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Harper’s Bazaar is one of the most well known magazines in the world. And, Australian Harper’s Bazaar has just named their 2014 Woman of the year… But who is it?

She is someone we all know, and although we don’t all admire her, she has become an incredibly powerful public figure.

Starts at 60 would like to congratulate, Julie Bishop on the achievement!

From the Harper’s Bazaar website, they have provided everyone with a teaser into the full interview with the Australian Foreign Minister that goes a little something like this…




On sexism:

“Stop whinging, get on with it and prove them all wrong.”

On hitching a ride to Australia with US Secretary of State John Kerry for Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations:

“I am told by my office I can’t physically get back in time to meet him. [I’m thinking] ‘This is ridiculous, why can’t I just get a lift on his plane?’” So she decided, “I’m just going to call him. [I said] ‘Hi John, it’s Julie. I’ve got this problem: I want to be able to meet you at the airport, but I can’t, so how about I get a lift on your plane and we turn up together?’ He said, ‘No problem.’ I knew I was on loudspeaker because I could hear all these voices in the background saying, ‘Whatdid she just ask you?’ It was the biggest deal because they had never had foreigners on Air Force 3. But anyway, it was fun.”

On scrunchies:

“I have never known a scrunchie to be appropriate in any circumstances.”

On negotiating with Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin for his Security Council vote in favour of an independent investigation into the MH17 disaster:

“I got the sense he didn’t want to be having this conversation with me. I kept bringing it back to the people who had been on that plane. And when I spoke in detail about the Maslin children, that’s when he kept telling me, ‘Stop. Stop saying that.’ He said, ‘I know [of] these children. I have children of my own.’ That’s when he welled up and looked away.”

On missing her mum:

“I adored my mother; she was my best friend. I miss her every single day and I often think what conversations we would be having about things now.”


So tell us, are you proud of this? Do you feel the award is well deserved? Tell us in the comments below… 


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  1. She is rich and she is famous and she is a politician. There are probably a million other women more deserving of the title ‘woman of the year’.

  2. She deserves it

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    • . Can’t believe she, over all the wonderful woman, who work tirelessly, for none or little reward or recognition , is their choice. Cold, calculating and arrogant. Yes, her make over/work has softened her hard looks & photo shopping has enhanced her looks, but no amount of work will ever erase those cold eyes ( the mirror if the soul). So undeserving & I would never ever hold her up as a shining example if my gender.

  3. Sorry. But I could never admire anyone, male or female, that would tell dying people that they deserved the illness they suffered from because they chose to do the job. Or that they didn’t deserve compensation for what the company did to them. It may have been what she was being paid to do but she has no conscience at all if she would do this sort of thing for money.

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    • Agreed Ruth, it’s alright saying it was her job……….well get another job I say!! People worry me that put money before compassion and principles!

  4. I agree, there are a lot more deserving women out there quietly getting on with doing magnificent work, but it is Harper’s Bazaar, and it’s precisely what you would expect from them.

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    • Maybe you would prefer it to be someone one like Anjelina or Posh. I personally am proud of the fact that an Australian female politician has been voted woman of the year by an American magazine. And I think she does a good job.

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      • Totally agree with you Laraine. No dramas, with her. She just gets on and does the job, and does it well

  5. I don’t like ANY single person being singled out for special treatment when they are supposed to be part of a team; whether it’s AFL or politics. They are only as good as the rest of the team.

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