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At a time where the world and our country seems to be feeling apprehensive and some are treating Muslims with contempt, it is nice to know that there are many others who want to acknowledge them and make Muslims feel a part of our multicultural society.

One church in Gosford, NSW, has been using their noticeboard on the footpath to offer peace and show forward-thinking.

The church’s commitment to supporting humans rights issues can be attributed to Father Rod Bower, a proudly liberal Anglican who is known for speaking his mind.

Yesterday, Father Bower used the church’s sign board to wish local Muslims a “Holy Ramadan” – the month-long Islamic holiday that began on June 17.

Many in the community were taken aback or confused by the Anglican church’s message, but many have been more than supportive of their open minded, accepting views.

Thanks to its great sign writing, the Church has scored fans and followers from all over, and of all religions.

Gosford Anglican Church has also taken a stand on contentious topics including marriage equality, asylum seekers and women’s rights.

“This Kingdom of God manifests itself in compassion and justice and true humility and there are lots of things going on in our society at the moment that aren’t about those things, like the way we treat gay people by not allowing them to be married, the way we treat our planet and the way we treat asylum seekers.

“These are the things Christians should be seeking – justice and compassion. We contribute to that”, said Father Bower.

See the sign for yourself and tell us, do you support this Church? 

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Editor’s note: We will not tolerate hateful comments that offend or bully other members of our community. We facilitate discussion and not personal attacks against anyone in our community, based on their religion otherwise. Please be kind to one another.

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  1. NO . These people object to Christmas music and carols being played at Shopping Centres.

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    • tit for tat..or upholding Christian beliefs of good will for all men..seems a hard decision for you Percy 🙂

    • So do I. But I’m not muslim. I just get annoyed at the same songs being played over and over again.

    • Father Bower is a voice in the wilderness. Not all “Christians” are. This church noticeboard’s messages are supported by agnostics and atheists too. Good for him spreading a message of goodwill all over the Internet!

  2. When the Muslim church opens its doors, minds and heart to all people regardless of race, religion or sex then I will agree that we should all be more open and accommodating. Not likely to happen any century soon.

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    • I am going to visit several soon in Turkey, I am sure if you go along prepared to accept their requirements to enter their mosque they would welcome you.

    • why do this they certainly want to take over our schools churches and land, no I don’t think any good would come of this!! They want to try and control us Australians!!

    • I have lived amongst Muslims in Malaysia and they were some of the nicest people I have ever met. The children were adorable and the parents extremely well mannered. They never tried to change my religion. I also found them very honest. They actually seemed to live more with “Christian values” than I have found sometimes amongst us in a supposedly Christian country.

  3. This sign has been on our local church for ages, so this is not new.

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    • Hi Wendy Biden the picture of the ‘holy ramadan’ sign is within the post and not this feature image 🙂

    • Wendy Biden – you need to see the whole post on the Starts at 60 site – not on your timeline -to see the sign they’re talking about.

    • Thanks Ally, I didn’t think of that. I just saw the sign at the top of this page and wondered what it was all about. It is very misleading as I don’t ever click on the pictures. I just think what people put on is what we are talking about. I will be clicking on everything from now on. HaHa

    • Good on you, Wendy! I always do, and you can comment on that site as well, if you feel you need to!

    • I have to be a bit careful Ally, as there are three witches on this site. Everytime Imake a comment they judge me. I have been called some nasty names. A couple of them are making comments about this, so be interesting if they make a comment.

    • I mean if you type in something that is not right or something you never meant to say or with is badly spelt just click the pencil in the right corner of the post and you can either change the post (edit it ) and that way your real message is not lost or you can delete it and rewrite it

    • Oh. Yes I have worked that out. That is why I always check my spelling and grammar as there are a few English teachers out there who seem to have fun correcting what you type in. Sometimes the dictionary on this phone decides what you want to say so and sometimes it is wrong so I read everything before I post it

    • I knew it. You could not help yourselves. The witches are out. The person who bothered to tell me how this worked was Ally.

    • No you have not seen a nasty comment on this page Janet but maybe if you check previous pages you may think otherwise. Like for instance, I don’t like my own body because I won’t plaster naked pictures of myself on FB. They infer that I am a prude. Do you want some more examples as there are plenty of them out there.

    • now that is offensive.. no one has ever said that to you but you have been rude and name calling people repeatedly. you have done it here.the only person calling names is you..calling people witches

    • Libbi Elliott. I knew if I pushed some buttons the third witch would come out. Again you could not help yourselves. Well I hope the all members of this 60s page is reading this so they know who to look out for. Everyone this person was the one who called me a prude because I said people where stupid if they sent pictures of their own nakedness to so called friends on Facebook. I have been accused of hating men. Tell my husband that. He may not agree. Personally I think these women are sexually deprived women and they try and take their frustration out on the rat of us who enjoy a great sex life

    • I have seen those older posts Wendy Biden and you are liar no one has even mentioned to you or anyone else about being naked but I have seen you be very nasty and I hope they report you..you iincite trouble

    • Don’t worry I have complained about you lot as well so now the fun begins. The only thing you have against me is I asked if you were kiwis

    • Read an Janet you are the fourth witch. Read the post from your friend Libby. Went on yesterday about me hating my body because I thought people were stupid for sending nude photos of themselves to their so called friends

    • this is all I said to you yesterday Wendy Biden and I have never mentioned your sex life ever..we are going over the old posts and you better think of the abuse you have said and the lies

    • Wendy Biden none of us even saw that post..and everything we comment on is notifications and Wendy Biden sas can and will check

  4. Love the Gosford Church – wish I lived near enough to attend – might turn me from Atheism!

  5. When muslims say Merry Christnas or Happy Easter to us?

    14 REPLY
    • My sister spent Christmas in Abu Dhabi with her daughter and everyone she met wished her a Happy Christmas.

    • Glenda Draper, if Hitler had as many like minded sympathisers then, as there are Muslims in nearly every country in the world today, his plans to take over the world would have been achieved . Saying that, there are many lovely Muslim families living here who will always wish people of other cultures a Happy Whatever. What I worry about is their lunatic, extremist types who become terrorists and scream warnings to other religions that they will take over the world, and behead anyone who doesn’t bow down to Allah. Sharia Law is cruel and not something we in the Western World would want to embrace. Like Scott, I am sick of hearing about Allah, and annoyed about the food I am buying being Halal certified by the companies that produce them.

    • I also live next door to muslims for over six years, often talk, but have never been wished a happy Christmas or any comment on Easter at all, but we do get a gift of food when Ramadan finishes, so I give them fruit mince pies at Christmas time

    • Hard to know exactly where the devil is located….probably amongst all the races. But it’s so easy to throw stones isn’t it?

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