Wow… The cheeky Tony Abbott tea towel being sold by satire news site

Tony Abbott’s time in office has been commemorated in this VERY cheeky tea towel, available for sale on satire news

Tony Abbott’s time in office has been commemorated in this VERY cheeky tea towel, available for sale on satire news website The Shovel.

In introducing their special memorial tea towel for the ex-PM, The Shovel wrote:


“We know, it seems like just yesterday that our 28th Prime Minister was at the helm, leading us forward with that adorable mix of casual incompetence and effortless weirdness.

“But his time in office need not be forgotten. With a Tony Abbott Memorial Tea Towel you can wipe away the tears (or the memories) and keep your dishes dry at the same time.

“With his years in office tastefully displayed, and featuring a pair of red Speedos to remember him by, it will be a collector’s item to treasure for years to come. Let’s be honest, how else are you going to explain the Abbott years to your grandkids?”

Take a look at the tea towel below and tell us, would you buy it?


  1. Trish Daley

    Wow who slipped up? No proof reading there haha. Would I buy it no bloody way even if they got it right!

    • Lynne Swanson

      It’s meant to be a poke at how old fashioned he was, taking us back to the 50’s with his outlook, especially about women.

  2. Libbi Elliot

    No I don’t want it a Tony Abbott toilet roll might sell a bit better at least it has a use πŸ™‚

    • David James

      not reversed..he was born in 1957 in the United Kingdom.. he was not even alive in 55 let alone in means he took us back to the 1950’s

    • Barbara Easthope

      The date is spot on instead of steering us towards a bright future he took us back to the mid 1950s. “Coal is good for humanity” and scrapping renewable energy projects among just a few of his ridiculous ideas.

    • James Rolfe

      But Abbott is a lot smarter than you Lynette and both Abbott and the tea towel would be far more useful than you.

    • Julie Campbell

      I doubt whether Abbott is smarter than Lynette- James he just bullies his way through life… Look where he ended up… Despised by a lot of people and on the backbench and grovelling his way around the shock jock circuit…

  3. Mike  

    I definitely would NOT buy. I wouldn’t spend one penny on anything that has to do with this tosser

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