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Following the resignation of Bronwyn Bishop as speaker, the big question is: who will replace her? Will it be someone young, someone female, as suggested by Clive Palmer and in keeping with the Liberal party’s desire to boost female MPs within its ranks?

The answer is, no.

The most likely candidate for the speaker’s chair is the “Father of the House”, another veteran Liberal MP, Philip Ruddock, who is 72.

This is despite the fact Mr Ruddock was sacked by Prime Minister Tony Abbott as chief government whip earlier in the year.

According to the ABC, Mr Abbott said he sacked Mr Ruddock because he “wasn’t as aware as he should have been” of backbench unrest over his leadership.

Deputy speaker Bruce Scott is also likely to be a candidate, however it is unlikely the Liberals would want a Nationals MP is such a prized position.

Victorian Liberals Russell Broadbent is another possible replacement for Mrs Bishop, and the ABC puts froward  Sharman Stone as the only potential female MP, although her leadership clashes with Tony Abbott probably rule her out.

Mrs Bishop can’t be replaced until there has been a vote of the Lower House after Parliament resumes next Monday.

Which qualities do you think the role of Speaker requires? Who would you like to see in the chair? 

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  1. It should be an independent, not someone who will howl down the opposition every time they open their mouth, regardless of what party is in.

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    • Fran, I beg to differ. speaker had no choice. The opposition was forever rude, disrespectful, noisy and disruptive. I couldn’t hear half of what was being said due to the continous noise and sniggering.

  2. As I have said all along the speaker should not be a member of any party. That way things would be a lot fairer for everyone.

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    • Then he/she will not be a member of parliament. Even independents are out for themselves.

    • I am not talking about independents I am talking about someone who is not a politician. Surely they can change the system whereas they have a neutral person in as the Speaker. They seem to be able to change other legislations so why not this one?

  3. It should be Independent ( but I bet its not ) but I heard someone on tv suggesting Phillip Ruddock

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  4. It should be easy to say whoever it is couldn’t be worse than BB, but given who will appoint them I have an uneasy feeling that they will be.

  5. while I agree it should an Independent it won’t be I don’t think, another Liberal will sit in the chair but they had better be fair and honest because Australia will be watching

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    • Don’t know Tom, I am in N.S.W but I belive the ALP in QLD is doing a good job

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      • On the whole, yes, Labor are doing a great job in Queensland. I wish they’d chuck out Adani, but you can’t have everything. One of the lesser changes has been human rights issues, that were taken away by the previous LNP government for example they’ve reinstated the right to protest about fracking on their land.

  6. I hope the speaker is male as the way women are trated by Labor @ the media leaves a lot to be desired.

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    • Dawn that is very unfair, the Liberal Party only 2 women in Cabinet, and The Minister for women is a man!! It is the Liberal Party who has a problem with women. Who ever it is had better be honest and unbiased because Australia will be watching

    • You have to be kidding Dawn. The Liberal government when they were in opposition treated Julia Gillard deplorably. Tony Abbott is the minister for women and is a joke, not only in that role. Julie Bishop is a disgrace (if you remember her behaviour in the asbestos trials). I do however agree that the media has a lot to answer for. For me the new speaker should have integrity and respect for firstly the Australian people and act fairly for both sides of debates in parliament.

    • Julia dished out as much as was given to her, it became a circus for both parties.The media made both parties a laughing matter we don’t need this in a government.

    • Virginia how has Julie Bishop been a disgrace, she works her butt of for Australia. And foes a great job, and the labor party were the ones who got rid of Gillard for Rudd after the put her in instead of Rudd. They are rotten

    • JB at her best with asbestos victims – they don’t deserve speedy justice just because they’re dying. Classy.

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