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We live in a world where we all know the dangers of smoking. We know the risks we are taking and the things we are doing to our health with every draw of a cigarette, but sadly addiction takes over and still so many of us still do it.

At the United Nations General Assembly and the World Health Organisation’s 2013 Assembly, countries across the world agreed to cut smoking rates by a third, by 2025. The aim is to reduce the number of premature deaths from cancer and other diseases related to smoking, by a quarter.

And a study has found a way to do it, but it will be highly unpopular… The proposal is to triple the tax on cigarettes across the world and experts believe this would prevent 200 million premature deaths from lung cancer.

Right now, if you want to buy a 25 pack of Winfield Blue cigarettes, it will set you back about $30… So you can imagine where a triple tax add would catch people out – they simply won’t be able to afford it.

Professor Sir Richard Peto from the University of Oxford who was involved in the study said, “Worldwide, around a half-billion children and adults under the age of 35 are already – or soon will be – smokers and on current patterns few will quit. So there’s an urgent need for governments to find ways to stop people starting and to help smokers give up.”

He also said, “This study demonstrates that tobacco taxes are a hugely powerful lever and potentially a triple win – reducing the numbers of people who smoke and who die from their addiction, reducing premature deaths from smoking and yet, at the same time, increasing government income. All governments can take action by regularly raising tobacco taxes above inflation, and using occasional steep tax hikes starting with their next budget.”

So today we want to know… Do you think cigarettes should face a threefold tax increase? Would this deter you from smoking? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. It sounds like a simple solution. However the first opposition party to
    offer to rescind this extra tax would win the next election hands down. Don’t think they wouldn’t do it to get into power either. Governments do not care about people. Only money and power. Can you imagine how much revenue would be lost if even 1/3rd of the smokers quit.? The governments will not make this move because it will cost them money.

  2. What happened to free will

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    • The cost to everyone to treat the smoking related diseases

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      • I’d love to know the figures on how many people die from smoke related illnesses – proven ones!!!
        Drunk driving kills but I can’t see where the government is trying to stop it.
        I don’t think extra tax is fair at all.

    • I really think that with the tax that smokers have to pay, by the time some of them get sick they have already paid off their medical care – just saying…

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      • Anita , you are so right I gave up 10yrs ago, but the government would have to get this tax some other way , they would be in serious trouble without it. And yes smokers have already paid their dues

    • I gave up due to the cost of smoking and they had increased from $26-$29 then to $33 per twin packet of 44. I have saved money over the fourteen weeks but I have nothing to look forward to. I loved it and it is wrong to penalise people. Are you going to increase takeaway food to stop morbid obesity or liquor. Come on we already live in a stressful world. Be realistic and prepared for a lot of suicides because some of us have to take medications to help give up and I couldn’t have done it without help.

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      • When I gave up they were $1 a packet I thought that was too much .gave up cold turkey it was hard , no patches or pills then , but watching my mother die from lung cancer was a great incentive.

      • I loved smoking also and have for 54 years, starting at 14, but with 3 awful bouts of Bronchitis over the last 4 years was the last straw and gave up nearly 2 months ago, I do miss it, but wont smoke again as I cant stand feeling so sick… my point being the price was never an issue, also my parents never smoked, it was social in my day!!!

  3. I have Chronic Bronchitis. Didn’t know back then what smoking did to you. It has damaged my quality of life and I know how hard it was to give up 15 years ago, but anything that helps people do this should be implemented. Thousands of people die each year from smoking related diseases and it is brushed under the carpet……….

  4. It will just increase black market chop chop

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    • it is already out there..I have never known Australian’s to be growing and selling their own tobacco as they are now, it was unheard of..I have a friend who buy’s a kilo of tobacco for $50.00. I thought that was expensive but she tells me it is cheap compared to cigaretts

  5. firstly I don’t smoke but according to recent reports lung cancer for smokers is down to luck, some smokers will never get lung cancer or get sick but the unlucky ones will. I think while it is a legal product, people should have the right to choose to do what they want

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  6. Sounds good
    After spending the last 4 weeks in UK and Europe
    Australia is wonderful
    Too much smoke in some restaurants ,many places ,many folk
    Australia has certainly decreased smoking in its own way so far

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    • I agree with Kathy Hanson. My wife and I have also been to Europe recently and could not believe how many restaraunts allow smoking, and what is the point of seating you in a so called non smoking area when the revolting smoke still gets into that area. It’s a disgusting habit which should restrict smokers to their own homes.

  7. Ban cigarettes everywhere please

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    • i agree this has been my feeling all along all about smoking open a paper here pages of booze advertised not a word about that some one get in car kills some one abouse wife or who ever all good

  8. How about making the producers of the cigarettes pay extra tax (or at least take away some of their tax breaks) to pay for the medical expenses a lot of smokers will need later in life. I so think Australia is on the right path by banning smoking in a lot of areas – even though it is not popular with smokers. As I always say, smokers can smoke anywhere they want as long as they can guarantee I don’t have to smell/breathe in the smoke……

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    • well its funny you should say that because I read where Qld is going to ban ecigarets, I don’t smoke so am not into these things but I did see them for sale at the market so I had a look, the flavours they had were orange, blueberry, and strawberry. I can’t see why they want to ban that and no one could complain about the smell..I don’t think

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      • Prohibition of anything has NEVER worked. It just pushes it underground and we all know what that means.

  9. But not where they want.
    I am sick and tired of rude smokers who come and sit near me at a bus stop and promptly light up and if I dare to say anything am abused.

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    • And so they should you don’t own the world and tell other people what to do if you don’t like the smell MOVE

    • probably because you were rude to them it is legal not a word was said a few years ago but i have heard people say very rude things to someone smoking it is rude to comment on another persons habit either smoking or drinking what gives them the right to do so now

    • How dare you two pick on me.
      I am not rude and by the way I was there first.What gives them the right to blow smoke over me.
      I never said I owned the world John Ohl and why should I move on when as I said I was there first.
      Smokers blatantly ignore the no smoking signs at the bus stop at my shopping centre.
      So much do that I went to centre management about it.

    • If I’m sitting at a bus stop and someone comes along and lights up, I’ll ask then politely not to. I don’t want to suffer for an idiots bad choices.

    • So do I Lydia Wilson
      But for some reason the above two has assumed I am rude.
      Amazes me how some people jump to the wrong conclusions on this page.
      I am not a rude person and treat others as I would like to be treated .
      End of comments on this page for ever for me.
      Can’t be bothered

    • It’s rude how smokers ignore non smoking signs, they are there to protect people who don’t want to breathe in their second hand smoke.

    • but you are quite happy to eat GMO toxic foods and chemically ladened processed and packaged food and fast food, the cheapest garbage bread and milk(made from milk), happily shove all the above and fast food down your throat and irresponsibly down the throats of your children and grandchildren. That’s OK?
      You don’t complain of the increased fluoride, an industrial waste product, in your water, you will happily have ‘flu injections, with dangerous levels of mercury. The list goes on and on.
      You wonder why you, your offspring and friends, most non smokers, may I add, who get cancer at a young age. Now why would that be?
      But God help us if someone lights a cigarette!
      You hypocrites!

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      • Marie, I have to agree with you. Regrettably, I have been a smoker for 50 years. I would tell any young person NOT to take up the habit. You may as well roll up a $5 note and smoke that. However, you are right about toxins and petro chemicals causing cancer. We have more to fear from GM foods and plastic containers than we do from anyone’s second hand smoke. Many people I know, both young and old, who have died from cancer never went near a cigarette or were near people who smoked. You have to have the prevelant cancer gene in your system to contract the disease.

      • Very well said. Every day we hear of something or another that is killing us. We do nothing.A plane taking off is bad for the lungs. Do we stop planes? No. We get charged more fuel taxes every time we travel. What about all those people working at the airport eh? Give the smokers a break.

      • I agree with you Marie Gammon , and I would like to add a few more to the list like in the home you live in , Paint on the walls , Carpet on the floor or a varnish floor , your bed sheets , blankets , micro oven the cloths with colour dies in them , your lounge , Television you watch every night and also your car you drive , they are all full of TOXINS , when cigarettes have been taken off the market what are they going to blame for the Cancer rate . A lady

    • I don’t smoke but I would never be rude enough to say anything to people who do, I would just move. I am not keen on the smell of sweaty bodies but I would never be rude enough to comment to anyone

    • Being a non smoker all I can say is I would rather sit next to a smoker on a bus than a drunk, not much chance of a smoker throwing up all over you and have you ever thought of the stench some people leave behind after their little tipple of wine or beer, their breath is fowl as well, in fact quite nauseating at times oh and I hope the ladies don’t wear perfume because there is a lot of people out their with allergies to perfume and I’m sure some women must bath in it its so strong. My point? Do the words pot, kettle and black come to mind. Most smokers I know are always considerate.

    • To everyone on this thread, please remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and we will not tolerate bullying, name calling or directly attacking other community members. We encourage discussion and debate but will not tolerate derogatory comments to anyone or about anything.

    • Sorry if I may have offended, sometimes I get a bit carried away. I just don’t like what I am seeing happening in our country and the world around us. And the double standards. 🙂

    • you never offended me Marie as a matter of fact, I had never thought about those issue’s you mentioned before and I think your right

    • I smoke , not a lot a few cigarettes a day, one packet lasts me a week and a bus stop is a public place, you have no right to tell people what to do, if your not happy then you move..your a very rude person

    • I agree with you Maureen. I am a chronic asthmatic and someone smoking near me has the potential to put me in hospital. I once asked a woman not to smoke inside my home (I asked politely I might add) and was promptly abused because it was her right to smoke if she wanted to. She was then politely asked to leave. I find smokers generally are very defensive about their rights to smoke while ignoring others’ rights to breathe clean air.

    • Your home is not a public place Patricia Massey, smokers pay more taxes than you do and they have a right to sit in peace without your rudeness directed at them

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      • Patricia has the right to ask someone not to smoke in her home.
        When I smoked (quite a few years ago) I smoked outside as my hubby had already given up. Two of my children smoke but automatically go outside.

    • I do not smoke but if you sat near me and started dictating I would probably abuse you too

    • Michael O’Sullivan run away and stop picking on old women, you don’t even know Bindy and she causes you nothing

  10. Maybe non smokers can be rewarded for not smoking by being paid a bonus from their health insurers now and again. I also think that making smoking socially unacceptable has worked more than taxing. Taxing cigarettes hard simply means the family goes without things they need. But being a social pariah is something else.

  11. I predict that one day doctors will be given the authority to decide if medical treatment should be administered to patients who have a long history of heavy smoking resulting in their current medical condition.

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    • What about fat people should we refuse them health because it’s there fault they eat

    • Fine as long as that same criteria applies to drinkers and the overweight. I am not a smoker but sympathise with them. It is a legal thing to do, they are paying so much tax on each packet they certainly aren’t costing other taxpayers for health care.

    • More deaths are caused by road accidents do the same to drivers that cause accidents, fat, heavy drinkers, it should apply to as well, smokers pay more tax then a millionaire

    • That is just about the most stupid thing I have ever heard ., so overweight people will go untreated due to weight . Alcoholics or even just someone who drinks will go untreated because they drink ? People using phones in cars will go untreated because they hurt themselves using a phone while driving ? Please ? Or melanoma ??? Don’t treat people who continue to sit in the sun ? They caused their own cancer ?

  12. The Australian Government needs smokers – they’ll find new taxes for the rest of us if the current faggers all give up. I’m an ex-smoker… cannot abide the stench now – and being near someone who has had a fag is nauseating. And I swore I’d never be like this. LOL

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    • My husband smokes inside all the time even when our g/granddaughter is here. I ask him to go outside and then he gets cross. He goes outside till he thinks I have forgotten then smokes inside again. It’s disgusting. And I used to be a smoker!

    • Kathy Ford it is no good telling us, we don’t know your husband , you need to make it very clear to him or leave if you can’t handle it

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