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Well, as if the feeling of ‘quietly slipping into insanity’ is not bad enough: a string of sleepless nights caused by ‘the night sweats’ does not help the mood or the disposition…

No wonder menopausal women are ever so cranky.

Just when the window of opportunity opens, and you are heading off to the land of nod, a prickly sensation takes over. You heat up to boiling point. You cast aside the blankets and throw your leg over the side of the bed waving it about in frustration. You throw your leg with such force it’s a wonder you haven’t ended up on the floor!

You fumble in the dark and search for that towel, the one you put by the bed (just in case). Then you begin to perspire, not just beads of sweat on your forehead, nay, buckets of sweat, from head to toe.

Even in between your fingers. You check to see if your fingers are webbed. You know, like a duck.

After all, you spend so much time wet, you might have to start swimming in the pond you are creating…

Yes, swimming. You know, like the duck. You wish the water would roll off you, as it does off the duck’s back, but no such luck. Within seconds, your nightie is drenched, your hair is soaked and you are lying in a puddle!

I often wondered why women of a certain age opted to have their hair cut so short, now I know why.

You get up to dry off and change clothes. Redressed and ready to continue your slumber, there is a pressing need to go to the loo…. again.

Half-asleep, you fumble your way to the toilet and attempt to sit on the toilet seat, but, because you are so sweaty, you slip right off, banging your head on the ceramic cistern mid-slip. Now you’re really awake! This happens up to four times a night, no wonder you are so tired.

Plus… Now there is all that extra washing. All the extra towels needed to sop up all the sweat.

Sweaty nighties. Sweaty sheets.

In the morning, when you drag yourself out of bed to prepare for the day, the hot flushes kick in. Undaunted you soldier on. You have had your shower, managed to find something to wear and you’re ready to go. Bingo! Another hot flush.

The sweat trickles down your neck, spreads across your chest and drips down the middle of your back. Your armpits spew a torrent of water.

If you bothered with makeup, it has all gone now because you have had to sop up the perspiration on your face with the nearest cloth you can find. Grrrrr…more washing.

As for the hair, well no wonder it’s kept short or worn up, thank God the ‘stringy’ look is in vogue!

No point showering again, the hot flush gives repeat performances – an encore is inevitable whatever you do.

My mother once told me that women never sweat. She had a saying: “Horses sweat, men perspire and women glow!”

Well, let me tell you, during these episodes I certainly glow. I glow so brightly I could be the bloody beacon that brings the ships through a storm!

When you think there is a moment’s respite from the flushing, ‘glowing’ you whack on some more deodorant, rush out the door and hope to hell that you won’t make someone faint from the stench of your body odour. All of a sudden, you recognise that you are developing that old lady smell.

You know the one.

The one that makes you lean back and purse your lips when you are behind the little old couple in the queue at the supermarket, only now it’s you!

Where’s the perfume? Will it ever end?


Tell us, did you go through the same thing? 


Menopause cover high-res

Love this extract? It was taken from Rita Wagner’s very funny book ‘Menopause Makes Mummy Mental’ which you can purchase here

Rita Wagner

Following a dreadful car accident Rita had to re-arrange her life. No longer able to work as ‘Mrs. Corporate Shoulder pads’ she took up writing and painting. Partly, as rehabilitation, partly to while away the hours stuck in a wheel chair. The creativity of art struck a chord and she found she could combine her art work with words to create light hearted books. A collection of her art works and books is posted on her website Rita Wagner Artist .

  1. I’m 61 and I had terrible night sweats. It turned out that it wasn’t hormones, it was stage 4 renal cell carcinoma kidney cancer that had spread to my lung. Last July 2014 the surgeon took out my right kidney, and then 4 weeks later in August another surgeon took out part of my lung. I’m fully healed now and I see the oncologist and kidney doctor regularly, but I am cancer free…….and night sweat free.

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    • Its good to hear that you had your miracle 🙂 My mum was having similar problems and doctors said Hormones and put her on a birth control pill !!!! 4 Years later it was discovered she had Carcinoid Syndrome, a rare cancer and it was affecting her liver. Sadly she never did recover 🙁

  2. I’m 62 and still going through it it started at 47 I don’t think they will ever go just have to live with it

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    • Me too. I am 61 and I think it’s going to last forever for me too. Now I just tell myself that at least I will get to grow old unlike some.

  3. I also think there should be education material for husbands/partners to read to help them understand what the woman is going through. I also think the woman should be able to talk to her husband/partner so he can understand and give/offer support after reading the material. Easy to write I know but if I had have known what my dear wife was going through I may have been able to help her get through it. She is no longer on this planet as cancer beat her. Love and understanding would/does really help get through the “bad” times. Just a hug is sometimes a good tonic.

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    • I am so sorry you lost your dear one, may she remain ever in your heart. You are so right, it is important for loved ones to understand what women go through during menopause. One of the reasons I wrote the book ‘Menopause Makes Mummy Mental’ was to make information available, the men who have read my book have sent encouraging emails, with thanks for giving them an opportunity to understand. Thank you for your comments.

  4. I’m 76 only had night sweats & hot flushes for a few years, from late 40s in to early fifties,it was no biggie…I’m sure attitude has a lot to do with it….

  5. I hated the night sweats . I got distressed . I was dropping my bed was soaked . So bad had to shower in the middle of the night and change bedding . I pray they never come back . I was scared to go to sleep at night .

  6. You poor thing. Finally in your sixties and still getting hot flushes. I was lucky enough to have finished with all that when I was in my fifties. Hang in there it does get better

  7. Love the way Rita wrote it… Made me laugh as I remember it well. Trouble is I still sweat at 79 tho’ not quite as bad..Even sitting in an air conditioned room in summer and in bed on these cold nights…Blankets off ,then freezing…

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    • Thank you so much for your comments…I am so pleased it made you laugh, that was my intention, after all laughter is the best medicine? I wrote the book ‘Menopause Makes Mummy Mental’ because I wanted to uplift those going through the change, bring a smile of recognition to those who have been through it all. And make information available to those just beginning.

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