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It’s a side of Abbott we haven’t seen much of, but we’re not sure if it was the most appropriate time to be smirking.

Yesterday, the PM was recorded trying to hold in a laugh or smile as a woman gave an interesting rendition of “I Can See Clearly Now” to welcome him to a new aged care facility in Sydney.

All that was clear was that Tony could hardly keep a straight face as the passionate singer belted out the Johnny Nash hit.

The Prime Minister stares down at his hands during a performance of 'I Can See Clearly Now'
Abbott praised the community for the investment in the health and wellbeing of the elderly after attending the presentation (pictured)

“I’m sure the opening of this facility is a sign of the confidence and dynamism of this region.

‘This marvellous facility is a sign the people of this region are prepared to have a go for the benefit for all”.

He also used the press junket to say that Labor is dangerously divided and the ETS they keep talking about may as well be called Electricity Tax Scare.

Watch the video below and tell us, should the PM have been a little more courteous to this singer?

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  1. I think the headline that we haven’t seen much of this side of Tony Abbott is written by someone who has no idea of what he is like. I sat this is true to form. He is the Prince Philip of public life in Australia which may explain why he was keen to knight the latter sexist and racist old fool.

  2. I think we all know what abbott thinks of us oldies, he was probably thinking how can i get out of here.

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    • Really?why are you looking for something that’s not there? I cant believe how petty you are! shame on you for making something out of nothing! at least he was present, not like some others I could mention!

  3. Tony’s mind saying “Help get me out of here”

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    • What I heard of that Ladies rendition of a rock classic, had I been there, I would have beaten him to the door.

  4. Oh grow up poor Tony can’t even smile without you’s attacking him.

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  5. I think all u over 60 are all lefties vote for labor/greens they will fix you’s good.

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  6. not very polite of him is it? he is the PM and a guest at the facility

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  7. That poor singer, poor woman has probably done the best she can and now she is all over the net with Abbott suppressing laughter at her. I bet the oldies are grateful for her to brighten their day a bit

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    • Get over yourself David James you obviously don’t like Mr Abbot so will stoop to any level to find fault. Where was your mate Shorton telling lies at another inquiry?

    • Gail, you obviously don’t like shorten! I admit that is not a problem any more than us finding ABBOTT a complete idiot!

    • I don’t like Abbott at all Gail and I don’t mind admitting it, he need to act with a bit more dignity than what he can hardly manage now

    • Gail I don’t like Abbott either and I would not say I am unique, but this lady probably volunteered to sing for the PM, I can imagine she felt very honored, and then to have to smirk like that was pretty pathetic.

    • Actually Libbi everybody laughs at those concerts. And some are bloody awful. His reaction is quite normal. Who was the idiot who posted the pic anyway. Not really newsworthy at all.

    • don’t tell me Marilyn message starts at 60 and tell them, I am just a poster here like you are and Carmel Bogdan, you need to do the same

    • This has gone on the internet because a comment was made assuming Abbott was laughing at her! Assumptions are not facts!. From little things big things grow!

    • Huff & Puff ”LEFT”… biased there..?? good to see laughter in all the people for a change… even amongst the oldies…… GOOD for Abbott & good for the Country..!!! hahahahaa.. bring on Laughter…!!

    • stop whinging to me and grow up this video is all over the net , if your unhappy with it contact the website owner and Gary Ackling your just a poor deluded fool mate

  8. Lose your sense of humour you don’t have a lot lighten up. I’ve been to many aged care event and have a laugh at the oldies singing most if them laugh too… It’s all fun. She wasn’t on the voice !!!!

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    • It’s not actually funny seeing our “pm” being so condescending as usual Joy. In his position he should at least have enough class to behave appropriately.

    • Everyone views it differently depending on whether they like the pm or not . I was just saying that these oldies have fun and a sense of humour and can actually laugh at themselves as well. If you’ve been to many an oldie event you would experience it. My mother is in village they had a modeling event .. You can imagine that the heir archy there the officials all had a laugh. It’s called normal humour .

    • Jenny Hill , go and see for yourself, and also take a chill pill, we go often to the concerts and you can’t help but smile.

    • It’s amazing, if Tony Abbott had sat there with a stern look on his face, some leftie would have critised him for being disinterested. If he breaks into a smile or has a bit of a laugh, well that’s wrong too. Get over yourselves!!!!! At least he was there.

    • Me too Joy, experienced it at the weekend at the local Country and Western event, I may have smiled a time or two myself.

    • I think us baby boomers should take a leaf out the older gens book .. When I visit the high care home in new farm or up market village in nz they all say hello and smile at you. A lot if these people would love tony Abbott smiling at them . Better than seeing a politician kiss a baby !
      We get on Bris citicat every day every head is in phone !

    • A smile??? Look again. Seems it was his usual smirk to me. Time and place for every thing. This was not the time or place. At least she had a go. Not a good look Abbott.

    • Really?why are you looking for something that’s not there? I cant believe how petty you are! shame on you for making something out of nothing! at least he was present, not like some others I could mention!

    • Really Pamela! Mind reader are you? He lives in a home surrounded by women who love him. You are clutching at straws

    • To the LNP trolls here (you know who you are) – stop making excuses for this smirking cretin.

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