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Tony Abbott never quite seems to say the right thing when put on the spot and never more so than this morning when Today Show presenter Lisa Wilkinson asked him what his greatest achievement has been as Minister for Women.

He fumbled a response about repealing the carbon tax and how it has resulted in more money for households. He made a gaffe by stating that women “are particularly focused on the household budget”. But this isn’t the first time Mr Abbott has commented on the role of a woman, leading many to believe he has archaic views of women in 2014 – a bit unfortunate considering his portfolio.

Tony was on air for a morning interview with the Today Show when he made the mistake of saying that $550 a year will benefit women in the home, leading to an influx of tweets and photos on social media today. The hashtags “putyourironout” and “thankstony” have gone viral, with women making a tongue-in-cheek reference to Mr Abbott’s suggestion that women may put their extra money to better use around the house, with one Twitter user saying ‘#Thankstony With the Carbon tax repeal I can buy a new apron’ and another tweeting, ‘#ThanksTony, because of the carbon tax repeal I can afford to leave my sandwich press on ALL THE TIME just in case my hubby wants a snack’.

Mr Abbott also mentioned that he was proud that another woman (now a grand total of two) would join cabinet as a minister. NSW MP Sussan Ley will be the minister for Health and Sport. When asked on Sunrise about his measly female representation, Tony defended his government by saying, “We have actually seven women on the frontbench…[and] we have got two cabinet ministers, two outer ministry ministers and three parliamentary secretaries so look, there are women in the corridors of power. This will become more and more the case. The challenge for all of us…is to get more women into public life, more women into the Parliament [and] once we have got more women in the Parliament, we will have more women in the ministry and more women in the cabinet”.

Many hoped Mr Abbott would use his cabinet reshuffling as an opportunity to hand over his portfolio to a woman, but it wasn’t to be.


What are your thoughts on Tony Abbott’s comments today? Should we be worried about females in government or is he making the right decisions? Does he have sexist views of women? Tell us below.

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  1. Amazing, can’t believe how you are falling into the gutter journalism that the rest of the media is following. Who said he made a gaffe? Get off the political bandwagon and get back to subjects about which you actually KNOW something.

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    • Phil when I read such rubbish I don’t know if I can be bothered with this site which mainly is terrific, but trying to ark up th Tony Abbott haters has got very boring and totally disrespectful

    • Sue Phil and Patricia this is not.just a gaffe it is ignorance and a total inability to think like a statesman.

    • You know what Christine, you are dead right. I stand corrected. I guess I was trying to be kind at this time of year.

    • like the good little women these startsat60’s writers should be hey Phil.. news flash..they are journalists..they report the news

    • Not supporting a point of view or questioning a point of view does not normally equate to gutter press. Just get over it you right wingers,the LNP are doing a terrible job and you don’t have to be left wing to see it.

    • Phil, who are you to say what should & should not be posted on here, this is a topic that’s on the news tonight & we are all free to discuss what Abbot said without you being insulting.

    • Phil – this site comes across as just another alp site designed to sway opinions …wait to an election comes !

    • What a load of has nothing to do with the ALP, more to the point it is about our embarrassment of a “pm” saying something crass and pathetic again. Doesn’t matter who anyone votes for..remember the “shit happens” to the Aussie soldier who had just seen his friend killed? How much more garbage has to come out of his mouth before some people wake up to the fact there is something seriously wrong with him! You only had to listen to his bumbling speech today..repeating himself and trying to think of what to say next. I don’t believe anything I read in the media either..just watch what he actually says!

    • Gerry O’Connor we are not an ALP site – we are conversation media and will report on what is current and relevant to over 60s. We do not have political bias and have never and will never slander the PM

  2. Thats cause his mouth rattles on repeating itself and really saying nothing, why don’tyou shuffle out the door Mr Abbott?

  3. Not deliberately sexist, no. Sexism is so deeply entrenched in his thought processes, he has no idea he is being sexist. He can’t hear himself at all.

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  4. Is this the get even with Tony site? Such nasty comments! People get promoted to Cabinet on ability, not gender, and those complaining about getting a refund on their utility bills, are beyond pleasing. Usually it is about how hard done by they are! Of course women manage the family budget, I don,t know any men who do it.

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    • I only go on about the utility bill refund because phony tony lied and is still lying about how much people would get back .

    • There are a lot of women out there who wouldn’t have a clue as to their financial situation or know what a household budget is so I do not believe that it is mainly we women who do the budgeting.

    • In this day and age I think both men and women do their budget together, or are at least aware of their financial situation. I don’t think TA meant to be disrespectful to women…..he is just not a good orator when put on the spot malcolm Turnbull is much better at communications.

    • So you are saying that there are only 2 female members of the LNP who are smart enough to join the males in the cabinet!!!!! Oh please!!!!!

    • Irena. Apparently the answer is No, & I definitely do care, about the people dying from Asbestos poisoning, but obviously Julie Bishop didn’t.

    • I think you dopey females ought to have a discussion with Mr Abbott’s wife and daughters! You know absolutely nothing about him except what the gutter press tell you. Shame on you! Get your facts right.

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      • I would most sincerely love to have a discussion with them – scuttlebut around Canberra says they seperated months ago, but she remains at his side as long as he remains the PM and he can trot her out on social occasions! Look at their very awkward Christmas message, not a genuine smile between them.

    • Yes Lee it use to be the get Gillard page but now it’s the get Abbott page it’s something to do with making the idiot up front accountable page so at least it’s fair 🙂

    • Doug that gutter press got him the top job so please pull up your twisted knickers and sit down your looking silly and this isn’t a joke page so please refrain from joke on here like omg it’s not even funny anymore when you mention Abbott and Facts on the same page ?

    • yes Doug Burrows, lets all talk to Abbotts wife and daughters so they can tell us how daddy is having an affair, thats why Margie is only by his side when he needs a photo op,, and let his daughters tell us how much it is costing the taxpayers because daddy bought them positions in employment. also let them tell us about the house that is costing taxpayers thousands in rent and sitting empty while he hides out in AFP lodgings….. and Doug, you calling us DOPEY FEMALES,, are you not concerned as a taxpayer that Abbott is pais in excess of $500k per year and his expenses for 6mths was in excess of $600k,,, now you Doug can start getting some facts right

  5. Not “deliberately” sexist. That’s just Tony and his 1950’s attitudes.

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    • The women that I know, which includes me, look after household budget, ive done it since 1972….. I certainly didnt feel that he was disrespectful. …

    • I dont think he was deliberately disrespectful, but my partner is furious, as are many others I’m sure. He was disrespectful to many women and men for that matter because he’s just out of touch.

  6. I am so sick to death of reading on here anti Tony Abbott rubbish….every single thing he says is blown out of all proportions, he is not a woman hater he lives in a household full of them……the remark about women dojng the household budget is not a slur against women its fact, I do the household budget and so do most females I know…this article is pure rubbish…

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    • I saw your answer pop up and thought oh gawd here we go expecting an attack which seems to happen on here and was relieved to read your response

    • Yes I also have been looking after the household budget…. A couple of times i handed it over to my husband…. never lasted too long before he handed it back to me.. he would s a y “I prefer you to handle the budget, and allocate a weekly amount to me…. that way I can spend it without worrying if I will have sufficient money to pay the bills”…. He was happy how i handled our money. ..
      So no i don’t think Tony was out of order at all. .. All the ladies that i know also look after their home budget

    • Women looking after the household budget is such an old people arrangement, thank goodness young ones today share this responsibility & women are not just given their pocket money to buy the food & household needs.

    • Young people don’t do the same as we did, they don’t even pay in the same way we did when we were young, I can remember having to get a bus and go into town to pay the bills directly to the companies

    • How old school Teresa, he lets you handle the money that he allows you to spend. I have always handled the money in my household because I am the only one who is responsible.

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      • Same here Enid, if I left it to him nothing would get paid and we’d live on take aways.

  7. The man is an embarrassment please women of Australia make sure he is out next election

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    • What!!!and have Shorten … You have to be joking!!! Maybe Penny Wong but Shorten, never

    • I’ll be changing my vote next time as will a lot of people I know, it was a big mistake voting Abbot in.

    • Neither side are fit to govern, that’s the problem we’ll be facing at the next election, and it will see the rise of the strong independent and the small parties.

  8. With all that is happening and happened in the world this year save your anger for that and see this as a gaffe nothing more, have you never said something you later regretted !! Get angry about something worth getting angry over and enjoy your Christmas and be thankful !!!

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    • But he’s our PM, for God’s sake. he’s supposed to know what he’s talking about! It wasn’t a gaffe, it was an example of his backward-thinking 1950s misogyny.

    • He is the one when in opposition, started this vindictive, negative, opposing vendetta on the Labor Government . He can’t expect to be treated any different.

    • Hundreds of children were massacred in Pakistan last week, terrorists are holding the world to ransom, 8 children lost their lives in Cairns, too many people have died on our roads this year, how many parents have lost children to drugs, now that is what gets me angry, sorry if I don’t agree with your political views but to me this problem is nothing compared to what is really devastating and disturbing but I appreciate others priorities and concerns are different to mine !!!!

    • if so concerned Sue Pelling, contact your local MP because Abbott cut funding for Australian. homeless..3 days before Christmas!!

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