UPDATE: NT Government withdraws its counter claim against detainees 3



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The Northern Territory Government has withdrawn its counter claims against two detainees tear-gassed at Don Dale detention centre. The Chief Minister’s office says it will continue to defend civil claims in court.

Earlier today the Northern Territory Government announced it would counter-sue two boys tear-gassed by prison guards at the Don Dale detention centre in Darwin.

The claim was in response to papers lodged in June by two boys — whose names have been suppressed — seeking damages for alleged mistreatment by staff at the facility. The Northern Territory Government was seeking damages for an escape attempt whereby the two boys stole a car and rammed it into a roller-door before re-entering the prison.

It says the two boys caused $89,000 worth of damage when they escaped on May 31, 2015 and a further $74,000 damage when they rammed the roller door using the stolen car on June 1, 2015.

The Government was seeking damages plus interest and legal costs in its claim.

Despite withdrawing its claim, the Chief Minister’s office says it will continue to defend civil claims, which are seeking exemplary damages from the Government over the tear-gassing and a strong of other allegations.

Do you support the Northern Territory Government’s decision?

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  1. I can’t quite understand all the fuss.
    The juveniles have been there for a reason. They have obviously not learned from their parents how to be a positive member of society. I would wish the same outcry for all the victims of them. In my books when someone is convinced and jailed he or she should loose the the common social status and it should up to him or her to show the good will to be accepted again. In the meantime the protective law is cut to a minimum for them.
    To all the dogooders, please support all the victims of crime the same way as you support the perpetrators.

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    • Some poor children dont have parents who are capable of good parenting. I feel heartbroken fir the kids today, what chance have they got in life.
      A young fellow last week hit his ten month old son so hard the baby is in hospital. Imthink a bit of get back what you dish out may help here.

  2. Sorry for my miss-spelling : convinced should read convicted.

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