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Joe Hockey has been under fire in recent months for his deep budget cuts designed to save our nation’s economy, but this latest cut may actually be something we want.

This weekend Joe will put forward a recommendation that unnecessary fees on everyday spending should be slashed in a radical ban that may be accepted by the Reserve Bank.

Gone will be the days of surcharges when buying flights, using a credit card, paying for a ticket or a bill. Consumers have been rallying for years to stop companies from charging unnecessary fees that hurt our pockets, so this move will be largely welcomed. Surcharges cost us up to $800 million a year and have just become a unpleasant part of life that we thought we could do nothing about, but apparently Choice spokesperson Tom Godfrey says it has been a long time coming, telling The Daily Mail, “We think the end is imminent. The government has signalled they’ve had enough and now it’s time for some strong enforcement against companies”.

The outrageous surcharges have been causing headaches for years but if this ban is passed, Jetstar can stop asking us to pay $8.50 on top of a fare, Ticketek can do away with their 1.5 per cent transaction fee on tickets, and it will be goodbye to Telstra’s greedy 2 per cent surcharge when paying a bill. Big companies will no longer be able to set their own prices for fees, instead only being able to pass on small costs of administration, capped at about 12c or 0.5 per cent of the transaction.

There has been a rumour in parliament that Joe Hockey will be replaced by Malcolm Turnbull, a claim that has been swiftly put to rest by Joe himself, who blamed his colleagues for the speculation. In defence of his ruthless cuts, he said “For a decade and a half, treasurers have been able to spend more and more money without constraint. Under Peter Costello, he had surpluses and could hand them back. Under Wayne Swan, he borrowed money. Sooner or later, a treasurer had to come along and say, ‘We need to live within our means, we need to have a plan that ensures that Australia does not end up with an insufferable burden of debt’. I do it because it’s right for everyday Australians”.

Hockey hopes that the Reserve Bank will accept his Financial Service Inquiry about the surcharges, but is this just the beginning of something much bigger? There have been whispers of increasing the GST in the next year, so is this a cunning way of distracting us? Or is it a genuine plan to be fairer to consumers? With the talk that he may be replaced by Malcolm Turnbull, could this be his final hurrah perhaps?

What do you think? Will this change your mind on Joe Hockey? Will you be happy to see fees gone or do you think it’s a cover-up plan for something in the future? Tell us below.

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  1. That is wonderful for the rich but the poor and pensioners who he is smacking around the head don’t have credit cards. This is vote buying ploy by Hockey and it won’t work. At the end of the day many many Australian’s in every suburb, have grandparents on the pension or maybe have a disable child or relative or an under 30 year old who is unemployed. Families stick together

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    • Totally agree with your comments on this one!

    • We do however have extra charges on our bills for phones, Banking , so called service charges on nearly everything we use or buy. Little hidden extra charges that mount up to billions for us all. These affect the rich not at all. But everyone else yes. So it actually better for us.

    • xoxo Doreen, the pensioners in here are always down to earth and lovely..I just love them all

    • I’m not sure that this is correct? I am a pensioner and have 2 credit cards that I manage closely. I would welcome this proposed reform. Think bigger picture please?

    • I am a pensioner without a credit card, I live withinn my means as many other pensioners do


    • Iam a pensioner and Iam managing just fine !!Most pensioners are it is just other people using that excuse to down the Govt for trying to fix up yhe mess we are in thanks to labor!!Dont speak for pensioners enmass unless you are one !!

  2. The Reserve Bank may accept and recommend but the Banks do not have to follow the recommendation – they have been deregulated. The key word is recommendation!

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  3. Firstly, Turnbull is almost as distrusted as Hockey now, he destroyed the NBN and made the cuts to the ABC. Secondly this won’t help anyone except the rich. he is trying to buy popularity Nothing they can do now will
    regain trust. They repeatedly lied and who is going to believe what they
    say a second time around? Nobody with the exception of the rich and
    there are more poor than rich in this country !!

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    • How rude, some of these Liberals are the rudest people on the planet..don’t let them bully you

    • no we don’t use credit cards Lindy, if we can’t afford it we don’t buy it..sheesh these rich people have no idea

    • Well said Leanna Stephenson, how do you trust liars?
      The other thing that is starting to annoy me is the incessant bleating about the state Labor left our country in! Nobody mentions what it’s like NOW! After 12 months maybe they should start taking some responsibility for their actions?

    • Ones memory is “very” short, do we not remember the state that Mr. SWAN under Mr. RUDD & Ms GILLARD government left “our” beautiful country in????

    • Christine marszalek, did you get the hand out the Rudd government gave out to keep us from going into recession as the rest of the world did, or have you forgotten that, or did you give it back? Yes we did go into debt for that but we would have gone into a lot more debt if a recession hit and businesses closed down, and people lost their jobs, stop saying they put us into debt because that’s not against them it’s a plus because we could have been in worse debt.

    • I agree Libby English, we are in worse debt now then what we were in before and it annoys me too to hear how the labour gov put us into debt, when they kept us from going into recession as most countries did.

    • I know Christine Marszalek that Wayne Swan was voted the world best treasurer and I also know Hockey’s personal rating in the polls is on 8% !! He is a terrible treasurer even some of his own party want him gone. Labor also got us a AAA rating..something the Liberals never achieved and with all thise wasteful spending the Liberals are doing, they have doubled the debt we will probably lose

    • Libbi Elliot you like all laborites only remember the things it is ‘convenient’ to remember – if labor faced reality they would be passing legislation the libs are trying to get through parliament so that we can get back on track as far as the budget goes but like all labor people you have a very short memory. If you think its ok for this country to be paying ONE BILLION DOLLARS A MONTH in INTEREST then you like ALL AUSTRALIANS need your head read. Just think of the things the govt could do with an extra billion a month – the mind boggles. Whinge at me if you like but its a sad fact of life in this country at the moment.

    • Christine, are you aware that Hockey told the New Zealanders that there was no budget emergency? Yet ANOTHER lie to the Australian people.

    • Rosemary Hendley..you don’t know me..you don’t anything about me..and that is the way I prefer to keep it…if I wanted you to address me I would talk to you myself..go away I am not interested in anything you have to say..ever

    • Silly people conveniently forget we survived the crisis so many other countries suffered. Got a AAA rating which we have never had before. Swan voted the worlds best treasurer… Yes we may get rid of the charges but I bet prices will go up to cover it… I despair of the stupidity of these nutters who can’t see the the current government is hurting the people they promised they wouldn’t…if they had kept that tax that the mining companies and other big polluters should be paying we would have money enough to not slash education, health etc etc

    • I do come back to say, in the feedback I have received, some only choose to remember what they wish (that is ok, we are still a free thinking country) but truly “the memory is very short”
      and the only reason we survived the crisis where many did not….was because Mr. Swan under Mr. Rudd’s Government took over a “very healthy” balance left by the last Government…

    • A very healthy balance yes but that balance was only set up to guarantee government pensions & superannuation, for both public servants (ha-ha) & pollies. I think it was called a future fund.

    • Christine Marsalek let me remind me this is not your post..your riding off the back of Leanna’s post.. if your so intelligent start your own!!

    • I do not trust Labour or the Greens – I only trust the Liberals and I know that will do what they must do to repair the economy. Labour destroyed the economy and Labour always does. Only lazy opportunists vote for Labour – Third generation unemployed want everything for free.

    • run away Joe..I am 7th generation Australian and I worked till I retired and all of my children work..your an ignorant man

    • At last!!Someone with some sence !!Can’t believe it !!So sick of these knowledgable people saying that labor giving us handouts was very nescessary to stop a rescession !!Well what name tag will we give this absolute mess that they caused !!

    • What a sweeping statement Joe saying that all those who vote Labour are lazy opportunists. Just proves what mentality you have…or rather don’t have. Who are you to generalise like this? I have worked for both the Liberals and Labour and met some very intelligent and informed people from both parties, but not encountered too many lazy opportunists from the hoi polloi.

    • Betty get your facts right please. And, what’s more, we didn’t go into a recession did we, and we had a triple A credit rating too. The Liberals, or whoever had been in government during the global financial crisis, would have had to do pretty much the same as Labour did to avoid going into recession.

    • Leanna Stephenson this is a discussion site and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and to discuss it with other people here. If you share your opinion you are engaging in discussion and we have to respect that other people will share their own thoughts with us.

    • I am prepared to discuss , but when they come telling me what I consider to be rubbish then I am not wasting my time but I will take heed of what you said Christa Caldecott answered them both with far more patience than I have and far more eloquently

    • you don’t want me answering Joe .. how dare he suggest that people who vote Labor don’t work..if everyone who voted Labor stopped working.. this country would stop

  4. Are you crazy???? Once we retire, we rarely use our credit cards. I don’t use Mine except for unscheduled bills to give me a little time to pay. It will really benefit the big spenders much, much more! Typical Hockey, no idea how the poorer half live at all.

  5. We are now suffering because of Labor’s mishandling of surplus money. What can be done to stop spending? Cut politicians’ perks for travel, super, etc. Has Labor thought of this?

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    • Hockeys answer..belt the poor around the head so they are even poorer, put a tax on petrol so everything goes up, put a $7.00 charge on medicare so the poor can’t even afford to see a doctor.. we were never this stressed or badly off under Labor and the Liberals have doubled the debt buying Jets and things we don’t need..fancy a $98 steak? can’t afford it? well Liberal Politicians can as they waste our money

    • So sick of hearing of Labor’s mismanaging. Love to have seen how LNP would have handled the GFC. The rest of the world reckon we came out just fine. Just saying.

    • People have such short memories and absolutely no understanding of economics if you think Labor saved us from the GFC. It was the good shape the Libs left our economy in that saved us from the GFC – nothing else. If this site us going to become a political page then I am leaving it.

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    • Aracelli, if we are struggling because labor left us in such debt. How could Tony Abbott come out yesterday with his plan to let taxpayers pay for the training of catholic priests. That’s something like an 8 year course. Thousands and thousands per priest. Far more than any other degree, and with his plan to lift the ceiling cap on degrees this could run into hundreds of thousands. How can he find money for marriage counselling, $200 per couple no less. The Catholic Church is one of the providers of this service of course. Money for chaplains in schools, really. No money for pensions because of labor debt, but plenty to give to the church. The debt is just another lie. They’ve proved that by spending like drunken sailors since they got in.

      I don’t care who you vote for, anybody with blood in their veins could not support handing money over to any church when all churches are already over subsidised by the taxpayer by way of living off us TAX FREE.

    • Labour might have spent during the GFC but by doing so they kept our economy ticking over, Australians in jobs, so therefore they had money to spend. Look at the demise of employment now and the size of the debt and yes the unneccessary spending and help to big businesss

    • mike here-well Trish Butler, sorry to see you go, everybody else, 3 cheers for Trish. Don’t slam the door on your way out.

    • I like to hear from people with a different view point to me. I didn’t like Abbott before the election but I have really been stunned by the policies that have been exposed. Health, education, abc/SBS… So many lies. I like to understand why anyone thinks that Abbott is doing a good job. I think he is…bad for Australia.

    • Labor got us through the worst Global Financial Crisis since the Great Depression relatively unscathed whilst Abbott and Co opposed everything they did for the sake of opposition.

      There is no Emergency, just a manageable debt. Well at least there wasn’t until this lot of clowns got their hands on the purse strings.

    • What purse strings? We don’t have money to spend to begin the Abbott govt. Labor inherited the surplus that’s why they were opposed. How else could we get through the global depression? I’m better off now than before by God’s grace – just saying. Let’s give everybody a chance a go!
      I can’t understand it how politicians do it either. I agree that we should not spend govt money on training priests neither spending on making adults & children radicals and would-be jihadists “feel” at home Australia wide. Health & medication, safety, etc for the people is much better spending

  6. If Australia was so wealthy during Costello’s years,why wasn’t it put to Australia’s benefit instead of selling OUR gold to others & privatising the country?

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    • It was not put into affect. Because people voted them out. This seems be be the norm for Australians. We vote in Liberal to clean up our finances after Labour , then vote in Labour before yhe Liberals can undertake spending those savings on well researched and fundable projects for everyone.

    • A VERY good question ! The coalition are like the Sherif of Nottingham…they collect money from us all for their own coffers, not to provide necessary civilised countries things like health, education, transport and infrastructure…

    • The Howard/Costello Government wasted the mining boom benefits on vote-buying perks that have now come back to bite us all.

    • Yes like baby bonuses introduced by the Howard government which were such successful vote buyers Abbott wants to up the ante even further.

    • Lanier Jones WHAT vote buying perks? I’ve gone to the trouble of listing all the labor disasters while you all just throw out comments with no substance whatsoever. Is that the labor way???

    • Ha1Ha1Howard and Costello Couldn’t go anywhere near the pathetic labor Govt of the 6 years theytook to wreck Australia!!

    • Coalition Party’s are the WRECK happening NOW! They did it before & are doing it again with greater MORONS. Merry Christmas (Liars included)

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