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This morning we awake to the news that Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed this morning at around 3:30am, Australian AEST time. The convicted drug traffickers have been in limbo, questioning their entire life, whether they’ll have a life to live and whether they’ll be given a second chance, for 10 years. That is 10 years where they have not known their fate.

Over that 10 years they’ve proven their good side. One began painting and teaching other prison mates to paint and the other became a minister, offering help and solace to prison mates in need. They’ve proven they’re good and in fact, they demonstrated that if kept alive, they could be incredibly valuable to the entire prison system. But sadly, this isn’t the case.

This inhumane process – the changing of Presidents with different policies relating to the death penalty – has sent them on a roller coaster and in the early hours of this morning it finally ended.

While the last few months have seen Australians change their minds about the pair, giving them support, and celebrities calling upon Australian officials to bring them back, sadly it came to a diplomatic war and seemingly, it was a power struggle between Indonesia and Australia.

At the end of the day, one country cannot change another’s laws. However clemency was granted by Indonesia to so many other people facing death row just as our two were. So the question we ask from this point forward is what is next for Australia and Indonesia?

Our plea for mercy from the country can’t end here. So where would you, as an Australian citizen, like to see the relationship taken from here?

Yesterday there was question about removing our Ambassador for Indonesia, something that has historically never been done after the execution of our other citizens in countries like Singapore (2005) or Malaysia (1993).

Then there’s the restriction of foreign aid. We currently give Indonesia over $500 million in foreign aid support every year.

Our live cattle export relationship with Indonesia saw 730,257 head being exported to the country last year and market trends suggested that this is a figure that would continue to grow as demand increased.

There’s so many parts of this diplomatic relationship that mean an awful lot for Australia as a country, but at what point does that become more important than dealing with a country without compassion?

So today as an Australian citizen, knowing what has happened, knowing that two Australian citizens who proved they are reformed and did something to help other Indonesians were not given mercy, knowing that Indonesia chose the power over Australia instead of diplomatic compassion, how would you like to see our relationship with Indonesia change? Would you like it to remain the same or to change? Should Australia reduce our foreign aid support? Should we forgo some money in the live export industry to save face?

Share your thoughts in the comments below…

Rest in Peace, Myuan and Andrew. Australia stood not just for mercy, but for you. 

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  1. FFS please get this topic off the Media, sick of hearing about these 2 scumbags, they got what they deserved.

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    • Agree with your comments , they have their Laws which must be followed just as we like people to follow or Laws . If you have lost someone to drugs then a lot of people may see these two in a different light. It’s to late to be sorry when you have done the crime . I do feel for these two maybe life would have been better but it’s over people need to move on.

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      • Do you really think that executing these guys will stop people becoming drug addicts? Pull your head out of the sand. Anyone who condones legalised murder is just as bad as any murderer or drug trafficker

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        • Anne Wolski, it is rather nasty to call some one a sicko. The thing I like about being Australian is that we are free to express our opinions, and don’t have to feel the same as others to be Australian.

  2. We sould stop most of the aid that we give to them.

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    • If we stop the aid, they let the boats come. This country can’t afford to let its borders be breached by potential terrorists, and we can’t afford more people on welfare, which is what would happen as these people would be unemployable for years

    • I agree with you Sue. Stop all aid now, and if the boats come turn them around and send them back. It’s time our government grew a set and don’t be blackmailed by Indonesia.

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      • They have grown some they just keep getting kicked in them by the ALP and GREENS in the senate. They STOPPED the boats for god sake give credit where its due.

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        • You are right Greg they have stopped the boats, or have they?? everything is so top secret these days we would never know.
          This is from a man who said he would run a transparent Government.
          Yes that would be right Eh?
          All he has done is pass the buck to some one else and we are Paying Billions for this service.
          So the argument you have about welfare going up goes out the window.
          We are still paying, only difference is we will never find out how much it is top secret .
          I do not agree with killing anyone life in prison is all that was needed.
          Abbott is gutless any way,
          Remember the shirt front on the Russian ?? All talk no action.
          This lot will blow over in a week or so, and nothing will change.
          All we need is a Strong leader and as far as I can see this country does not have one.
          So the Indonesians are laughing their heads off ,holding us to ransom with the threat of boat People.

    • all of this hate because of 2 very stupid so called men who was happy to sell drugs to your kids for you to fix up get real people

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    • Stopping Aid only hurts the people who need it , no one else

  3. Realistically no where. Trade will flourish. We will huff and puff and do nothing. The headlines will fade. We need them more than they need us…sad but true. Only the horror and grief of the murdered ones will endure. In time we will forget them too. Perhaps his artworks will be a shining legacy to talented and wasted life.

  4. Empathy for the families no mother should.have to go through this torture

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  5. Indonesia has been removed from my bucket list.

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    • Was never on mine for a dozen different reasons, mostly to do with human rights, corruption and West Papua.

    • My gain, I think, Berndt Rudiger Olesen. There has been more than this event to turn me off that place. There are beautiful places in the world. And yes, I have already checked out a lot of them.do not want to be in a place where there is no forgiveness. And to think some of those involved in the murder of these two were actually smiling. Not my sort of people.

    • why would you want to go there? they have bad habit of killing Australians..or have you forgotten The Bali Bombings Berndt Rudiger Olesen ? Those murders are walking on the streets there now.. happy and healthy

    • Exactly, Leanna. They overlook their own criminals and hunt down Westerners. They will never see a cent of my money either. This new president of theirs is on a power trip and loving every minute of it.

    • I would have thought that after the Bali bombings we would have learnt to keep away from Indonesia. They have proven that they are corrupt and liars with double standards and that we are targets. There are many other places in the world that you could spend your tourist dollar on without being in danger.

    • Chris I agree with you.
      Ignore the idiots who like cheap trashy holidays.
      Ignore those who hate drug traffickers because someone they knew who knew someone took drugs.
      Respect for human life is important
      Responsibility is important and the young men who died last night took it and rehabilitated themselves

    • Thank you, Cherie Jacques. Singapore is a beautiful place for a holiday. Australia has the most beautiful beaches. Repentance, turning your life around, and being rehabilitated, are the things we all have to do no matter what wrongs we commit.

  6. Definitely no death….loads of rehabilitation for those that have slipped thru the cracks…..crims shud volunteer to do jobs society has trouble filling e.g.medical testing AND LEAVE INNOCENT ANIMALS TO LIVE THEIR LIVE OUTSIDE A CAGE

  7. Don’t do anything,they were scum deserved what they got.

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  8. Time for Australia to turn their back on Bali

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    • It’s not the Balinese that have done this it’s the Indonesian government. That is their law…..if you obey the laws of the countries you visit all would be ok

    • dont be sillyyou people the law of this country is the law ..just the same as we have our laws in australia we would not like other countrys trying to tell us what to do we have laws for a very good reason

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  9. Very powerful anti drug message has been sent to Australians that you don’t do drugs in foreign lands— treat Indonesia with a bit of respect !!!!

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    • Indonesia should clean up their backyard first. Indonesians are the biggest drug users. If Indonesia need respect they should show self respect first.

    • You know, we have been to Bali 2 times, the general population are lovely but I can’t respect that nation any more as they have a very corrupt govm, that set people up to be caught with drugs also take a look at what they are doing in Papua-New Guinea! Devastating !

    • AND IT WONT STOP DRUGS . they have been in jail for 10 years, it didn’t stop. Rehabilitation, forget it , why when no-one took notice in that country. Didn’t even look at individual cases for clemency. Only delayed Mary Janes because someone came forward to dispute her case . Disgusting corrupt barbaric

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      • Stop or reduce foreign aid for 10 years, locals will probably not be affected with corrupt government they probably dont see benefit of our aid anyway. Send money to Nepal instead!!!! They didn’t show compassion to our two Aussie men, so dont show them any in return, its called Karma.

    • No respect for this corrupt country. Even the Bali bombers didn’t get the death penalty! That country thrives on the drug industry. So much corruption – always has been. These deaths will not make any difference at all.

    • Indonesia is corrupt on so many levels. Drug dealers on every corner. They loved the power over Australia is all. Disgusting what they r doing in Papua New Guinea.

    • I was only talking the other day to Eddie Obeid about why we have no corruption in Australia compared to Indonesia.

    • They murdered all of them out of arrogance. The more the world begged the more they were determined. Their way of saying f off we will do what we want.

    • Exactly the are just barbarians look what they do to the people of West Paupa the are disgusting low life don’t deserve respect.

    • Oh please !!! Respect for people who stand others in front of a firing squad ? It s the year 2015 , wake up !!! Indonesia is a hole full of crooks , offer someone a $$$$ and anything is yours . Respect ??? You have to be joking .

    • I will never respect any country that believes in capital punishment. However, when in Rome you do as the Romans do and respect and abide by their law regardless of your personal thoughts. Alas, those two young men disregarded this. Also, the Federal Police tipped off the Indonesians knowing that the death penalty was the likely outcome for those two young men.

    • Anyone who has seen the doco ” human harvest ” on the government sanction human organ donation scheme on a massive scale in China with political and criminal prisoners who are executed on customer demand—-I don’t hear the screaming left complaining about the comrades in China !!!!!

    • Ask me where I haven’t been Olivia—– I have travelled and observed a lot in my years on this planet—-the vast majority of the world is corrupt and Australians can thank themselves lucky that we live in one of the least corrupt countries.

  10. Nothing will change. Maybe if the media hadn’t carried on like ghouls for the last (I don’t know how many, but it seems a lifetime) months maybe this might not have happened. If Indonesia had have spared him all the other idiots out these would try and do the same thing thinking they would get off as well. Let us all learn from this and move on. As for a minutes silence forget it. Let me know when and I will turn my radio up

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    • I am honest Doreen. They did wrong and have paid for it. Have you given a thought about any other Australians who are in jail in other countries. No, I didn’t think so. The media haven’t said anything so you will remain in ignorance

    • That is true Wendy there are many Aussie’s in jail all over the world,admittedly not on death row, and many countries that have the death penalty like America. Is everyone going to boycott the US? I don’t think so

    • She is not disgraceful Doreen she has merely offered her opinion without any personal attacks

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      • “Your disgraceful” what Doreen Russle? Or did you mean “you’re disgraceful”? Every one is entitled to an opinion. Could we criticise opinions only, not people? Doreen, would you like to be called disgraceful because I believe your gramma is wrong? Or should I just say “your gramma is disgraceful”? (Frankly, I don’t care that your gramma is incorrect, just using it to make a point) I find some people on this site very unpleasant. Surely it is a place to express and exchange opinions, not to attack people who think differently.

    • You’re a sicko. People like you make me ashamed to be Australian. Addicts choose their own path and legalised murder will not stop people taking drugs.

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