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House sitting is our new way of travelling the world, staying in some beautiful places, living like locals, caring for homes and pets and reducing our travel costs.

We want to share with you how we saved approximately AUD$40,000 over a period of 381 nights during 2014/15.

We arrived back into Sydney after a 12 month round-the-world trip that took us to South America, Europe and Asia. As we had sold up everything before we left we did not have a home to come home to and house sitting was a way for us to catch up with our two sons and family, gain house sitting experience with a plan to house sit internationally in 2015.

Arrival Date Sydney: 21st February, 2014
Departure Date Sydney: 9th March, 2015
Total of 381 nights
35 nights we paid for accommodation = $3,440
33 nights we stayed with family and friends
313 nights house sitting on the Northern Beaches in Sydney
We estimate it costs $775 per week in Sydney for rent, utilities and internet
Our daily budget for our travel adventures in 2015/16 is AUD100 per day.

Our 2015 international housesits:

April – 1 month Canoa, Ecuador

June – 1 month San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

End August – 2 months Lake Chapala, Mexico

Approximate 121 days house sitting, our dates are flexible with the owners as we don’t have any fixed schedules.

We are currently in Canoa house sitting and our expenses are food and transport into Bahia de Caraquez for shopping. The fruit and vegetable market in Bahia is very cheap and has great quality fruit and vegetables. On average we spend USD12 per week here and another USD30-40 in the supermarket. On Sundays we walk down the beach and have brunch at Charlys Bar for USD7.50. Our weekly costs are between USD90-100.

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Have you been considering travelling? Would you try house sitting? Tell us below.

Jane and Duncan

Hi we are Jane and Duncan from To Travel Too

  1. i have thought about it,what if you turn up somewhere and it is grotty, that is my worry….

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    • I know of a couple who have been doing this for 15 years and have only had one bad experience. They have been all over the world.

    • We did a house swap and the other house was a bit so so. There is nothing as clean as your own home. We did house sit and that house was spotless and like a resort, really worth while, but the thought of a grotty one turns me off

    • You wouldn’t like where we are at the moment, then, Val! We are house sitting on a remote mango farm….very basic….this is the washing being done!

    • We are reguar house stters – Australia only. We now have regulars clients – we love their homes and pets and enjoy going back. We try to meet up with the house sitters before committing. Also – get an address and you can google earth the house. It works both ways, you know. Some people are very house proud and concerned that YOU won’t match their expectations. We always aim to leave the house better than we found it. It IS an adventure and the people who engage house sitters love their home and their pets – never had a bad experience. Highly recommend it!

  2. Mmmmm not sure about that one. I’m a fussy pot, would have to be spotless or I’d spend the whole time cleaning their house. Ocds, they’ll be the death of me.

  3. Yes Fran I too would love Italy France Westen Australia just no funds would be the perfect way to travel and meet folks cheers

  4. just had six weeks overseas happy in the knowledge my home and pets were being well taken care of. House sitters enjoyed living in our over 50’s resort a win win situation. Found them online.

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    • Which house sitting site did you use and we’re you happy with them (not the sitters but the site). I would like to do some house sitting but not sure who is best to go through

  5. I really couldn’t stand having any one living in my home let alone a stranger. Or my dogs. My home is my personal space.

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    • So what do you do with your dogs when you go away? We have cared for many dogs that have been traumatised by kennels. The dogs we care for are beautiful and their owners want the best for them, in their home environment.

  6. We had house sitters in when we did our 61/2 month Australia trip. They looked after our dogs & our house. They were very good, everything was spotless when we got home, but Shadow, our border collie, had put on 3 1/2 Kgs! We have friends house sitting different places at present, have done US & UK, & now back in Vic doing the same.

  7. I was really keen to read this. It sounds like a wonderful adventure

  8. My late husband and I did housesitting for about five years. Loved every minute of it. Made lots of friends and saw lots of places. Never went overseas as there’s lots of Australia to see. We did ours through

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