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This week, Starts at 60 reader Jenny wrote to us asking for some community advice…

“I am wondering if any of you might know of any charities that might need sewing done? I recently found a group that wanted dresses made for the girls in Africa, however after completing about half a dozen I discovered that the group doesn’t exist anymore. I sent an email to another group but haven’t got any reply from them either. I am feeling at a loss at the moment because of being an “empty nester” and I am looking for charity work to do. I can sew and enjoy sewing so thought that would be a good place for me to start. Any help would be gratefully received, thank you”

Can you help Jenny? Do you know of any charities that need sewing done? What do you for charity and how did you find out about it? Share your answers below.

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  1. Where do you live, Jenny? KOGO is based in Melbourne, and although KnitOneGiveOne is based on gifts of knitted and crocheted items, sewn articles, such as children’s and babies’ jackets, are also welcomed.

  2. I volunteer in a hostital and Szt Vinies Jenny you can always go to your council and they can tell you vacancy

  3. I know of one charity who is seeking seamstresses, It is called Angel Gowns and will be easily found on the web if you type in those words. I believe they take donated wedding dresses and sew them into tiny gowns for babies who are “born sleeping” or stillborns. It sounds like a wonderful thing to do but my sewing is not up to scratch for something like that. I can donate a wedding dress though. Give Angel Gowns a try and see if it what you are looking for. Good luck.

  4. Hi Jenny. I too was at a loss when I left work and needed something to do in my spare time. I went to my local Animal Welfare League and spoke to their volunteer coordinator with a view to sewing coats for the dogs for the cold winter months. Knitting was off the agenda because of arthritic hands but I knew sewing would be easier. I also went to charity shops looking for materials and there are woollen mills and materials people that will donate to your cause. I have been doing this since 2010 and I am well into my 300th coat. Makes me happy to know they are sleeping warm. Hope this helps……

  5. Hi Jenny, what a great idea to keep yourself occupied and enjoy doing it! Have you tried Nursinghomes and the like as well as hospitals? They dont always have a seemstress so it might be worth a try. And who knows, they might even be willing to pay you.

  6. Jenny,

    Wraps with Love can be quilted. They are sent around the world to stop people suffering hypothermia. You can look up their site on the Internet. Many libraries around Australia have groups of people making the wraps. In our town we have a group meeting every week in the local Senior Citizen’s Centre.


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