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Yesterday Tony Abbott’s speech on Australia’s new plans to combat terrorism had everyone talking. Tougher immigration laws, tougher penalties and punishments for crime and other measures have been widely debated by the public. But this morning I saw one comment that had me thinking:

“Where are the government’s priorities?”

While the matter of national security is a very serious issue, with improvement we hopefully will never witness a repeat of the Lindt Cafe Siege and can prevent Charlie Hebdo-style attacks from happening in this great country. But should these issues be priorities over other things in terms of attention and funding?

What about healthcare, education, welfare, social services?

With every political decision there is something that wins those funds and that attention and something that loses them. So the big question this has us asking is: are the government’s priorities right? Are they serving the needs of Australia in the best way possible?

There are great arguments for yes but there are also arguments for no. But today we want to know, do you feel that the government’s priorities are right? Are we focussing on the right things? Are there things that are being left out far too much? What would you like to see more of in the political agenda? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. Being truthful with the public

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    • G’day Lyn … That would be a very rare breed of Politician that told the truth 🙂 Home security is very important … and this is really important to Tony Abbott. He’s actually being seen by the voters as trying to do good. The press now isn’t talking about all the broken promises and underhanded deals that go on. It’s taking the heat off the domestic items that are going on and his popularity going down because of it. It’s a bit like John Howard accusing the illegal boat people throwing the children into the sea …. man didn’t that create a scene and take the pressure off of him. It turned out to be untrue.

  2. National security is paramount – the Islaminic people do not speak out about it, only accasionally – their silence is deafening. They say we need to work together – well we have been here a long time and are still waiting for them to work with us! I think Mr Abbot really cares about Australia and is not constantly trying to get back at Shorten – who is into point scoring to the degree that it is embarassing.

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    • Actually Muslims and their leaders speak out constantly – but the media in this country prefer not to give them a voice.

    • Muslims don’t seem to speak out against the Extremist element of that Religion. They are also never heard speaking about preserving our way of life and assimilation to become part of what has been hard won with some sacrifice in the past.

    • Pamela Pearce Ogle – w only had a handfull of Afghgans in the country in those days – the muslims didn’t really make a great inpact on our population until the 1970’s I think. Cannot really compare those people with the radicals we have today. You obviously don’t live amongst them!

  3. You take care of you own people first and This Government failed to do that from day 1 of being elected. They lied to get into Government and it has gone from bad to worse ever since. The cabinet is leaking like a seive, more leaks today, even they know they won’t be re-elected

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    • dianne ..please use you own name, if you talk to me. I want an honest Government ..I don’t want a Government that lies to be elected and many people feel the same as I do. Give us the bad news first and then let us decide, they just ambushed us all

    • Libbie Elliot you insist people be honest may I suggest you do the same , it would be safe bet you voted for a Labor Government when Labor came to power you were promised that our borders would be sake , the surplus would be maintained , and we would not have a tourist for a PM . during Labor time we were promised 6 consecutive surpluses . Our debt was allowed to escalate at the rate of knots and they managed to squeeze it two PMs to be supported by tax payers for the rest of there lives , how about a bit more honesty on your part as well Libbie.

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      • If you are talking honesty, then you must include that Labour managed to get a triple A credit rating a thing even Howard could not do in his twelve years.
        Abbott comes to power by default and lies.
        He has managed to DOUBLE the debt in sixteen months. Now that is being honest.

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      • Marilyn and Phillip we know which party you favour as well lets keep the nit picking out of the discussion .. the question is clear cut … what is the priority … the benefits of the majority of people in this country or the mischiefs of the minority and why is it that everytime the polls drop the scare mongering starts! Australia has spent so much money on protecting its borders and yet this man in Martin Place wasn’t even on the watch list … people are leaving regularly to fight overseas with someone else’s passport … these security measures appear to only hinder the honest people … stop throwing more money in that hole and just make the people responsible for patrolling our borders and internal security do the job they are paid to do … employers/businesses don’t keep throwing money in the black hole when their employees fail to do the job they get rid of them and employ ones who can do the job as required with the monies provided. How much more money do we have to waste. Just do it right there are enough resources and rules available already

    • Phillip Motbey I have never denied voting for the ALP..except for one time in the last N.S.W election, well that was a disaster..we lost 3 LNP MP’S and the Lord Mayor due to can bet I won’t be voting Liberal again. You have no idea who I am and who do you think you are questing anyone’s honesty? You obviously voted Liberal..that says it all for many of us

    • I think you made a good point Libbi and I voted Liberal. Also, I did not vote for Tony Abbott as I am not in his electorate but I would have. I did not vote his party a mandate in anything. I expect the elected government to govern not continuously blame their opposition for their own failings. For example, if Tony’s tribe can’t do what they want to and they are serious, go back to the people. The Libs need to stop whining and govern. The Senate is as the people voted so get over it! At this stage I would not re-elect them even though Labor equally hopeless.

    • thanks Pat..I don’t want any of these dramas..I have never in my life protest a Government before, I wish they would just be honest with us, and your right, I can’t turn on the tv now without someone from the Liberal Party either blaming Labor or Tony Abbott. It is not like we can escape all this drama

    • The terrorist threat is real. The Middle East, Africa and Europe are in big trouble and it’s only a matter of time before people in Australia get the picture, but might be too late by then.

  4. Yes, I think the Government are on the right track considering what they were left with.

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    • just all lies and politispeak – they are not about government for the good of this country or its people – now trumping up some artificial terrorism to justify their big brother surveillance schemes and loss of our free democracy forever!

    • so no dole for under 30s cuts to the pensions well maybe you do not need yours and could donate some to the homeless that was cut Christmas week

  5. National Security is always important, however it is being used by this Government to go up in the polls. If they had not lied in the beginning they would have the full support of everyone now. You can’t blame the press for reporting what elected Cabinet Ministers are telling them. If they were doing what they promised than there would be nothing to report

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    • When media get hold of issues they hammer the shit out of it. Twist and turn it upside down. Its up to you to decide ….imagine the pressure on any political party , in power. Media make every thing turn sour. The worst offender is social little bit to say on it done.

  6. Well, knighthoods and thinly veiled threats aimed at Indonesia are certainly not priorities.

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    • Well at least you know that Australian taxpayers money went to help a storm strewn country… Maybe next time we should worry about our own storms and leave others to worry about theirs

  7. What are their priorities? They seem to vary from day to day (crisis to crisis)! Truth would be a great first step. Don’t think they’ll ever get back to trust.

  8. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. There is no pleasing left wing supporters and the Fairfax media is unable to print anything positive that he achieves. He is merely tightening the security within the country for our betterment, is that wrong? I am yet to hear Bill Shorten come up with an bright ideas on what he would do, he is far too busy sluring. How many of you know that he was in Tassie injecting millions into their agriculture efforts? Was that in The age? Where was Jacqui, not there, probably botoxing or judging a well hung comp!

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  9. After watching last night’s Q & A, I have no doubt whatsoever (not that I ever did) that family violence is a crisis with far higher priority and devastating effects than TA’s priority.

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    • Yes, if the amount of money that was spent on counterterrorism was spent on preventing domestic violence, a lot more lives would have been saved.

    • Lessons start in the home.. And it looks like we aren’t learning any about loving, respecting and looking after our women.!

    • Wear a burqa and obey everything your husband tells you and you won’t have domestic violence. 🙂

    • Don’t bet n that Tom, they can be abused worse than our women and can’t say anything , look at their laws on rape and some other things , it is the women who are the one who get killed for that and the men get clear away.

    • If you think it is only Muslim women who are having violence perpetrated on them..look again, this is a world wide problem. Many white Australian women are beaten and battered and even killed..every day

    • Everyone’s an expert on Muslim law,violence against women etc and where do they get their data? The daily newspaper full of propaganda biased reporting and emotive hysteria.

    • Yes Leanna call the police, but he will walk through the restraining order and put you in intensive care. It is a horrible thing but I can’t see how any amount of money spent will stop it. Especially now that the drug ice is so prevalent. My heart goes out to these women, maybe there should be more safe houses, maybe just shoot the bastards!

  10. The economy. Jobs. Education. Health. Raising the standard of living for pensioners. Scholarships for young people – possibly a system where promising kids are sponsored to become doctors and nurses, and they serve a set number of years in rural areas in return for their training. Investment in renewable energy. Return funding to vital programs like domestic abuse support and homeless shelters. Build more houses – Australian workers using Australian materials. Cancel the upcoming TPP.

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    • This is the kind of comment that elects the right people to maintain the “Fairness” in this country, not one of a gang of 1960’s used car salesmen.
      Thank you Gillian.

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