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They’re hard to ignore when you’re driving along – they’re big, they’re garish, they’re loud – and they usually have disgusting slogans on the back. We’re talking about Wicked Campers, yet again.

The iconic and infamous campervans have been in the media ever since the company started in Brisbane years ago. Last year, a petition opposing their sexist and misogynist slogans attracted over 100,000 of signatures and protests in the Senate of the Australian Parliament, but seems not to have any affect and the violent, racist and misogynist slogans are still visible.

This week, a group called Wicked Pickets rallied in the Brisbane CBD against the offensive phrases on the Wicked Campers – which are visible to children and impressionable young people, not to mention horrifying to most with good judgement.

Protest organiser Liz Upham told ABC that she didn’t want to explain what the words meant to her daughter and said, “Some people say ‘well the slogans are funny, they are just about backpackers having fun in the sun’. But when you have slogans suggesting kidnapping women, gaffer-taping women… I think they are actually promoting sexual violence against women and general violence against women”. Do you agree?

Another protestor Cameron Goodwin, said “I think it is something we need to change as a country because we cannot let this stuff be on our roads for everyone to see”.
The protestors made the points that if the slogans were on billboards, the offending company would be forced to take it down – so how is it different? Should legislation be strengthened? They also said there is a loophole in the law that is allowing Wicked Campers to get away with putting these slogans on vans, which are in effect mobile billboards.


So have your say tonight: Do you think Wicked Campers are offensive? What should be done about the slogans?

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  1. I must say I have not taken a lot of notice what these campers have written on them. However I have commented to my wife that I would never hire one of their campers because they look trashy and possibly not road worthy.
    Yes they are mobile billboards and if they are deamed to be offensive to even the smallest group the company should be forced to change if it was a fixed billboard and just one complained it would be removed these campers should be the same.

  2. Dislike them totally and sick of seeing the occupance abusing our country side by dropping all types of litter when and where it pleases them.

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    • not all wicked car drivers litter, and plenty of people who don’t drive them do litter. On the whole, I found the travelling public to be more conscious of being tidy than lots of people who go to their local beach. I used to pick up litter from all the beaches we visited and also cleaned up the free camp sites we used. The beaches were invariably messier than the camping sites

    • Alexandra Clark .do wicked campers drop double beds, building materials , old TVs and fridges .tons of garden waste and old clothes around our national parks ? No its the filthy uncouth Australians who do that .The bavkpackers photograph it to show just what a dump Australia is .

  3. I’m not offended by them but I can understand how many others may be. They are just another vehicle on the road as far as I am concerned. I really don’t take any notice of them.

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  4. No lam not offended. I live at Ballina in The Northern Rivers NSW. The Wicked Campers are part of the landscape. Some of there slogans may be a bit overboard but seriously not exactly a news worthy topic. Bit like Kate’s maternity clothes.

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  5. The slogans are crude and rude and people have been complaining about them for years. The person who owns the vans said a few years ago, that he would cut back on the unacceptable slogans, but he hasn’t.

  6. Mostly I think they are fun. If I was young I would hire one.

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    • “‘In every princess, there’s a little slut who wants to try it just once’
      Would you like to try and explain this to your grandchildren ladies?

    • You know what Noni Daniell. I have beautiful grandchildren who have been encouraged to enjoy life and not judge others. They love me for me and I love them for them.

    • What has their love for you got to do with the question Diane? Do you feel signs like these are appropriate for childtren to read?”

    • Get over it. If you read my original comment you would understand what I said. Kids will read it wherever. They know right from wrong.

  7. when we were travelling, until a year ago, we saw plenty of wicked vans, some of the slogans were quite amusing. I never saw any thing like the examples given, which I find a bit offensive. But when my kids were young, I often found things they asked me a good starting point for a discussion, and they were never afraid to ask me anything, or talk to me about anything. They are now very well balanced, emotionally healthy adults.

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