couldn’t make up his mind…


Or, he might be remembered as the politician that never stood up and said Boo when he needed to… we’ll all find out soon enough.


Meanwhile, Abbott tried his hardest to stay out of the debate, and stuck to his guns saying “Australians are sick of the soap opera”… but going on to reuse the good old line…


“It’s high time that the people and not the faceless men chose the Australian Prime Minister”… He couldn’t resist getting it in again, could he…


Next week brings the final opportunity for the Liberal Government to bring a no-confidence motion against the Gillard Government but with independents Windsor and Oakshott apparently determined to serve out their tenure there aint much chance of that either…


I guess we have another 94 days of this… shallow empty politics.


What entertaining stunts do you predict for the coming weeks ahead in the riveting game of politics and the media that is going on at the moment?


Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. I did not find that Gillard visiting the children in our State a shallow wasted day when their education is so important. She was trying to find a way for the Premier to take on board Gonski in our schools just as NSW have done but our Premier is more intent on playing politics with Tony Abbott and forgetting who he is supposed to be representing. I am please Julia has the guts to stand up for women on abortion and other issues as if the LNP get into power once again women will be treated as second class citizens and have no say even on their own body. Same sex marriage, abortion along with womens rights are what the LNP are crushing and if Gillard can put out what Abbott has said that the press are in no way going to then let her do so without whinging about nothing happening in politics. He lives by the bible which many of us do not. It is our choice and that choice will be taken from us. Maybe the press could report correctly as what TA replied to when Julia bought up abortion was indeed the ongoing leadership struggle which the press tend to push daily without any decent proof only the fact they want to cause trouble as the boss Murdock has told them to. Maybe they could have reported on the behaviour of one Christopher Pynne misbehaving badly in a hotel last week instead of glorifying what this man does. Thank you Gillard for being the only PM ever to bring on the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. Do we see this in our press on how this woman had the guts to do what no man PM be he Lib or Labour has ever done. Hell no. That may give her brownie points. Today I wait to see what else the media can throw at the female PM under the orders of the mining magnates Gina and co along with Murdocks totally run media. I think it is time many of you took it upon yourselves to use your computer for a little research and stop reading and listening to what is being fed to you. I think as a person so high held in esteem on this page Rebecca you could have come up with something a bit more knowledgeable on the days event when Julia came to Brisbane.

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    • Hi Cheryl,
      Both politicians had verifiable reasons for being in different locations yesterday, and I didnt report on either… so my reflection doesn’t push one way or the other… Just a reflection on watching and listing to the days activities, and the way the media wrapped up the key parts at the end of the day… I sit in a place politically that supports neither party, and just presents what is going on. Some days I will be vocal about one side, other days about the other… feel free to have an alternate view – that is what makes the world go round.

      The frustrating part I am exploring from yesterday is the fact that this unproductive politicking on both sides has another 94 days to run – which I think is an enormous waste of our resources… nationally. And a lot of the noise being made on both sides appears to be dredging through history…

      I agree education of children is an interesting and important policy, but it seems doomed politically in the environment it has been presented in.. Policies like these in my experience rarely get up when there is opposing state governments and an election environment… they just present a political platform to stand on. It is not that I dislike the idea…

      I am incredibly interested in how other people see the political environment we are in, so please, keep up the great feedback…

  2. I think it was disgusting that Gillard used a school to make her unfortunate remarks! Those poor kids are going to suffer enough politics in their adult lives without getting someone like this coming along to try to brain-wash them at school, regarding the other lot! That’s the sort of thing the Russians used to do, (and Big Brother!) And how pathetic can she get, using blue ties as a weapon against Abbott and the rest of his gang! What made it ironic was that immediately after her speech was shown on television this morning, another item came on, in which Labor minister were shown – and you’ve guessed it, they were ALL wearing blue ties! How hilarious can these people get? You’d have at least thought that, when she was about to raise the tie “issue”, she would at least have had the politcal nonse to tell all her crowd NOT to wear them! Sorry about all the exclamation marks Rebecca, but this sort of thing calls for them I’m afraid!

  3. Its time we sacked the lot of them and put in a Manager .
    A business leader who could manage the country like a business so it will make a profit while looking after ALL the people .

    Clive Palmer has already thrown his hat in the ring I wonder how many more we could get to aply, Whoever we apointed couldnt do a worse job than our current batch of politicians.
    W could elect a group of highschool students who would do a better job with more maturity than we get from any of our political parties today .

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