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Prime Minister Tony Abbott has recorded a strongly word video on his Youtube channel restoring his pledge on national security for all Australians.

He has stated that no longer will Australia give any “Benefit of the doubt” to those who are suspected of bringing the country harm. This video comes in the wake of a few traumatic months with terror threats and attacks on a world scale.

Some of his strong words were, “It’s clear to me that for too long we have given those who might be a threat to our country the benefit of the doubt.

“There’s been the benefit of the doubt at our borders, the benefit of the doubt for residency, the benefit of the doubt for citizenship and the benefit of the doubt at Centrelink. And in the courts, there has been bail, when clearly there should have been jail.”

At a time when uncertainty is around it is good to know that our Prime Minister and the government is making a commitment to keeping our beautiful country safe for us. We are impressed that he’s recorded the video (well done, media advisors) because for once we are getting his own speech straight from the horses mouth (so to say).

Tell us, do you think this is a step in the right direction for Australia’s national security position? Do you think this is a good way for Tony Abbott to deliver messages to us without having them skewed by the media? Share your thoughts in the comments below…



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  1. on the News this morning it said 700,000 Part time Pensioners will get $80.00 a year because of the deeming rates. The rest of us get nothing, $80.00 will probably get you a cut and dye every 12 months !!

  2. Well done Mr. Abbott, it’s time we stood up to these crazy people. How many of them arrived here under Labor, on boats without papers, only to be let in by the bleeding hearts, look what has happened.

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  3. Isn’t this just “electronic grafitti” and we should just ignore it?

  4. your kidding !!”There’s been the benefit of the doubt at our borders, the benefit of the doubt for residency, the benefit of the doubt for citizenship and the benefit of the doubt at Centrelink.”… At Centerlink? Pensioners and the Unemployed are now terrorists? This guy is insane

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    • These people are getting heaps from centrelink, more than real aussie pensioners.

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      • Vala,
        And how do you know these people are on centrelink??
        Oh that’s right Tony told you.
        He’s the one that tells that many lies he takes three sets of beads to church, when he goes to confession, And you believe him ??????????????

    • Yes it is Lie. My friend works with housing the “legal immigrants ” they get shit. They not even allowed to apply for a job, they want to work, they want to pay taxes. But big ears is a fool, & won’t allow these educated people to show their talents. they are doctors, lawyers, accountants if they are allowed to work after his protocol you can see them gathering shopping trolleys that lazy arse Aussies can’t be bothered returning. So next time you want to take the piss outta them for doing this job…. Rethink

    • He is not talking about our pensioners Bindy, he is getting rid of the users so as our own pensioners will be able to get the help they need .

    • Lyn he is talking about you and me, you will not get any more money, just like the lie this morning he is giving pensioners more money because of the deeming rates. He has to, if the deeming rate goes down he has to give the pensioners more money to make up for what they lost. By the way over time we are going to loose out because he has lowered the rate on which our raises are worked out each year. Back to the bad old days under Howard.

    • Bindy, why are you assuming that because the words- pensioners, unemployed and Centrelink were sated that you are now lumped in with terrorists? I don’t see how you can come to your conclusion? See Lyn Viero’s response. Bindi you must be aware that there are the bona fide recipients of Centrelink and that there are players who use the system.

  5. Ooops he is in trouble..out comes the terrorist card, He thinks he can frighten us all into submission. The only people playing us for mugs are The LNP

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    • keep ticking like on Vince Molluso post..I am blocking everyone who does..if you think it is acceptable to name call..I don’t want to know you or hear what you have to say !!

    • Mike here-idiots are as idiots be Vince, a more agreeable choice of words would have been- you are or you’re an idiot to us idiots. Thankyou Vince.

    • That’s so funny, I made one comment yesterday and when I debated in a non abusive way, I got called deaf, dumb ,blind,troll. Should be jailed and more. So when it is stated that all they (meaning me too) do is name call, is pretty hypocritical. Why can’t we beg to differ and just respect. We are passionate about our choices but let’s not abuse. Power of the pen without the vitriol. Peace…

    • I think you will all be the very first to whinge and whine constantly if we don’t do something about terrorism . And if you think for one minute we are not going to be a target , along with Britain , Denmark , USA , France , then you do have a problem .
      I want us to be able to go about our daily lives without the threat of a terrorist attack , and it’s already been proven that everyone’s safety can be at risk from these oxygen thieves . So what is everyone’s problem ? We could be worse off . It could be labor in power letting every tom dick and Harry in the country without any concern for our welfare .

    • for the record I have never called anyone names in here.. not even t he PM I call him Abbott and I do not have to tolerate being called names by others, it is bullying and abuse

    • I thought that the over 60s are a bunch of intelligent respectful bunch . From some cheap and nasty trools I am seeing I now have my doubts . Wake up Seniors we can do better than this. Some of the language looks like coming out of a bunch of uneducated teenagers.

    • OK so back to the original topic: I agree, when the libs are in trouble they pull out the fear card. That’s my opinion ☺

    • Get a life Libbi and open your mind and your eyes. I don’t know who you vote for but at a wild guess suggest it is the looney left. How do you think Shorten would go? he couldn’t even run a chook raffle.

    • 70 people agree with Libbi Doug many agree with you? seems like you need to get a life!!

  6. Where does he think he is going to send those who were born here.

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    • He can’t send them anywhere, he is all talk to try to make himself popular, like all bullies he is trying to scare us into submission

    • Yes I do know this Libbi, sorry that was my attempt at sarcasm. He is the worst Prime Minister we have ever had, every morning I watch the news I think oh dear what has he done now.

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      • I agree. Every time I see him I wonder what lie he is about to sprout or how he is going to put his foot in it again

    • They are adult and many Aboriginals are Muslim. There have been Afghani Muslims in Australia since the middle 19th century and they married and had children. Their descendants are probably fourth or fifth generation. Anybody here who thinks Muslims are going away are having themselves on. Many here are still stuck in the White Australia Policy.

  7. To those of you blaming Labor for the Sydney terrorist Man Haron Monis, he came to Australia in 1996 and was made an Australian Citizen under John Howards watch. Howard gained office in 11th of March 1996 till the 3rd December 2007..look it up online, it a simple thing to do!!

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    • He has probably screwed the court case for the 2 caught the other day by blabbing his big mouth off in Parliament.

    • Well 1996 huh… That makes a whole lot of difference doesn’t it… The screwed up pig terrorist began his idiocy when … There are thousands out There demanding taking, plotting their infidel slaughter.. They are doing the same thing in all western countries . UK USA EUR. Vietnam have it right come visit but get out we don’t want foreigners living here. Sorry but no more. We can’t afford it… Keep saying it Labour have borrowed from CHINA… China will call in it debt. They are already… We not responsible for another countries problems . we have given away too much now we have to try to mend our hole in the bucket and look after AUSTRALIA /NS first last and foremost.

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      • Hey Dianne Wake up please most western countries have borrowed from China … USA being one of the biggest borrowers and quite frankly where would the world be now without china made products I take it that you DO not buy any imported goods from any other country. We are a global economy whether you like it or not. Who are the true Australians? Where did your ancestors come from?

    • I can not believe how people on an over 60 site can not discuss anything to do with politics logically & without name calling.Watch your manners it’s not nice to read when people call each other stupid & other personal comments.

    • Is 60+ the Bindy Jones site you seem to have an opinion on everything and cannot cope if someone has a different opinion than yours.

    • I can cope fine have any opinion you want, but if you want to target me.. hang on to your hat because I am sick of wearing it!! I only have one vote the same as you and I have not sought to influence anyone elses vote. Everyone has a right to vote for who they like..but I do have an opinion and I will state it..if you don’t like it..too bloody bad

    • You go Bindy Jones, most of us love a good debate without the name calling. Ignore them, it is the only card they have to play.

    • While you are correct about Man Monas whoever, another of his type,
      Al-Kutobi arrived in Australia in 2009 using another person’s passport. We need to be very wary about whom we let in. Now I believe Labor was governing at that stage. We are all wiser in hindsight however and some people will never let a mistake go and are blaming the LNP for every problem ever incurred in Australia.

    • I have a confession, I must admit I occasionally call someone an idiot – try not to use stupid, when they do not understand the basic facts, but do try to make them understand why they are idiots.

    • Yep he’s on the back foot and thinks by promising actions on terrorists by tightening borders etc is going to make a difference … the horse has bolted darling. As Bindy said the male responsible for the act in Martin Place … Was an Australian Citizen and made one under Howard government … they all blame one another … Does it mean he is going to close the borders to innocent kiwis now?

  8. Yes I agree with him.he gets bagged out so much. I think we have had our heads well and truly buried in the sand for to long. Are we just going to wait till is take iver the world and then say oops we should of done something. If you dont want to live like an australian then leave. Im sure if we were in their country and we tried to live like we do here we would be killed.

    25 REPLY
    • What a stupid thing to say Gail. That’s old history. And stop your name calling. It’s about time there was more respect shown in this site. Sometimes I can’t believe this is supposed to be a 60+

      1 REPLY
      • Perhaps some people just get fired up and need to vent and this is their only outlet. I actually love reading the remarks and making some as well because I have no one at home to argue with. I notice some get really hot under the collar, so maybe a lot of us are just like kids fighting. At times it is quite entertaining.☺

    • This land belonged to the first Australians aborginals. Yes it was a ling time ago and we could all do better fir them. I mean all of us. Yet dont compare we took over Australia to is. It us no where near tge same. Woman gave no rights and if you are not the same as thdm then your just plain out right dead.

    • Because abbott has proved himself untrustworthy with broken promises and outright lies, the voting public no longer have any faith in his pronouncements. He’s like the boy who cried “wolf”. Strangely enough 40% of his own liberal colleagues want him gone. I wonder why?

    • You know this could jyst keep going around and around what a waste of time. There are people for and against tiny abbott. Same as in life everyday things you are for and things you are against. If we dont hsve striker rules for thise who jump on boats and usually they are not the poor because they pay a lot of money and throw their passports away. The people who deserve to come are the people who do it the right way through the proper channels. Also no one wants to take responsibility for the amount of debt we are in. What would happen if our overseas loans were called in. Where would Australia be? Where would we be.? We have to stop and realize the world today is not the same and I dont think unless people take a strong tough stance on whats going on we will suffer and so will our grandchildren.

    • Anne Hare, like many others you seem to have a memory problem. The LNP has made efforts to keep the promises they madeonly to have them blocked by Labor and the Greens who then blame the LNP for not keeping it’s promise. Every strategy that they try to implement to drag us out of the fiscal bog left by the former government has been slowed down or deferred in both houses. How many promises were broken by the Rudd, Gillard, Rudd government?

      The key issue was to “stop the boats” because the LAB party policy wasn’t working and only seem to encourage more boats to come. Next was to reduce the debt and that is what they are trying to do now. What does Bill Shorten and his cronies propose? The quick answer is nothing. They blame the government for the loss of the car industry when it was the car industry that destroyed itself. How much money was poured into saving it only to see the money earmarked for executive bonuses and redundancies for employees? Where was your outrage against LAB and the Greens then?

      Rant ccomplete. Soapbox stowed.

      1 REPLY
      • Aw come on Mike soap box away is it? ALL political parties are guilty of broken promises and it just depends which party you support as to which part of the brain loses it memory I think .. don’t you think?

    • Mike O Neill, you are a brave man, you speak common sense, I agree (as she whispers from a far away corner in a dark jail cell, placed there by the opposition) .

    • Every country was taken over by someone . Time to get over this !! We were NOT in the era and it’s like having your past mistakes dragged up constantly . Majority of people in this country pay taxes , that afford the indigenous community a lot more benefits than some
      Caucasians . This is about terrorism and that means ALL Australians are at risk . Anyone who enjoys living in this country !! So we should be taking it more seriously . If we don’t , the whingers will be the first to kick up a racket , and say HE should have done more .
      Sometimes there is just NO winning no matter what .

    • Well said Mike O’Neill, it has become so tiresome , the constant memory loss of so many , it’s like living in a house full of people with dementia .

      1 REPLY
      • Do you mean like living with those in the “House” of Representatives?? As stated before there are always broken promises no matter which party is governing it is a matter of which ones you as an individual wish to recall or forget

  9. There is a prime example how someone can take two words “at centrelink” and twist them into pensioners and unemployed are terrorists. Bindy you should be a journalist for the ABC. That is laughable, even you must realise what he meant! And what’s worse people like it.

    14 REPLY
    • I am sick to death of you an your little Liberal friends picking on me..your like all Liberals ..your a bully..I am not the only one saying this..get out of your little ivory Tower and surf the net .. Target me again and I am blocking you and you will be no loss

      1 REPLY
      • Keep up the good work Bindy I enjoy your posts

    • You are the bully, always sprouting off against the Liberals. Anything Labor say is gospel but Ms.Jones they both lie, that is polities.

    • Have a good cry Lorraine Cole more than half the country is rubbishing the LNP..Don’t take my word for it..look at the polls

    • Here we go again..all day yesterday you were arguing with people Florence Cook, now you want to do it all again with people who disagree with you..I can’t be bothered with you

    • Typical right wing bullying. You bully the messenger if the message is something you don’t like. To find the level of mindless parroting I see from liberal supporters on the left of politics you have got to go very, very far to the left. How come even when some of the LNPs lies are found out and proven so many on the right still parrot on with them. Read, listen and most importantly think.

    • Bindy Jones you are labour extremist big time. Sorry but Labour are not better they are worse… We are a country floundering just waiting for the Chinese and the Arabs to pounce. You are blind if your can’t see we do not have chance to climb up if we don’t start now.

    • Dianne Star-wisher..that is not your real name.. how do do you know who I vote for , there are more parties than just Liberal and most Australian’s I just want the Liberal Party and it destruction gone. I never tell anyone who to vote for..their voting choice is their right. And if you don’t like what I have to say..don’t read it

    • I am not sure how the Arabs are going to attack us when they are so busy attacking one another. But yes I do agree in time China may become a very real threat. This is why destroying our car industry and building our submarines overseas is just insane. If a war occurs and we have no factories and industry capable of building tanks, ships and planes we may just as well cut up our white clothes and wave our flags of surrender. If war was to occur other countries are going to export weapons of war that they will need themselves. Security is far more than locking up a few radicalised youths

    • I have just looked at Dianne Star wisher and Florence’s webpages, I think Florence is real, but Dianne is one of the paid LNP trolls, yes folks it costs the LNP taxpayer a fortune to keep paying them to troll all the pages of social media which rAbbott does not like because it tells the truth, Personally I find it fascinating that people have such wide opinions, but do dislike the blind ones. ps I have in the distant past voted for the LNP, nothing like a reformed smoker. I always vote for the local member who puts up the best policies that will assist Australians. (LNP did not put up any this time).

    • Maybe you go and listen to Scott morrisons interview on sky news and then realise what they mean by the comment in regard to centrelink. Paid troll on a site which is not only labor is ridiculous. Amusing.

  10. The Labor blame game is all they have left Bindy.

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    • They may have stopped the boats but everyone seems to forget about the ones that come in by planes. The country is in actual fact doing very nicely financially, at this point in time, and is the envy of many countries. I don’t have a problem with the Liberals sorting out the finances of our country but not at the exspence of the most vunerable in our beautiful country.

    • Enterprise is fleeing this country as the Libs have been trashing the economy. If you keep rabbiting on about how woeful our economy is how in debt we are etc. it is no encouragement to stay or to come to the country. The only ones who come are the miners who take but give little back. The number of people who came to Australia by boat has always been minor compared to those who come by air and overstay their visas.

    • Lorna, get a life, you are safe, you have a lot more chance of dying from a car accident, plane crash or walking down the street. I would have more respect for these idiots if they stopped hitting on the most vulnerable and scaring them silly. The Federal Police and associate agencies / police forces have been keeping us safe from so called terrorists for years, without all the fanfare which was used by Howard and now rAbbott. In fact they would prefer if he kept his mouth firmly shut about their work and allowed them to do it. He is causing more trouble and scaring people for no reason. You are safe.

    • Are people aware that Menzies ran nine deficits straight with the last deficit twice as large as Wayne Swan’s deficit? So much for LNP. Now this Government has doubled the debt because even though they are cutting budgets for the vulnerable they are increasing their spending on the rich every month.

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