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Yep, Tony’s making a turn around if the laest polls are anything to go by.

According to a new Fairfax-Ipsos poll, the Liberal Party is up 3 per cent on a two-party preferred to 49 per cent. It seems that Bill Shorten’s approval rating has gone down 3 per cent…but is this really good news for Tony?

It looks like trends are moving in Abbott’s favour but some are saying he should not be too optimistic yet, with news that Julie Bishop and Malcolm Turnbull are ready to step up if he bows out.

So does this mean that voters are giving Abbott another chance? Not really, as 72 per cent of voters said that Abbott doesn’t ave the confidence of his party thus meaning he isn’t in the best position to remain leader.

And it seems some are already placing bets on whether Tony Abbott will be ousted soon – Sportingbet says that the punters think he has a 75 per cent chance of being removed from the leadership before the next election, reports SMH.

But if Tony Abbott leaves on his own volition, who do we really want to take over? At this stage, polls are saying that 39 per cent want Turnbull while 24 per cent want Bishop.

Ipsos’ spokeswoman Jess Elgood said that the polls show “Coalition voters have been sitting loyally with Abbott, but slowly they are drifting away”.

Some might say that his biting comment about Julia Gillard in 2011 has turned around to bite him: “We have a Prime Minister who is both incompetent and utterly untrustworthy”, if the polls are anything to go by.


So do you think he may regain our trust or has the final nail fallen in his coffin? Tell us your thoughts below and take our polls below.

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  1. I think Julie Bishop will take over and I think Labor will get in next election.

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    • In my opinion it will Turnbull but only because..look at the cabinet Fran there is a serious lack of women, I don’t think they will vote for a woman especially after the problems they have had with Peta Credlin..but I could be everyone here..I am guessing

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      • The main reason voters will not vote for a woman is because of their experience with Gillard.
        However if any woman has a chance then it would be Julie Bishop. Very smart, attractive and able to think quickly on her feet. Plus she doesnt go about screwing other womens husbands.

    • They won’t put Julie Bishop in because of the way they treated Julia Gillard. The backlash would be horrific. I reckon it will be Turnbull.

    • God help us if labor gets back in and continues their spending spree….

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      • I think you should have a good look at spending before you make any more comments like that. The debt has doubled since this mob has been it and it has been less than two years. YES they are going great EH!

    • Just keep dreaming, it’ll all happen by waving the magic wand. God help us alright if bloody labor gets back, we’re gone be in a bigger mess then.

    • Liberal get on with running the country and don’t worry who the PM is ..we voted Mr Abbott not Bishop or Turnbull and remember what happened to Labor force you really want them to win the next election

  2. In my opinion which really only matters to me..Abbott will not be PM at the next election, I do not trust this poll at all

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    • The question is will he be pushed or will he go willingly?
      Either way he has to go along with the whole party

  3. Who has taken in one of these surveies? I never have and I have a labor member in federal government and a notional member in state. Would you not wonder why I have not asked.

  4. He is not and has never been good but he is only doing what the LNP believe and have always believed in take from the needy and give to big mining companies and business who get more tax dollars then welfare. A country that does not look after the sick old and homeless is where they are heading and are we so mean that we do not care.

  5. I think these polls are flawed I wonder is the press manipulating us again? Will Abbott be PM one week or won’t he be PM the next, that is all we seem to be hearing.. I believe The Alp will romp home in the next election..but there is still half a term to go

  6. Surely this site has more to discuss besides politics all the time. The other 60s site finds plenty of other things of interest to our age group. Look around and widen your horizons.

    25 REPLY
    • Well this government has stagnated pensions and is determined to drive the elderly even further below the poverty line. That’s a concern.
      If they succeed in destroying Medicare the elderly will suffer too. That’s a concern.
      The state of the economy effects us and our families. That’s a concern.
      And even over 60’s have to breath and consume water – so this government’s environmental vandalism is a concern.
      But we can talk about knitting patterns and cheeky grandchildren as well, if you like.

      1 REPLY
      • Well if you really believe all that Labor propaganda then I guess you still think the world is flat. And you will always vote Labor until you die.
        Unfortunately lots of others also believe the lie you have told here, which gives Labor a really good chance of being elected next time.
        Dont you think that they have already done enough damage to this country, or do you want the U.N. to take over, with one world government

    • And Gillian labor were in long enough to look after the pensioners , but they were to busy back stabbing and throwing money around the world to look good and any one with brains could see we were going to go down with a massive thump , we now have our own gf crisis

    • I think this site is labour driven. I also think this site is beginning to be just as media manipulating as the TV channels… Also believe if labour get in next election that its because of the fowl media igniting unrest . and also we will be f.cked completely. China will take over and there will be terror in the streets.

    • There is more terror in our homes than in the streets with the recent stats showing 15 women, wives, mothers have been murdered already this year by partners or ex partners and the federal government has taken away most if not all funding to help keep them safe . We have a national emergency and it’s the cold blooded murder of women and the Minister for a women has fond nothing to stop this crime

    • This site has lots of interesting topics I enjoy anyway. Ty. We can all voice our opinions or scroll on by. That’s the beauty of our freedom of choice.

    • Dianne, how about learning to spell Labor correctly? Or is that your foreign background coming through? Timbuctou? Seriously?

    • Richard, if you’re old enough to remember a time before Medicare then you’ll remember the Liberals destroying it once before – and Labor giving it back to the people. It has always been Liberal ideology to resist giving anything to people unless it’s for profit – and it’s been their aim for decades to destroy Medicare.
      Economists tell us that co-payments – that start low but quickly rise – spell the beginning of the end for universal health care.

    • Richard, The government announced in last years budget that pensions (including the Disability Support Pension and Age Pension) will no longer be pegged to wages. Instead, they’ll only rise in line with the CPI.
      This will mean pensioners’ living standards would fall behind community living standards, as these rise with wages. After 10 years pensioners will be $80pw worse off.

    • Joy, why do you assume I support Labor in all things? Aged pensions in Australia put the elderly barely above the poverty line – I support raising pensions and welfare across the board.

    • Cassie, are you saying you’re ok with destroying Medicare as long as you’re not out of pocket? I assume you don’t have kids or grandkids. I assume you know nothing about the market driven misery caused by for-profit medicine?

    • Morvyth I couldn’t agree with you more, and the replies to your opinion demonstrate your opinion exactly…..I mainly skip over the political topics now, but no work today so decided to read through a few…goodness me what a lot of spiteful one eyed Labour supporters comment on here, one person is even criticizing another’s spelling, very sad

    • There are a dozen or so other things on this site today that don’t concern politics. Thiscis just one of many subjects. If you don’t like it then don’t comment.
      As for the other over 60’s sites, they also discuss politics on a regular basis.

    • Ally Morgan even if Diane can’t spell labor you have to admit what ever way anyone spells it Its still bloody hard work!! LOL

  7. Why is Australian media so obsessed with the polls on the leaders! Forget it and get on with the job. Let’s just get the PM to do his job.

    19 REPLY
    • Agreed the media are a pack of trouble makers .they are so negative that even if the government was doing a perfect job they would find something to criticize .

    • The media has a lot to answer for. Why don’t they focus on responsible media reporting. A pack of gossip mongers

    • People over 60 generally believe the media is biassed against older folk but, at the same time, continue to listen to stations like 2GB in Sydney and 3AW in Melbourne.

    • ABBOTT doesn’t know how to do his job. He also needs to learn to speak properly. He is such a muppet. Till then we’re all stuck with an idiot of a pm who walks like a barboon.

      1 REPLY
      • Mr Abbott speaks the way he does because he used to stutter. Just like King George he has had to learn to overcome it. So that is why he controls his speech.
        Dont be so cruel. Just because you dont like him or his policies is no reason to be vindictive

    • It is his own backbenchers and MPs who are leaking to the media. The media are hardly going to ignore that are they? He is a dead man walking in my view. Only a matter of time.

    • Robyn Payne you sound like another uneducated halfwit who if you had a brain it would be lonely

    • Why brian because she states the truth its a bit hard to hear isn’t it, that people actually voted for this moron amazes me he is everything she says and more he is an embarrassment to this country in so many ways

    • The media has very little to do with everyones opinion of Abbott, he is totally unqualified and should go. He keeps bringing up the labor fiasco but that was internal, the liberals is the voters wanting a change. If Gillard had left Kevin in the top job we wouldn’t be in the mess we are now

    • If a pommie on TV this morning wondered why Australians so obsessed with the polls guess that appears to me that it has a lot to do with the media and nothing to do with Abott

    • Tony abbot own words
      That labor left a mess
      Libs been in for 18 months
      And they have then bugger All about ,, & looks like there good to create , there own mess ? Please let me know who going to clean it up !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mikehere-yeah, let him get on with his job but who is he working for though because it certainly isn’t Aus.

    • How come the lefties on here can only comment personally on Mr Abbott? Very childish! Can’t you discuss the facts that are being discussed with some knowledge of what it’s all about instead of immature comments!

    • @Chridtine Virgo Frith….. So Labor left a mess? And Hockey told the NZ govt that there was NO budget emergency.

  8. It all depends what those who work in the media say. Remember that the media people do not have to justify anything they say. All rights and no responsibility.

  9. I hope he gets rolled this week,coz I’m heartily sick of these damn polls!

    5 REPLY
    • Well I for one hope he serves out his term and puts in place legislation that will get us back on track to make this a safe and prosperous country again. After the Rudd Gillard fiasco I am sick and tired of media run propaganda campaigns and a whining population with its hand out all the time.

    • Exactly Peter Hayward, people are so silly, can’t see 2steps ahead and constantly undermining what he’s trying to do! Just give the man a chance for Christ’s sake.

  10. “Well may God save the Queen, for nothing will save Tony Abbott” – Sorry Gough.

    12 REPLY

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