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It’s been a terrible year for news about women and even little girls being murdered, and it seems there’s no signs of a reprieve. The messages are simply not getting through.

In the last three weeks, there’s been a number of highly publicised stories of girls under 18, including the harrowing – still unsolved – case of Khandalyce Pearce whose remains were found in a suitcase, 2000km from where her 20-year-old mother’s body was located.

Then there’s been 12-year-old Tiahleigh Palmer, who is suspected to have been murdered. Perhaps what is most disturbing is she was not considered a missing person until six days after she was reported to have last been seen.

Police still don’t know how the young girl died but a major incident room has been established at the Logan Police Complex, reports ABC.

“We have grave suspicions that it is a homicide, we certainly consider it to be suspicious,” Detective Superintendent David Hutchinson said.

And there was even more devastating news today of a 14-year-old who was gang-raped in Geelong by four men.

The question on many lips is “what will be the final straw for the Government?”. There’s initiatives to stop violence against women but these are defenceless children who have been either sexually assaulted or murdered… and it simply cannot keep happening. These girls are someone’s beloved daughters and granddaughter, sisters, nieces and friends.

We need to send a message to someone who is listening to protect not only the girls, but also the boys too. Who will listen?

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  1. An eye for an eye shud culprits be proven guilty

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  2. Absolutely zero tolerance to the perpetrators, no more short sentencing they need to have appropriate punishment to fit the crime.

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    • I’m definitely against the death penalty, however I do believe they should take away their right to have TV’s and computers and any other mod cons, and they should bring back HARD LABOUR.

  3. The death penalty for those whom are proven to be the assailants….somehow we must rid ourselves of those whom have no respect for life ….too many innocents are losing their right to life because of those whom are really filled with hatred & evil . The number of re offenders is surely proof enough that rehabilitation in the majority of cases just does not work for either the criminal or society as a whole .I believe it is time for extremely drastic measures even though I would never have believed that I would ever come to this conclusion .

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  4. It has been ignored for too long. When a man gets hit at night on a street of Sydney and dies,the governments moves in quick, call it a king hit and introduce mandatory sentencing. How many times does a women have to be hit
    before the police take it seriously? We should have a zero tolerance for any violence, anywhere, any time on anyone. Punishment is rarely a deterrent tho, and we should look deeper at what creates violence in the first place.

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    • Not the police fault – they arrest them, take them to court only to have the judicial system give them a slap on the wrist!

    • I had a conversation with a young man who was being trained to be one a police man, he told me it was the woman’s fault for staying in the relationship…. This really scares me, as it shows a total ignorance on the issue on the very people who are there to protect. I know not to generalise, not all police men are the same, but there are a lot of anecdotal stories out there pointing to the fact that lots of women are not taken seriously when they complain.

    • well that young officer needs to open his eyes .most have been murdered after they leave the violent relationship…and what about the very young girls. whats the excuse hear.the poor innocent lives been taken for nothing but mand evil pleasure.yes bring back the death penalty time to rid this scum out of our lives

    • jennifer you are right.not the police fault they arrest these mongrels and its the courts’that let down society…

  5. Said it before and will say it again…..castrate them, then shoot them !
    I’m sick and tired of feeding clothing and housing these wastes of space pieces of scum, my taxes better spent on decent human beings, all you need is a rusty knife and one bullet, very economical !!

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    • I agree. Bring back the death penalty. But, make them hurt first, as much if not more than the innocent children and women they raped and killed. I bet they are all cowards when it comes to them feeling pain!!!!

  6. Educate the community and authorities that this sort of antisocial behavior is not unacceptable. It helped to reduce the use of tobacco, didn’t it? Respect for women and children must be paramount in a society which considers itself to be civilised.

  7. I afraid that unless we stand up and put pressure on the Government both State and Federally not only will nothing change but it will get worse, the time to act has long past and I will be really truthful when I say, that when I hear these crimes I feel a mix of anger and sorrow. This goes beyond domestic violence and it could be us or our family next

  8. We seem to be failing in the way we raise our sons. Who teaches them that it is okay to abuse a woman in any manner, verbally or physically. They can only learn these things at home. Since the disciplining of children has been banned things have gone downhill, because they know they are untouchable and therefore are not made accountable for their actions.

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    • Absolutely correct Barbara. It all starts in the home and the Government can’t legislate against useless idiot parenting.

    • I agree, what has changed between the generation of the “baby boomers ” and the attitudes of today – Technology, and they are using it for not the right reasons at all. I had a most interesting discussion with a deputy principal yesterday when we were discussing the same subject. Then comes sentencing – and our prison system. Why send them to prison without taking away privileges?.

    • Well that’s a little broad don’t you think . I’m sure many families raise their sons as I did that they should never raise a hand to a woman , and as middle age adults they have not , and have daughters , no one would want to touch . Some people are just plain bad . And for anyone who physically attacks another should have a much tougher sentencing regime .
      , society is also partly to blame .the best do gooders have gone over board. Try the rules in day cares and kindergarten , you are NOT allowed to say NO to these uncontrolled kids , we are NOT allowed to be tougher on these children who show very early signs of being stubborn and selfish and wanting what THEY want now .

    • Agree way to simplistic I believe you have to look at the impact of drugs and alcohol in so many of these cases and the youth unemployment rates are shocking need to recognize and deal with the effects
      of these issues.

    • Also its not only mothes that raise their sons its family , freinds, child care if the mother has to work, then schools and workplaces and all the people they meet along the way all you can do is teach them right from wrong , respect and to care and hope to god they have the character to make the right choices in life.

    • Barbara I agree wholeheartedly with your comments, adults raise these boys to be who they are and then we wonder why they do these horrible things to children. We also should never take our children’s safety for granted. It’s a copout to expect the government to clean up our mess. this is a community thing, shouldn’t even require funding. It’s about teaching the children in our community respect for each other. It may sound simplistic, but it is really. It’s about having a moral code to live by.

  9. We are reaping the results of the “permissive ” society. Any behaviour seems to be acceptable, and the Courts reflect this. I,m in despair…it is truly heartbreaking, this falling apart of our civilisation

  10. Bring in the death penalty. Rehab has proven it doesn’t work as it seems most murders are done by re- offenders. If proven 100% guilty, kill them. They are a waste of space.

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