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We’ve just noticed something about the talented and beautiful Judi Dench… We’re a little shocked that we haven’t previously!

Whenever she steps out of the house or on to the red carpet, she’s almost always adorned with one accessory and she makes it look divine!

This one accessory is the scarf!

We’ve never noticed before but Dame Judi always seems to be wearing a beautiful scarf – and she always looks amazing!

She chooses bright colours to wear on blacks and great prints that liven up any outfit. We think it’s a killer strategy and since we’re coming into winter, there’s no time like now to take a leaf out of her book!

She wears them draped around the shoulders, draped over one shoulder, around the neck and across her upper body like a shawl – and each outfit seems to take on a new liveliness! What she does really well is use the colours to complement her beautiful looks. The blue scarf really brings out her eyes which we love!

So take a look at the snaps below and tell us, what Judi outfit do you love most?














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  1. I love the last one. I also wear shawls, scarves in a similar fashion.

  2. She looks lovely not plastic. The last black and blue but all look good.

  3. I like the pink but am more impressed by the fact she looks her age with grace. No facelifts no coloured hair a natural body.
    Go Judi

  4. One of my favourite actresses. How to age gracefully.

  5. Very sensible of her, too, although I’d call them shawls (pashminas if you want to be posh) They dress up any outfit. I like her look in pants rather than the dress.

  6. If Judy wore a gunny sack she would still look Beautiful , her beauty comes from within .

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