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Public health advocates believe “Big Tobacco” may use the data to refine their marketing of cigarettes to teenagers, as well as to fight plain packaging laws first introduced in Australia and now being introduced around the world. There are also concerns the data could be shared with alcohol companies.

British American Tobacco is allegedly attempting to use the freedom of information laws to study data on the behavioural response of Victorian school children towards alcohol and tobacco.

According to The Age The Victorian Cancer Council is currently fighting the application by British American Tobacco in a Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Graeme Johnson, the lawyer who lodged the application to access the data on behalf of the tobacco company has managed to gain access to similar data conducted by the Cancer Institute NSW on adults.

The global tobacco company has received access to documents like these before, using the data in Britain to help fight new laws on plain packaging.

A spokesperson for British American Tobacco defended their request under the freedom of information laws, stating the company aims to highlight the reversal effect of plain packaging, and data pointing to Australian youths increased smoking as a result of plain packaging.

‘Any other evidence to prove the latter needs to be highlighted so that other countries around the world don’t make the same mistake,’ said the spokesperson.

Tobacco giant, Philip Morris International, attempted to access information conducted in British universities on smoking in 2011 under the freedom of information laws.

A public backlash resulted in the tobacco company backing down.

Is it time we stood up to this multimillion dollar industry? Would you want information about your grandchildren used in this way?


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  1. Don’t worry to much, no one will agree to this and they will have a fight with The World on their hands. I don’t have any Grandchildren but that will not stop me fighting for your Grandchildren

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    • Libbi if the TPP goes through Philip Morris will be able to sue for not giving them the info they asked for. It will be open slather then,and those multinational monsters will have us where they want us. Very scary.

  2. If people want to smoke ket them it keeps weight off it is a great destressor the alternatives are much worse…speed for weight loss marijuana to de stress etc etc as for smokes causing cancer why have cancer rates skyrocketed but we have less people smoking as for those who don’t like cigarette butts on street its better than used syringes. Now young kids can’t sneak off for a smoke they sneak off and try drugs instead what’s worse?

  3. Leave our Grandkids alone, is it not enough that they have already destroyed the lives of many people around the world with lung cancer, it is about time our Government got the balls to ban smoking all together instead of little by little chipping away at it, however that won’t happen because it is all about the revenue raised from this filthy habit.

  4. It’s time the government grew some balls and totally banned all tobacco products. Trouble is there are double standards here, they make big noises about trying to get people to stop smoking, while reaping in huge (billions of dollars) amounts of revenue from the sale of tobacco.

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    • If they ban tobacco completely you open up another revenue avenue for organised crime – and it could be more lucrative than other drugs because more people will be users.

    • exactly the demonized smoker so they could raise the taxes, if they were fair dinkum they would have banned it. No I am not a smoker, I just hate injustice. They did the same thing with pensioners in reverse, they demonized us so the could cut the CPI rise

    • Prohibition was a huge success in America wasn’t it. The thing that amuses me is that alcohol kills more people than tobacco yet we promote it all the time as a good time drug. Even on this site wine is viewed as the fun Friday night drug. How many of us have drunk alcohol in front of kids. Horses for courses I suppose.

    • Banning doesn’t work we have to find another path.

    • They would not be game to ban it, look at the riots in the jails, some big wharfie would drag Abbott out of his bullet proof car and stick his number 12 boots up his behind

    • Never happen David but nice try, I presume you are intimating that all other political parties condone smoking, especially for the working class.

  5. Where is your faith in your grandkids? With all the anti-smoking info around, most are way too intelligent to get caught up by these companies ploys. Plain packaging is a waste of time. No one took up smoking or continued smoking because they liked the look of the packet. That particular strategy HAD to be thought up by people who never smoked.

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    • Mike here-prior to giving smoking a break in 2001 they only used to have little messages printed on the pack, like smoking is bad for your health, I always grabbed tge pregnncy one as I can’t get pregnant so it didn’t worry me.

    • Many of these grandchildren don’t smoke, but they take other drugs and ice is now an epidemic.
      You can’t smell a pill or a snort or an injection, so all is good in the world? Wrong. Kids suicide now more than ever, have mental problems, so many are on anti depressants. Why?
      So much for faith in our grandchildren. You are kidding yourself Rosemary, Get your head out of the sand. wakey wakey

    • That’s sad that you have no faith in your grandkids Marie. Not all kids go on to hard drugs. My grandkids are heavily into sport as are their friends. Of course I can’t predict how they will behave in the future (they’re 21, 19 and 18 now) but I think they’re old enough now for us to have some idea and hopes for their futures. If we all “got our heads out of the sand” how depressed and demoralised would we all be. How can we expect any young people to be positive if we aren’t?

  6. Everyone that is addicted to cigarette, and has an sickness that is the result of smoking, should take a Class Action. Against the companys, if you thought you was smoking tobacco, in stead off all the chemical the companies, put in the cigarette, you should build a case, on that.

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