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They’re the words we didn’t think could come out of Bernard Tomic’s mouth but finally the tennis brat has admitted that he and his friend and co-tennis player have a bit of a problem…

An image problem.

Currently representing Australia in the US Open, Tomic gave perhaps his most frank and honest interview yet.

He’s promised to lift his game, and not just on the courts. The 22-year-old has admitted that the famous and fortune at such a young age really wasn’t doing him any favours off-court.

“We’re not perfect,” Tomic said, reports the ABC.

“I experienced a little bit more when I was younger – 18, 19 – but Nick’s obviously in the rollercoaster that I am so he has to handle it as best as he can. Only he can handle it the right way.

“Obviously I had what I had, but I think on court I’ve improved a lot the last few years and mentally I’m pretty good on court whereas I think Nick on court struggles a little bit.

“But he’s getting better – he just needs time, he’s a good bloke and I really wish the best for him”.

Tomic accepted he and Kyrgios were not giving Australian tennis a good look and hoped he could restore his reputation, though he did warn that the boys are who they are.

“We’re our own individuals and we’re always going to have this. The next 10 years, it’s going to be like that for sure,” he said.

“On court, I think I’m very good but off court there’s some problems and he’s the opposite way around. He creates problems on court.

“But it’s our personality, our character. Obviously it’s not the best thing but we have to work on this for sure. We have to improve.

“It can be tough to control but our personalities, the pressure around us, but we always can sometimes explode on the side.

“Maturity is the biggest key, also having a lot to do with money coming in; it is different,” he said.

“At our age, having that stuff around, it is tough to control and I found myself very good last year.

“I am working as hard as I can. I am putting the main thing in front of me and that is tennis, to be the best that I can”.

Both Kyrgios and Tomic have faced criticism over their inability to watch their mouths and behave themselves while the world’s media are watching, and for making Australia look bad. They’re the next generation…and are taking over the reins from tennis greats Lleyton Hewitt, Pat Rafter and Rod Laver.


“I’d like to think that I’m going to learn from it. I think I have. I think I’m on the right path,” Nick Kyrgios said to reporters.

“I don’t think any of us in this room right now were perfect at 20. Speak up if you were”. Fair point.


Tell us, is all forgiven? How can they fix the damage done to our rep?

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  1. Excuses. Bad behaviour is bad behaviour. If either of these young men were my son I would give them a good talking to. Just recently I had to talk to my 23 year old son. I put my mothers voice on ( over the phone as he lives a long way away)and spoke to him sternly. It had effect, he said he felt about 4 years old.

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  2. I hope Tomic means what he says, I love the Tennis but I had all but made up my mind NOT to watch it because of the appalling behaviour of these guy’s it is truly an embarrassment to Australia and Tennis Australia, TIME WILL TELL I GUESS.

  3. They just are so spoilt and get far too much money.this generation are not sportsmen just spoil brats and are a disgrace to tennis its like everything these days no discipline which the goverments must take a lot of blame for

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  4. I really don’t care how talented they are; how much money they have; or their ‘excuse’ of immaturity for their embarrassing behaviour, when on the world stage they represent Australia! Youthful ‘hi jinks’ is one thing; bad manners, disrespect, foul mouths are quite another. Sorry, but they have a long way to go before ‘all is forgiven’!

  5. They are put under a spotlight at all times. Has everyone forgotten how unruly people like Lleyton, McEnroe, Roddick and others were as young upstairs. Even Wally Masur was reminded by his co-commentator on Fox of an incident on court in his younger days.

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    • Many Americans had the same problem, but spectators loved them, They all said Tennis became boring after these retired, I watched the matches last night and read article on it, The crowd loved Nick, they were in awe of his talent. and clapped like mad as he left, I remember Lleyton getting the same treatment, from everyone , but as he said, he needed to get agro to play his best tennis , Serena Williams a few years ago, told a linesman she would kill her, and at Aust open,years ago playing in final told umpire to ” F ” off. Not a word was uttered. Not even a loss of a point. Depends on who you are.

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