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Last year the Federal Government announced the establishment of a $3 billion Medical Research Future Fund to boost the availability and support for health researchers. It is a great measure and one that is needed but they were faced with the big question: Who was going to pay for it?

We already know Australia is struggling financially, so having $3 billion to put aside was a little odd. It was revealed that in order to fund this, the Australian government would be reducing the medicare rebate paid to doctors for each consultation by $5 and this money would be used for the fund. It makes sense, the medical community paying for a medical support system, but according to reports from the ABC, Australians doctors don’t believe this is fair.

The government gave doctors the option to reclaim this money from their patients and increasing consultation fees by $5 – if they really believed it was unfair to reduce their income by this much. In essence, it was a measure that was supposed to bypass the every day person and instead be a form of taxation investment on the wealthy operating in one central profession.

It has been reported that GP clinics are soon expected to display posters in their surgeries explaining to patients why they will have to pay more under the government’s changes to consultation rebates. This effectively suggests that doctors would rather the public pay this tax than themselves.

So tonight we want to ask you the question, who is being greedy here? Is it the government? Is it doctors? If it is going towards something that can help everyone in the long run, shouldn’t we be happy to contribute to it? Have your say in the comments below… 


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  1. Well I think the Gov’t is being greedy just to repay a deficit it inherited from a Gov’t that always spends & big. I would have thought the deficit could have been reduced gradually noy in 12 months as these idiots are trying to do. By the way I am a Liberal voter but VERY < VERY dissappointed this time. Where are you Bob Menzies !!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. I would like to warn people to always ? what an Anaethetist is going to charge. I received an account from an emergency visit to a public hospital (for which I have top cover,) from an Anaethetist who was on duty at the time & have been charge $500.00 over and above all rebates(Medicare & HBF) what hurt the most was he originally charged me for being over 75 when I am only 65 & when I ? he just found another category to charge the same amount.

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  3. Whichever government is in power you can bet that it will be those who can ill afford it who will cop the $5 in the long run, irrespective of greedy governments or dodgy doctors.

  4. The Government without a doubt. Why is this even a question. Why should doctors in effect take a $5 per patient pay cut. Who are doctors to decide who can and cannot afford to pay. There are plenty of people not on benefits who are struggling. Are doctors supposed to offer them cuts because if they do doctors stand to lose a lot of money. This is just the governments back door way of getting its own way once again. Just like the fuel excise. The opposition don’t want it, independents don’t want it, PUPS don’t want it, Greens don’t want it and THE PEOPLE DONT WANT IT. so because they couldn’t get it past they’re doing this and you question whose greedy. The answer is painfully obvious. The government is dishonest and greedy.

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  5. As always it is those earning very good incomes treading on those not so lucky .. I understand that doctors study for a long time and continually update but how do they justify their fees now, without any increases. Doctors are being greedy and the government is on the mark with this one.

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    • I do understand that a practice is expensive to run but that does not change the fact that doctors earn very good money at the end of the day…I don’t know know any doctors who live on the basic wage!

  6. The drs are just being mercenary the government just being mean as cats pee, they want the poorest of us to carry the burden if fixing the budget but notice parlimentarians sacrifice NOTHING for them its business as usual

  7. Greedy government which puts corporations ahead of ordinary working people.

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    • denise corporations NO small companies like cochlear that develop drugs for deseases that the big companies dont because they can not sell enough tablets to get back thier investment ..hope if your child gets sick you dont use the products from these corporations to save their life ..

    • Could you punctuate this please, as it is hard to read.
      And do you really think that the levy will be spent on medical research?
      Also I do think that quite a few of the drug companies are not onshore but overseas owned.

  8. Doctors, who already turn one appointment into five by insisting you return another day for tests, then return to receive the negative results, then return for new tests, then return for results again.

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    • They can’t “insist” anything!!!!
      You could always take your life into your own hands and not return for results …….or just don’t go to the doctor in the first place …..that will let someone be seen who cares about their health!!
      It’s your choice!!!

    • Kate, if we have pay $34.00 out of our pocket each time we have to go back, then of course we will object. Your totally arrogant remark shows you go to a bulk billing practice & have NO IDEA what the f…k you are talking about. It is a very real issue for our family.

    • I work in a practice and I pay too….so Kay what’s your qualification. It is everyone’s choice to go to a doctor ….even specialists. You obviously don’t have your car serviced either….because you would certainly pay for that !!!!!

    • No I’m with Kay Eller on this . Too many appointments for nothing. And why do I have to see a doctor every month for repeat prescriptions , once every six months would be adequate and repeats available at chemists of choice in between !

    • Williamina. Are you on a special medication which only gives one prescription at a time, because most prescriptions have 5 repeats. I think you should phone Medicare, to see how many repeats of your medication you are entitled too, or ask at your Medicare Office.

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