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As Bronwyn Bishop’s position looks increasingly tenuous, the Prime Minister has been told her appointment reflects badly upon his leadership.

Bill Shorten released a statement that said Mrs Bishop was the PM’s “responsibility” and her appointment to the chair was “one of Tony Abbott’s most famous captain’s calls”.

“[Mrs Bishop] was his personal choice and her conduct as Speaker is entirely his responsibility,” Mr Shorten said.

“It’s time for Tony Abbott to say if he continues to have confidence in Bronwyn Bishop as Speaker – this is a test of his leadership.”

Back in 2012, Mr Abbott was only too happy to point out the strong link between a Prime Minister and the Speaker.

He described then speaker Peter Slipper as “the prime minister’s creation”, referring to then prime minister Julia Gillard.

The former speaker was accused of using taxpayer funded cab charges to visit Canberra wineries, restaurants and hire cars. Mr Slipper successfully appealed the dishonesty convictions in February this year.

“This Speaker’s standards are this prime minister’s standards,” Mr Abbott said at the time.


The Prime Minister and the Speaker are yet to comment on the situation.

Despite Labor referring the matter to the Australian Federal Police as being unlawful, the police have not taken up the case.

Do you think the speaker in the Prime Minister’s responsibility or is it every man for himself? 





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  1. As someone that has unfortunately blown the whistle on all 3 levels of government I think I can safely say that the train has left the station on corruption in the government. These people can do what they want when they want and will answer to no one. If you don’t believe me just watch your local council for a month and see what they get up to, might amaze you.

  2. They are all doing it!!!! What’s different? If you fire her, you will have nobody in parliament. This rort needs to be fixed.

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    • She is not the only politician there, there will be plenty left in has been referred to the Federal Police now

    • Myra, I agree that it is widespread and across all parties but there is a very low standard under this PM and you begin to deal with it by dealing with those who transgress. But this PM won’t do it as he is nearly as bad as the worst offenders like Bishop.

  3. as an avid watcher of parliament,it would be very hard to find a more biased speaker ever ,you expect a leaning to the party of the appointee,but not a total land slide,that is about the only thing bronwyn bishop will be remembered for,she is past embarrassing.but that will not worry abbott he is the epitamy of arrogance

  4. The government top level public service and the politicians treat the people like idiots, well i guess who let them get to this stage where they answer to no one?

  5. She’s been around long enough to know the rules, she should wear the consequences. Too many pollies seem to lose touch with reality when they are in the rarified atmosphere of limousines, drivers, expensive lunches, business class flights etc. That all just becomes normal I suspect.

  6. Abbott picked her for speaker because he didn’t want her in his cabinet. She is a terrible speaker and would have made an even worse Cabinet Minister..put her on the back bench

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    • Just like the scum T Burke is. He had to repay 15 amounts involving family travel. over 5 years, Total $7000k , He didn’t get caught so did it again & again, that is not a Mistake Its fraud . Also an amount of $13k for a family trip to Uluru, Trip to the Snow , courtesy OBEID , he booked to Taxpayers. ,Wrong person to be criticising anyone, should be in JAIL

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      • Dawn, Tony Abbott rorted $12,400.00 from the taxpayers when he went on a tour to promote his book and charged it all to the taxpayers. It all got swept under the carpet when he was forced to pay it back. George Brandis also had to pay back $1700.00 he charged taxpayers when he got caught out attending a private wedding. I could go on but both sides of politics tend to make false claims. Depends if they get caught out or not!! But it’s not a good look when the PM does it as well. After all he does get well paid. In fact he gets paid more than President Obama!!

  7. He is just as loathsome as she is. They both should go, and they/ve both been around long enough to know the rules, after all, she enforces them.

  8. I hope Tony Abbott has to eat the words he said at the time about Slipper being ” the Prime Minister’s creation” . This was of course Julia Gillard during the time they were busy crucifying her! Now Bronwyn Bishop is exclusively the choice of Abbott,so he must practice what he preached and take full responsibility for her. Waiting to see if the AFP act on her rort!

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