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It’s today’s catchphrase, the blame-this-for-everything, whenever we get a bit of cold weather, a bit of warm weather, a bit of a drought or a bit of a flood! And we’re told, again and again, by scientists, politicians, astrologers and experts in the life cycle of the domestic dog, that it’s all OUR fault! We call it global warming!

Now I’m just a lowly, ignorant example of the human race and I’m sure my ideas don’t count for much, but deep down I can’t help feeling a tiny twinge of suspicion about this. The world is a much bigger place than the sum total of the people living on it and it has been here much longer than us, (even the experts admit that, imagining the total time the world has existed on a twelve hour clock, we didn’t appear until about two minutes to midnight). The old girl has managed to satisfactorily manoeuvre itself through countless ‘situations’ in the billions of years it has been in existence and always returned to normal eventually, like the disaster that killed off the dinosaurs, possibly a large meteor which hit the Earth and caused drastic changes to the climate, with the air full of dust for several eons. So I always feel we are being just a little arrogant, claiming all this warming for ourselves.

There are several facts to be considered here, the first of which is that we are told we are still in the process of coming out of the last ice-age, one of several that have occurred, and in each case, so the experts contend, the world has gone from being almost literally covered in ice, to a state where there was virtually no ice left at all; apparently we are at present about half way between these extremes and headed towards the warm end of the trip (it occurs to me to wonder if it wasn’t a meteor, but one of these ice ages that wiped out the dinosaurs, but I’m no expert!).

Next there’s all this fuss about carbon dioxide, a completely natural gas, one of the most common there is and one we ourselves add to the atmosphere every time we breathe out, counterbalanced by the trillions of trees with which our planet abounds, all of them sucking up the gas as hard as they can, every night, and turning it into solid carbon in the form of wood! I would accept the fact that we are now pumping more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than used to occur naturally before man came along, but ever since we have been here we have added to the total without too much apparent harm being caused – think of Victorian factories and whole cities, each with a fireplace burning coal, a disgusting and harmful thing for the bosses of that time to do, with no thought for anything but their own profits! To put it in some sort of perspective, a top scientist wrote recently that a fairly average active volcano puts as much CO2, ash and dust into the atmosphere in a day, as we humans insert in about a month! And yet we still find a lot of the world coated in a glorious green colour, indicating where the carbon is being caught and stored – as I said, the ball we live on is very good at looking after itself.

Yes, I’m sure there is global warming going on, but not because of us, it’s a natural phenomenon and it’s going to continue until Mother Earth reaches her optimum high temperature and starts back towards the next ice age, in a process that may take several million years, so I doubt we shall see a full cycle!

As I indicated near the beginning of this article, I am well aware that I am an ignorant old man, who claims no special knowledge – I simply wrote this little piece to see what other ideas our wonderful readers can come up with, to explain what is going on.


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Brian Lee

  1. I don’t doubt for one second that the earth is warming, it is man made? probably. It took the earth millions of years to bury fossil fuels and it took us a century to burn it and put it back into the atmosphere. As for Victorian times, there were less people on the planet using fossil fuels and even then it was only wood and coal. Today we have 7 billion people on this planet and the majority have cars, planes, fuel powered boats and lawn mowers and so much more and we use electricity which burns a lot of carbon, just about everything we do has a carbon footprint. I am not expert either but I can and do listen to the science. Science has got humanity where it is today with all its amazing discoveries..ignore it and future generations will suffer

  2. Blame it all on Tobacco smoke it seems to be the cause of all bad things on the Planet.

  3. Fresh water from melting ice is going into the Humboldt Current. this will slow the current down. That current warms temperatures around the Globe. Should the Humboldt current stop, then we go into an ice age. Either way, a hotter world or a frozen one, it will life so much harder for humanity. I think a moral responsibility to those who come after us to make an attempt to try to stop it in its tracks. What is the worst that can happen if we clean the planet up and we can’t stop it? we get a cleaner World with far less pollutants

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  4. written by climate change sceptic, I am not expert either but there are many many experts out there you can listen to and gain knowledge, if only you will open not only your ears but your mind. The planet is undergoing climate change, Humans are the only animals on the planet who can attempt to control it. Ignore it at your peril

  5. Change has always occurred but slowly. If temperatures changed the make up of forests and plains shifted, trees died in one direction replaced by new growth in the opposite, animals moved with the changing vegetation. Mankind has totally destroyed the earths ability to adapt to change, natural vegetation doesn’t cover the Earth, it is confined to pockets. I have no doubt humankind is responsible for the current more rapid change. The industrial revolution brought massive pollution and it has grown ever since with industry spreading worldwide. Sceptics denounce it as the scientist may get their predictions wrong and don’t always agree on impact and time frames. Science is about study and observation, experiments may be carried out hundreds of times before a conclusion is reached. In the case of climate change the evidence is there, the data is collected that it is occurring, temperatures are increasing. It’s not like a laboratory experiment though where they can run it through over and over and say first A happens, then B. What they do know from their laboratories is some of the end results, those important things in the ecosystem that will disappear to our detriment.

  6. I agree Brian and why should we pay tax on something natural. I think we should get rid of a lot of plastics and stop people dumping rubbish, but we can not stop natural occurrences. We also need to stop all the chemicals being put in our food and the chemicals get into our soil and water through wastage. They don’t do us any good so it can’t do our animals and plant life any good either.

  7. I look back on when the big ozone hole opened over Tasmania and we were told it was being depleted because of the release of fluorocarbons into the atmosphere. We heeded that warning and immediately things like our fridges were no longer allowed to emit them. Now,we could see a direct result of man’s intervention on climate right there. Tonnes of other incredible chemicals are poured into the atmosphere,yet somehow that’s not making a difference on our atmosphere? Come on!We are not “all green” on the planet. The trees are the lungs of the world and the rainforests are disappearing at a truly alarming rate. We have to wake up and see this precious planet as our provider and nurturer. What we do to her,could kill her,and all of us along with her. Time is running out and we have to wake up and take responsibility. Heaven help us with the lack of insight of our government.

  8. The main cause Brian is the amount of people, we are like a mice plague, we will eventually run out of food and fuel and will exterminate ourselves, long after I have gone of course.

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    • Good to see someone else talking about the elephant in the room. The sheer unsustainable continuing human population explosion seems to be a subject no-one is allowed to discuss in public. About time it was. Our politicians simply say we need population growth for economic growth. How about looking at alternatives.

  9. Exactly the way I think Brian – well written! However, we can’t get away from the fact that humans are increasing in huge numbers and demanding more and more of everything, so our CO2 output will definitely increase.

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  10. Not denying the global warming bit, however there have always been extremes of weather.
    Hottest this, coldest that, wettest something else.
    The New Zealand glaciers have been receding since the mid-1800s, if not before.

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  11. I agree Brian. We need to return to a more natural world without chemicals and plastic packaging. When we all do our little bit we will appreciate nature more and live better.

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