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As a nation we cannot afford to allow divisive verbal attacks on and marginalising our fellow Australians for holding views that are not in keeping with the self-declared moral superiority of the commentariat. While they declare any criticism of ethnic or religious minorities (with the notable exception of Christians) to be ‘racist’ they in turn do not hold back on their savage criticism of anyone who does not hold their so-called progressive views.

From what I saw on TV it wasn’t the Reclaim people who were the aggressors. They were protesting against extreme Islamism, which is their right and in that I imagine many Australians support them.

However, at the rallies it was the so called anti racism protesters who hid their faces and indulged in violence with not only Reclaim but with the police. Their mission was to close down any discussion they don’t agree with. It seems these fascist minded people who believe in their absolute superiority are the biggest threat to freedom of expression.

If Reclaim turns out to be a front for extreme reactionary violence that would do harm to Australian Muslims then I will have no truck with them. However, I support their right to express their views and ask questions of our leaders that I think any fair minded Australian of any background wants discussed. Reclaim’s purpose, mission and information about itself seems fair and balanced enough … seeking to make a stand against radical Islam and Islamists: “For the first time in our recent history Australians have now been exposed to hostage sieges, attacks on our police and service people, foiled beheading and bombing attempts, here on our soil. As a result Military and service uniforms may no longer be worn off duty in public because of security issues linked to only ONE group—the so called “radicals of Islam”.

The rallies are a public response to the shock of recent atrocities of “Islam’s radicals” both inside and outside of Australia, echoed by our media.”

If I can offer a thought. If the world had protested against Nazism in the 1930s then it is arguable that the Nazis might not have ruled in Germany and WW2 might not have occurred. Reclaim is protesting against Islamism .. an ideology that is abhorrent and an affront to Western Democracy just as Nazism was found to be. There can be no defence of Islamism.


By John Austin


Tell us, do you agree with John?


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  1. The problem with any protest, the moderate, more reasoned view is high jacked by the extremes. I was disgusted when as a union member I joined huge numbers of union members from all around Australia protesting out side Parliament House in Canberra. For the vast majority it was a peaceful protest. One union’s members however started trying to commit vandalism on the building, effectively high jacking the peaceful protest of the many thousand. The media of course only showed the actions of the handful of vandals from that one Union. This is the problem for many who support Reclaim Australia, for those of us who either don’t support it or don’t care the image is too often of masked men with swastika tattoos and this immediately creates an impression of the vilest racism.

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    • I have marched in Union marches Barbara and I have never encountered anything like those reclaim marches, the workchoices marches were well organized, and we were all marching for a cause that affected every worker in this country, these people are marching for a cause too, Because they are racists

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      • When will people get it though their narrow minds Islam and Muslim is not a race but a cult so it cannot be racism to protest against it

      • You have a very narrow mind Leanna. Just read the comments properly and you might understand a little better.!!!

    • Millions marched in the work choices protest without incident, 150 racist people get on the streets in Sydney , the police are involved and violence, it not acceptable and it is ugly to watch

    • Yes I tend to agree Leanna, I can not comprehend how these marches are supposed to help. If I was a member of a minority that was protested against like this it would make me angry. I cannot see what possible benefit can be gained by alienating a section of the community. I am not sure how the tiny Muslim community is supposed to override Australian law to bring in Sharia Law, female circumcision, child brides and other claimed possibilities, it is just utter rubbish. All that Reclaim is achieving is making a group in our community unwelcome which I would think is more likely to lead to more radicalisation than stop it.

    • there are not enough Muslims to enforce any laws here Barbara and none of it would get through our Parliament, these people are trying to justify their bad attitudes and they are a very small minority that give the rest of Australia a bad name as a racist country

    • The same way that the Muslim minority has affected European countries, Barbara Easthope. Have a look at what’s happening overseas and you’ll soon work out how it’s done. Muslim activists state outright how they intend to do it and then pursue that course. If you don’t think it will happen here, try walking unaccompanied through the Muslim majority suburbs of Sydney and see what happens.

    • I am out of here girls , this makes me sick and if any of those horrible people bother commenting to me, I am blocking them..I don’t want to know them xoxo

    • Ken what garbage I am at present in an area of London where I have heard little English spoken, many signs are in Arabic and people are just getting on with their lives. They work in the restaurants and hotels, they walk on the street, they drive cabs. The troublemakers in the Muslim community are a tiny minority and condemned by many fellow Muslim.

    • You can try to justify all you like Ken McLennan but the millions of Australian’s who did not get out there and march won’t accept it.. not in our country and Australia does not belong to YOU it belong to us all from every race and creed

    • Millions didn’t get out and march in England either. Try telling them that their country and culture isn’t being affected. Moderate Muslims can condemn till they’re blue in the face, but it has the same effect as sitting on your hands. Doesn’t stop the activists and extremists.

    • I would not try walking unaccompanied through any Australian streets at night and it’s not because of any Muslim person.

    • Rozzy, that poster rather disproves the theory that the reclaimers were only protesting against extreme Islam.

    • Julie I read that it says stop non white immigration..if that is not racist..I don’t know what is 🙂

    • Leanna Stephenson You matched in a Union March and nobody invaded your right to march, that’s why it was good.
      Reclaim Australia movement is NOT a racist movement. Did you attend a rally? I did and there were many from different backgrounds and countries. I was talking to an Indian gentleman. One of our speakers was one of our First Nation People and another speaker was an apostate from Iran (apostate means ex Islam follower)
      There were Asian people and Greek and/or Italian, as far as I could tell.
      So that blows your ridiculous statement to smithereens, that Reclaim is racist. Wouldn’t you say!
      The feral Left, Uni Students, Centre Link recipients and “dial a mob” turned up with the intention of disrupting our Rally, which we had every right to have.
      All they did was scream profanities and give us the finger…charming mob of losers.
      Leanna, you clearly have no idea what Reclaim stand for so I will attach some information for your perusal….and its not racist.

    • Judy unfortunately like many protests, the slogans, the opinions oft expressed by those who attend paint the Reclaim Australia movement as more extreme than the list above would imply. Your own comments regarding those who tried to disrupt your rally in itself shows the capacity of Reclaim Australia to tag an entire group of people as undesirable, the Left of politics, uni students and Centrelink recipients obviously join Muslims as undesirable. You’ve lost your own argument, the point you made Judy, is that Reclaim are a bunch of bigots.

    • Actually they were downright undesirable and if any of them had been my children or related to me, I would have been dreadfully ashamed to have any connection to them. There was no need for their ugly display.

  2. It has been the others that have coursed all the trouble, NOT The Reclaim Australia people. It is being done deliberately to make out that The Reclaim Australia ones are the Racists and they are not, the others are SO MUCH MORE racist than anyone and they course all the trouble.

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    • No racism involved, the march was a protest against extremist Islam followers who are killing and maiming people who do not agree with their ideology, especially Christians.

    • I am aware of this. The other side are the problem. I hate anything to do with extremist Islam and what they stand for, we do not need them here and we do not want them here.

  3. Oh and the “others” are the ones that took weapons to the Melbourne rally, not the Neo – nazi, steroid pumped morons that are welcomed with open arms by Reclaim. Sheeple!

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    • There is a problem with your viewpoint Coralie.
      The “others”, the “neo- nazi, steroid pumped morons” WERE NOT welcomed “with open arms”. They were detained by police before arriving at the march, and would have been turned away by orginizers, because they are not what we are about, and if the media had done their job, instead of trying to inflame the situation, you and the other veiwers would have seen, that walking in the ranks of Reclaim Australia, there were aboriginals, greeks, italians, spanish french, in fact all walks of australian life and culture INCLUDING some hijab wearing muslims. So please don’t make judgments you can’t support, they will bite you on your Aussie arse.

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      • And just one more point I forgot. The muslims who march with Reclaim Australia, do so because they are disgusted with the way terrorism and halal accreditation scams are are hijacking their religion.

    • Coralie were you there?…….The Neo-Nazi people were asked to leave by Reclaim, not as you suggest ‘welcomed by open arms’. Funny how the truth becomes twisted! Sheeple!

  4. Very well written John-we have to do what we think is right before it’s too late-no mud slinging-filthy language-why should WE change to accommodate others-ISLAM-and if we have concerns we are called racist/bigot

  5. Yes he has a point, but we should also be protesting about other extreme religions like the Bretheren’s who are closed society’s to name one.

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    • Only followers of Islam kill and maim people, especially Christians, in the name of their extremist cult.

    • Yes any that a person can’t just walk into a service of the street if you want to its not a church if it is a closed society.

    • These religious people don’t seek domination at any cost to Australians it’s only the Muslims who abuse their position in our society. Shut them up and let us get back to what we were before allowing them entry to our Country. It is only them who have brought diversity to our Nation.

  6. Religious fanatics have caused most of the wars in the world. The sad thing is Religion is a myth.

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    • From all religions, going right back to the crusades when the Knights Templar slaughtered the Moors

    • wars are fought for land and money,the religion of the warmongers seems to be Mammon and they fight in the name of JU$TICE ,or was it Aborigine religion that so offended the invading Europeans?

    • The ‘First People’ of Australia didn’t have a religion, their life was about living with Nature and the land, plus protecting it.. And yes the Europeans are cupable.

  7. Islamic ppl want to takeover Australia and they want sharia law here. Do u want this to happen, do u want your gkods in burkas. I live near lakemba I am part Muslim in my ancestory. There r no go areas in Sydney where one feels unsafe.. those who disagree with me r royal nutters.

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    • Obviously u live in a nice safe haven . I live with this crap daily. Take a walk down haldon street obviously u haven’t.

    • What we see around us is often what we expect to see, according to our own beliefs. I once talked with an angry woman in our town who complained about the idiots she met every time she came to town. I had never met these idiots so I assumed she was simply seeing a reflection of herself in everybody else.

    • So you are implying that Elaine is a idiot Julie?……Do as she say’s …take a walk down Haldon Street, Lakemba. Unless you have a first hand experience, then I suggest you keep your mouth shut. As you are only succeeding in making a idiot of yourself.

    • Julie Spence……..Are you a plant on this page? There is something about your comments throughout that do not have a genuine feel to them. More as though you have a hidden agenda. Funny how you have no friends on your Timeline!…..and yes, I checked it!…….Seem’s as though you are out to stir up trouble!

    • Thank u Gail. Yes my ancestory is Muslim. N it’s horrific that I have Pple w my birthname barracking for Isis. I can’t reveal my birth name.. which comes from Syria n northern states of Africa.. (it’s weird where Pple originate from.) I never realised how Pple live until I moved into this area. I’ve been hassled by foreign males begging claiming homeless n no money. All I could do was tell them I don’t understand their language go to a welfare group within their community. It was scary I was isolated in a car park when returning to my car. Luckily I’ve lived both sides of tracks n was wise enough. I’m a great granny. still street wise Luckily.. I feel so sad for Muslim ladies who walk few steps behind husband. They r baby makers. Vehicle insurance on panel damage is higher in this postcode, some r bad drivers.. I’ve lived in nsw state housing was able to quietly live amongst a variety of colourful personalitys. But this area is higher risk. Plus its so sad to c female toddlers in shopping trolley seats wearing full female Muslim clothing n only their brown eyes showing above their face mask. What’s gonna happen to those little girls in the future.

    • I hear you Elaine and understand your dilemma and sincerely hope you are able to stay safe. What people don’t understand is the uncertainty you face day by day by being in a area that you should be able to walk around without trepidation. I too agree that to see the little girl’s dressed as they are, is rather sad and wonder if they will ever feel the sunshine on their skin. My relatives are finally leaving Lakemba as they have had enough, they are also elderly and are not comfortable there anymore. They too have faced uncertainty with different individuals that have harassed them on a continual basis and being in their eighties, it is better for them to be closer to family in their latter years then to live in fear. Nine more day’s and they will be with us and I am sure they will be a lot happier. I hope you will continue to stay safe Elaine and that nothing untoward causes you any drama. Take care.

    • Thank u Gail. It is an experience living here. And its scary for the future of the country. Last xservice meeting i went to I was told that the war memorial area near the lakemba railway station has to be fenced off because these guys have their protest meetings there and r damaging the monument. Pictures of men standing on it. Good luck with Yur family so sad they have to leave their family suburb. But it is going downhill visually also. It’s not good for a frail person cos one does get glared at and hassled. I’m strong. I just wish the women would blend in. Every australian comes from some where in the world n we blended in. So really the racist word shouldn’t exist. My English side of me I discovered were convict. My granny would’ve been rocked totally.. she was well heeled n fully educated. Doing family trees is fun. My Muslim side was a pirate. In Google centuries earlier. samed name person was a shiek. That side of family my gfather was a headmaster. I didn’t know they had uni’s in Australiain the late 1800s. Yep doing family trees is fun. I’ve learnt to respect every person as they may be related.

    • I was born here but come from Irish/French/English stock and have found out numerous information re- the family tree. I am not racist but do not agree with the constant demands we are continually subjected to. When all we want is to live as we have always done with peace and freedom, to enjoy this wonderful country with it’s easy relaxed lifestyle without oppression.To be able to go about our lives without worrying who we are going to offend. This country has a myriad of colourful people who have been able to co-exist for year’s, until now unfortunately. My mother always said that we all bleed red blood and that makes us all connected… you are right, anyone we meet could be related. Yes I agree that the racist word should not exist, but I guess there will always be some that will upset the apple cart time and again and sadly I don’t think thing’s will change in that respect.

    • Yep I agree Australia is a great place to live n freedom to move. Our ancestors it would have been really hard for them but they survived. We have it easy compared to them

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