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He may no longer be prime minister of Australia but Tony Abbott still has use for at least one of his catchphrases, appearing at function in the UK where he said Europe needed to “stop the boats”.

During the second annual ­Thatcher Lecture at London’s Guildhall, Mr Abbott warned that Europe is making a “catastrophic error” by admitting asylum seekers and should instead adopt Australia’s turnback policy, The Australian reports.

In a copy of the speech obtained by News Corp, Mr Abbott, a staunch Catholic, says, “The imperative to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ is at the heart of every Western polity… but right now this wholesome instinct is leading much of Europe into catastrophic error.”

The speech continued: “All countries that say ‘anyone who gets here can stay here’ are now in peril, given the scale of the population movements that are starting to be seen. There are tens – perhaps hundreds – of millions of people, living in poverty and danger, who might readily seek to enter a Western country if the opportunity is there.

“Who could blame them? Yet no country or continent can open its borders to all comers without fundamentally weakening itself. This is the risk that the countries of Europe now run through misguided altruism.”

Mr Abbott said Australia was the only country that had successfully defeated people smuggling, and “our experience should be studied”, Fairfax Media reports.

“Our moral obligation is to receive people fleeing for their lives. It’s not to provide permanent residency to anyone who would rather live in a prosperous Western country than their own. That’s why the countries of Europe, while absolutely obliged to support the countries neighbouring the Syrian conflict, are more than entitled to control their borders against those who are no longer fleeing a conflict but seeking a better life.

“This means turning boats around, for people coming by sea. It means denying entry at the border, for people with no legal right to come; and it means establishing camps for people who currently have nowhere to go.

“It will require some force; it will require massive logistics and expense; it will gnaw at our consciences – yet it is the only way to prevent a tide of humanity surging through Europe and quite possibly changing it forever.”

Mr Abbott said if Margaret Thatcher were still alive her focus would be on “managing the nation-changing, culture-shifting population transfers now impacting on ­Europe; winning the fight in Syria and Iraq which is helping to drive them; and asserting Western civilisation against the challenge of militant Islam”.

Do you think Tony Abbott should be telling other countries how to manage refugees? Can Australia’s situation compare to Europe’s? 

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  1. Seriously, Tony Abbott needs to keep quiet and let other countries manage as best they can, the flood of humanity into Europe is frightening to watch, so many displaced people on the march trying to find sanctuary anywhere they can. Once winter sets in they will be climbing the ALPS in the snow and we will be seeing many more deaths. People do not put their lives and their childrens lives at risk for no reason

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    • well they shouldve stayed in their own country

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      • Cheryl, I don’t think it’s plausible for a lot of these people to stay in their own country. However, I agree with Tony Abbott that there must be a steadfast border protection law to prevent mass transfers of population to ” Better Countries”
        A lot of the so called refugees are in fact economic refugees heading to better run, more stable & safer. One must ask why are they safer, it is because of border protection & our western laws & culture.
        Abbott is right the logistics are enormous , no easy answers I’m afraid, but we all must deny the border jumpers the right to stay. Angela Merkel in Germany has now realised her mistake in opening their borders and will rue the time it will take to get it back under control.

      • Cheryl you have no idea what these people are going through – how cruel and heartless is your comment.

    • run away Cheryl Rajiame you are a heartless woman, you want the to stay there to die? The Allies are bombing them, the terrorists are beheading them but that is ok for you and the disgusting Mr Abbott..just let them die so you don’t have to look at them

    • I am watching him on TV lecturing on stopping refugees, he is damaging us still even though he is no longer PM. When will this idiot go away, vile creature that he is. How can he claim any Christian principles.

    • Cheryl Ramjame with your name you were not born here, have some respect for those who are fleeing from terror because I bet when your family came here, they not fleeing terror it was to have a better life, why deprive others of that? you are a selfish woman

    • Do you ever watch the news Cheryl Rajamae!! Have you seen the mass destruction of Syria,the death torture rape??or maybe you think this is just a bit of propaganda,unreal!!

    • Cheryl Rajamae, do you mean their country that we’re busy bombing? I guess if someone started throwing bombs at your house you’d just sit there would you?

    • Libbi Elliot you are brain dead actually….no idea as to what is going on at all…fkn me your’re and idiot.

    • Chris Frost you are a bloody drop kick mate, and men who abuse women either physically or verbally have no balls, and a brain the size of a pea

    • No David, he’s a MAN!!!!! Look how dominant he’s trying to be. Epic fail of course, but he thinks he’s a hero!

    • Keep it up David. When Tony Abbot tries to return to Australia, take his visa away, put him back on a flight to whatever country will take him.

    • Whoever is cheering him on should be there. Not beside a pool having drinks either. Walking around Europe seeking refuge.

  2. I wonder how long it will take for Europe to get sick of Tony Abbott’s advice to stop the BLOODY BOATS?

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    • Agree Deborah, they’re a bit slow over there. It only took us 1 minute to loathe him

    • I think they will get the message. Poland has just had elections, they voted in a right wing party with the biggest majority since the second world war. The main platform for the election was stopping the migrants and their right asd a country to refuse to take them. The EU is about to crumble around Frau Merkel’s ears!

    • They should be so lucky to have some one that protects their country for the right reasons , pity we didn’t lose a few do Gooders who don’t care about our shores .

    • Even so. The situation in Europe incomparable to Australia. We can count ourselves lucky to be surrounded by sea. Who asked for the opinions of Tony Abbott?

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      • Tony Abbott is an embarrassment to our country – time that he remembers that he has been ousted as PM and keeps his mouth tightly shut.

    • No not really Carolyn, they just don’t know the real Tony Abbott like we do, hopefully they’ll wise up before to long!!!

    • No Trish , wrong , please don’t use the word WE , I’m not a WE , I believe he is better than you obviously believe . And unless you are his family you wouldn’t know the REAL Tony Abbott either . But I’m certain his family enjoy the insults people continue the throw at him especially his daughters , pity they didn’t throw insults at Gillard for throwing us under a bus . But she is ( supposedly) a woman so , it’s harder to find the appropriate words .
      I believe he is absolutely correct .

    • Take you blinkers off Carolyn, you are one of the minority who have been totally hood winked.

    • Minority ? Really ? That’s not how I see it . I believe you are the minority .
      Surely you don’t think this web page is the majority ? There are over 23 million people in this country and how many here .
      But we are all entitled to our opinions , it’s just a shame that facts are always left out .

    • Carolyn, you state the obvious. Tony Abbott is for sure a good family man and is admired for his many good attributes. But the “stopped the boats, turned them back” boast has gone on long enough. As Theodore Roosevelt said “Rhetoric is a poor substitute for action”.

  3. Abbott is an immigrant himself, it is just a shame for Australia’s sake that someone never stopped the boat he was on. His answer is to leave these people in Syria to die

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  4. Just retire Abbott and shut up, this must be the biggest exodus since Biblical times. I am sure no one in Europe wants to hear what a back bencher in Australia has to say..stop embarrassing us

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  5. I see that his old “team mates” haven’t changed a single Abbott policy.

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    • We noticed and it will be why they are voted out, Turnbull is still the honeymoon faze but once people wake up it might be a different story about what people feel about him and The Liberal Party

    • Turnbull was a Cabinet minister who owned and signed off on Abbott’s policies. As opposition leader his “dithering” and indecisiveness saw his popularity plummet to 13%. The Libs won’t be voted out and should remain in office for at least three terms with Shorten being their greatest asset.

    • 3 terms? grow a brain if you think we are putting up with Abbotts BS for a another 3 terms you have rocks in the head..go back to gay bashing

    • And your alternative is exactly? If you want to debate a case then please do so with the facts and not attempted personal attacks.

  6. Tony Abbott is an absolute twat. Nobody wants streams of refugees risking their lives and the lives of their children crossing seas and borders. Most sane, compassionate people don’t want them staying within their own countries to be slaughtered either. Australia has set no admirable precedent with its refugee policy, the cruelty of our off shore detention centre is an absolute embarrassment. I am listening to the twat talking about removing the Carbon Tax now on TV. How embarrassing this twat is and the government he led.

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    • Then it is up to Europe what it decides to do Aileen, it has nothing to do with us, we are an Island down the bottom of the South Pacific and what Europe does won’t affect us in any way

    • you’re the twat….if you let in economic migrants which these so called refugees are, at the current numbers, they WILL change the cultural demographic within a few short years. They will out breed the local poplations and once they have significant numbers, can change the political and cultural outlooks to suit themselves…and that my friend is the end of Europe. And if we keep going the way we are…so to it will eventually change Australia. 200 white people turned up here 200 years ago. Certainly had and impact on the Aboriginal culture didn’t it. Well same same…NOW FKING THINK !!!!

    • Well if we don’t want them fleeing their war torn country, maybe we should stop bombing them

    • Libbi Elliot you’re an idiot also. Of course what is happening in Europe will effect us. The UN will eventually call for Australia to take an ever increasing number of these parasites. Wake up. What’s happening is a SERIOUS situation that will impact us all.

    • No Aileen it means solutions need to be found, the “turning back the boats” mentality means other countries have to deal with a problem nobody want or people die by the thousands in their home countries. We are part of the world we need to pull our weight on migrants, on climate change and as many issues as we can.

    • Chris Frost can you comment without calling people twats and idiots? It’s rude and unnecessary. If you can’t have a reasonable debate, go away

    • Chris Frost I think people who call other people names are not intelligent, if you can’t put your point across without name calling then perhaps you had better book in and resit Kindergarten Abbott needs to shut his big mouth and get to the back bench that his party put him on !!

    • Leanna Stephenson it seems Chris finds it impossible to comment without being nasty

    • Chris they all have their heads buried in the sand. I went to Luton in uk 20 years ago that was enough for me and it is far far worse over there now.

    • wwell said Libbi, Barbara, Sue , Leanna, and Marlene, intelligent women run rings around bullying men any day of the week

    • Sue Todd I agree with your sentiment re Chris Frost, but with all due respect the “twat” theme was started by Barbara Easthope in her original comment re Tony Abbott. Problem for me is that I agree with Barbara about Tony Abbott 🙂 So the occasional nasty comment has to be ok so long as it is supported by argument.

    • My apologies for starting this by not sticking to logical argument rather than name calling I do normally try to, but as I was writing my response I was actually watching segments of Tony Abbott’s speech on New Breakfast and Twat was a very mild response really to a cringe worthy speech.

    • Robert Hind my problem is that Abbott has proven himself to be worse than a twat, so I think Barbara was being very kind to him. Chris called her an idiot, totally unnecessary in my opinion

    • What a real twit you are Barbara Easthope !!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black ?? Hypocrit !! You started the name calling ! Read your words again , did you not call someone a twat ?? By the way twit is also a mild response to a real cringe worthy statement .

    • Barbara I would not fret to much, go to my post and look at what that horrible man said to me, what you said is nothing in comparison

    • So far Chris has called Libbi a twat and an idiot. On another thread he called people names too. Libbi is a long way from being an idiot, and intelligent people can see that

    • I get what Barbara is saying. Tony Abbott gives me Tourette’s! Seriously though, Barbara just said he was a ‘twat’, which is slightly different from the way Chris called her and Libbi names in reply to their comments.

  7. Well done Tony Abbott. We need to accommodate the needy, not the country shoppers, just looking for a better life.

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    • Country shoppers !! Do you own a tv set? these people are being slaughtered, on the ground from the terrorists and air the air from allied bombings, you need to beg borrow or steal some humanity

    • What’s more we are one of the country’s bombing them! Abbott’s no more a Christian than I am, and it’s ‘Christians’ like him that turned me away from religion

    • Safe for him to say that now isn’t it. He looks too much like Abbott for my liking, with the same twisted ideas

    • Ginette Bennewith in case you haven’t noticed, David also has the internet, albeit very slow because of Turnbull

    • PeterandCate McGrath, apparently these refugees are just wandering around Europe looking for a new country to live in.This has nothing to do with the fact that at least 4 different countries are bombing their current one

  8. Australia is an island/continent and therefore very different to Europe and its close borders to other countries. I can see to a certain point where he’s coming from, and he’s certainly got one thing right…..Maggie Thatcher would not have let anyone in….and he loved her policies…..but everyone needs to do their bit at the moment so his lecture is not helping. He should realise that what works here may not apply to Europe. As America started all this, perhaps they could direct them all to the USA when all Europe is in total strife!

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