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It’s in our Australian nature to want, or feel like we deserve, a public holiday. And no more so when that public holiday happens to fall on a weekend day. So really, why is it that we don’t have a public holiday on Monday next week, following Anzac Day?

According to SMH, Parliament decided in 2010 that Anzac Day would be different to Easter, Christmas, Australia Day, the Queen’s Birthday and Labour Day, in that if it falls on a weekend, it will not generate a weekday off. Though, in WA, workers do have a public holiday on Monday.

Industrial Relations Minister Gladys Berejiklian supported this decision in 2009, and wanted Anzac Day to be commemorated on April 25, no matter if it was a weekend or a week day it fell on. There was no reason for an additional public holiday, they said. Do you agree?

“This government has all its priorities wrong; they have a weekday public holiday for the Queens’ Birthday, but not to commemorate Anzac Day, which many see as the birthplace of a uniquely Australian identity,” Greens MP and industrial relations spokesman David Shoebridge told Fairfax.

Mr Shoebridge believes the government should give Australians the respect of a weekday holiday for Anzac Day. He argues that because most people don’t work on a Saturday, they don’t get the benefit of a day off to commemorate Anzac Day. But is that what matters?

NSW Business Chamber chief executive officer Stephen Cartwright agreed, said on the matter, “Anzac Day is a very special day for Australians as it commemorates the landings at Gallipoli on April 25, 1915, and we rightly pause and take time to reflect on that day, whatever day of the week it happens to fall on each year”.


So tell us today, do you believe we deserve a public holiday on a Friday or Monday if the usual public holiday falls on a weekend? Or should we just get over it? 

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  1. We do. It is a public holiday on Anzac Day.

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  2. Definitely & no extra day off. Anzac Day should always be celebrated on 25th and if it falls on a weekend then so be it.*

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    • Agree. Everything closed on Saturday the 25th, as should be, but here in the west there is another public holiday on the Monday 26th!!!!!!!!! Banks, government depts etc, think they are missing out as they always have Saturday off anyway, so must be for their benefit.

    • I agree, no public holiday on any other day but April 25th, to me that is truly showing a mark of respect to those that fought for us.

    • Get over it. . . . They did not fight and die to give an extra day for a BBQ at the beach!

  3. I don’t think we need a public holiday. I think these men and women fought for us, we didn’t do it. We should always remember them on this day in particular, we should remember them every day. We don’t need an extra holiday to do this.

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  4. The day is the DAY. It is not a day to have a holiday or make it a long weekend. It is a day of solemn remembrance. The 25th is the 25th is the 25th. it is not the 244th or the 26th or the 27th. Stupid suggestion.

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  5. No way – that’s just an excuse to have a public holiday. Half don’t even go to a service,anyway! Small business can’t afford this. No wonder Aust. Finances are in such mess. Anzac Day is 25th April……..

  6. One of the first things I noticed when I moved here 37 yrs ago was the huge number of public holidays. I agree with Fran, it’s enough to remember them and genuinely thank them for their huge sacrifice.

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  7. It was designated ages ago that whenever Anzac day fell that was the day and no public holiday to follow. As below says it is a public holiday (for some).

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