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Yesterday a very unfortunate incident happened in Sydney’s West and old young woman was shot dead by police. Social media has been ablaze overnight with people arguing the toss – should they have shot her or shouldn’t they have shot her? There are very good and very interesting arguments on both sides and today we want to know… What do you think?

What we do know is that it occurred just near a Hungry Jacks. She had a very large kitchen knife (being referred to as a “butchers knife” in the media) in her hand and was walking aimlessly in and out of traffic. The age has been reported different throughout media, some saying 17 and some saying 22 year old. She allegedly ignored police requests to drop her weapon and continues to walk closer and closer “swinging” the knife about.

One witness has said, “She could not have been tackled, the way she was running and swinging the knife it would have been ­impossible to get an arm or leg shot on her … she just kept coming as if she was possessed.” This suggests that the police did the best thing they could do in the situation. They are trained professionals and even though we all have an opinion on what they should have done, they are the only ones who know what is the procedural thing to do.

The arguments on social media were that police do the best job they can, they’re only human. They’re taught to shot in the mid section of the body by default training so that is their most natural target. They handle the situation with professionalism because that’s what they are – we aren’t professionals at what they do so why do we try to tell them how to do their job? Police do everything they do to uphold public safety – if it wasn’t her dead she probably would have killed one of us so we should stop arguing about the job they do and start to be thankful.

Conversely, on the other side of the fence people were saying that the “pigs” as they were often referred to are “power hungry” and “enjoy” it. Some said their jobs are boring so they make things like this big for themselves. Others said there was no need to shoot the young woman. Some said that shooting shouldn’t be an option and police should never carry guns. Some said it’s blatantly wrong for people in the country to have that kind of power, trained or not and some said that police aren’t trained enough.

Both sides argued well and valid points and it really comes down to personal opinion. So today tell us, what do you think about police? Should we stop criticising them and let them get on with the job? Or is this shooting an example of the police acting with what should be considered misconduct? Share your thoughts in the comments below…


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  1. Let them do the job they are trained to do , the person with the knife may have been on drugs and very irrational , what if she had killed or wounded one or more innocent people , all the DO GOODERS would be saying why didn’t the Police stop her , well they did it’s their job ,

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    • No one knows how they have reacted in the situation but as she had a knife and not s gun a shoot in the leg would have brought her down.

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      • Someone high on drugs or mentally ill don’t always react like in the movies a shot in the leg will not stop these people and it only takes a split second to cover 7mtrs and stab you

    • There are a lot of people living in the community with mental health issues and some of these people can be dangerous. If someone approached me in a menacing way with a weapon in their hands I am not going to try to reason with them. Usually by that stage they are beyond reasoning with. I appreciate this is very difficult for the family members but the whole community has a right to live without fear of attack.

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      • I agree – we cannot afford for our police to wait until an innocent person is killed before they take action. This situation is not only devastating to the victim’s family, but also the police who had to take this action and the public who witnessed it. our police are doing a job that not many of us would ever contemplate. Such a tragedy for all concerned but not really any other outcome was possible

    • “Death by cop” seems to be some people’s way out. Shouldn’t have killed her but that’s easy to say sitting here, I just saw the length of the blade… Scary

    • People with a mental illness should be in care and supervised all the time , if they are out in the sheets with a knife someone is not doing their job as a carer ,

  2. The Police do a good job, under difficult conditions, I would prefer they shoot in the leg BUT none of us know how we would react at the time if someone crazed with a knife was rushing at us. I support our Police

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    • The Police are TRAINED to shoot at the largest target (the chest). You have to be Annie Oakley to hit anyone in the leg with a revolver!

    • I don’t know mate, my only experience with a gun is with a water pistol when I was young..terrible position for the Police to be placed in..they have my support

    • The leg is too small of a target to subdue an attacker/offender. When you have mere seconds to react, a police officer can’t take their time trying to aim for a leg, hand, finger, etc…

    • That leg is likely to move at any split second & the policepersons life is at stake to protect us.

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      • There’s always the shoulder area. the hip or the stomach area that is wider than the chest area. You should shoot in the chest only if there was imminent danger arms length away. Was that the case? I don’t think so.

    • Yeah she’s coming at you with a knife ! And you want him to take his eyes OFF the top half to shoot the bottom half accurately ??? Huh ! He would be dead by now and the crazy lady alive , and WE pay for her treatment , because she would probably not go to jail because she is crazy . Yep sounds fair ? Right ? NOT OK , at all . He was right .

    • Not only that, but someone shot in the leg can still stab the officer or anyone else within reach – ambos, paramedics, firemen, neighbour. The purpose of Police using their firearm is not to kill someone. They shoot to remove a threat.

    • Well we do not need to spend money on a trial. Indonesia spent a fortune on the Bali 9 and then plan to shot them. We just economised the proceß

  3. We all do our jobs the best way we can and we need positive ,not negative criticisms.Let them do their jobs even better.

  4. It is a sad reflection on our society when so many are ready to criticise and condemn those who strive to protect and serve the community. Far too often the media uses sensational, double meaning headlines to suggest a mistake by members of the police force.

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    • Excuse my but is this not a free country we have a right to criticise Police do get heavy handed that is seen daily people die unnecessarily UK general duty don’t carry guns but they manage disturbed people .m

    • Yeah , disturbed or not , police have a right to be safe also . How do you think his family will feel about a DISTURBED person killing their husband or mother daughter or son . Leave this young police officer alone . He did his job .

    • Yes I agree with Carolyn , what would you say if the officer was your family and they were killed or harmed by some deranged physco!

    • Absolutely right Sue and how often do you hear of police brutality it does happen and you cannot sweep that under the carpet

    • There is still in this country and others a stigma of mental illness some people don’t want to know about it or the just don’t understand it at all.

    • Yes police are criticised far too much, they have a job to do and sometimes there is only a split second to make a decision……. Let them do their job.

  5. There are good cops, there are bad cops. Investigations into this latest incident may deliver the truth. There is no point in speculating.

  6. Yes, the public do criticise too much Our police are doing their job, to the best of their ability. It is a very hard job and occasionally there may be errors of judgement. These people put their lives on the line every day, apart from military, the police have the most physically and emotionally tasking job there is.

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  7. It is a thankless job for sure, I so admire them, they risk their lives every day to keep us all safe.

  8. Damned if they do damned if they don’t they can’t win with the press with them it’s all about negativity .

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  9. My daughter has pointed out that the police are only trained once a year to combat all possibilities, they do the best they can, we should be helping not hindering

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