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I was lingering in bed one morning, waiting for the ABC 7.45 news to finish, when I heard the announcer say, ‘and now for the sports news’. That’s when I turned off the radio. I usually do, as I have no interest in which league players are in trouble over drugs or women, which golfer had a sad day, which English soccer team beat another, which AFL player is preparing his evidence for a tribunal hearing. Et cetera. 

I watch State of Origin, and grand finals, and the Melbourne Cup. I think that’s it. Sorry, sport lovers everywhere. 

So I lay there thinking, why sport? Why not something else? Why not…culture?

This could be a typical radio report one morning in this alternate world:

  • The Supreme Court will be announcing its decision today in the case against painter Thomas Pollock, whose unique style has generated controversy in many countries. He might be Australia’s most famous artist, but the claim that his brushes have an illegal proportion of human hair will be proven one way or the other today. Mr Pollock could not be reached for comment.
  • The tiny high school at Bunyip Creek denies claims that its success in the national Eisteddfod last week was due to semi-professional singers. Principal Marita Estefan told our reporter that she is most offended by the claim, and that all the singers in the school’s choir are long term students. There had been no collusion, no ring-ins. Ms Estefan is considering suing on behalf of the school and the students.
  • A shock announcement from Andre Rieu overnight has the music world abuzz. Not one but two of the violinists in his world famous orchestra have had convictions in the past for illicit drug use. Mr Rieu said he has sacked the violinists concerned, but will not reveal their identities. 
  • And finally, Dan Nureyev, Brisbane’s own international ballet dancer supreme, has told our reporter that he is facing a major challenge to his career. Mr Nureyev understood he had won the top role in the English National Ballet’s offering of Nijinski’s Le Sacre du Printemps, or The Rite of Spring, which will open in the northern winter season. However the Paris Opera Ballet has announced it is releasing their principal dancer, Francois Perrot, to try out for the plum role. 

More interesting than which athletic 20 year old boy is up to mischief, or which club is leading the battle for footy honours? What do you think?

Fran Goodey

Frances Goodey is the mother of four daughters and the grandmother of two primary school age boys. With six brothers and two sisters, she was raised in Sydney and later lived and worked in Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Brisbane. She is an avid reader and has had some small success with children's stories being published in New Zealand and Australia. Both she and her husband are retired, and her daughters live in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Sydney and Frankfurt.

  1. I totally agree!
    ‘Sports’ news leaves me cold. It’s sooooo boring!

    If Aussie men put as much energy into their work that they do listening/watching/attending sport, we’d be the wealthiest Nation on Earth!

    There’s only ONE sport I’ll watch, & am interested in, & that is Equestrian.
    But as it has no sponsorship here, it’s never on tv, so I don’t get to see it anyway!

    I wait patiently each four yeas for the Olympics, when we do have it on tv, but that’s ONLY if Australia’s doing well at it.

    So, basically, I never see sport on tv!

  2. i agree too! Why sports makes headlines is beyond me – and why it is even called”news”. Give it a separate channel and leave the rest of the proper news for important subjects.

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