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This isn’t the stereotypical look of a woman anymore!  

Over the weekend Queensland’s new Premier was sworn in. Anastacia Palaszczuk won the role in a landslide victory over Campbell Newman just over a fortnight ago marking an amazing achievement politically and personally. But that isn’t the thing that has got everyone talking. It’s the diversity of her ministerial team that is really showcasing just how far Australian politics has come.

The Labor Party leader has appointed Jackie Trad as deputy leader – this is only the second time in history that two women have lead a state party following Keneally and Tebbutt five years ago. The new Premier also had people talking yesterday when she announced her cabinet ministers – eight women and six men. This is the first time in history that more women have been in ministerial roles than men in Queensland Parliament and one of these women, Leeanne Enoch is also an Indigenous Australian.



It’s a remarkable achievement for women that we are finally being seen as capable and skilled members of society who can provide valuable insight and make good decisions on such a high level. It’s blatantly obvious that women have been able to do this for years, but it has never been recognised or achieved on this scale. Think back to the governments through the 50s, 60s and 70s – there weren’t too many women doing this back then!

In fact I can remember when the first female Cabinet Minister was appointed to the Commonwealth Parliament in 1976. I can remember the men being slightly disgruntled and the women quietly cheering, albeit being a little shocked. Senator Margaret Guilfoyle became Minister for Social Security in July and it was one of the first times an Australian woman had achieved something so significant in an area that had forever been dominated by men.

There are a number of societal changes that have made aspiring to the roles achievable for women. Annabel Crabb a journalist and author of The Wife Drought has suggested that for so many years men were the only ones who had the networks, resources and the social ability to take a step back from family roles on the home front and invest in a career instead.

This has changed significantly over the years and although women might not be entirely on par with men in the workforce, the social stereotypes have changed dramatically. Women now have their own careers independent from their husband’s. Women now control their own income and are less dependent on husbands so much so that they are the primary financial decision maker in households. Women also have resources like childcare available and a working woman is much more socially accepted today than they were forty years ago making having a career a proud thing, very different from what it once was.

As Karen Struthers writes in The Conversation, the decision made in government affect all Australians. Men, women, Indigenous, citizen and immigrant and all kinds of people need to be represented around the cabinet table and across Parliament. The decisions made need to be made for everyone, to best cater to the needs of everyone and the only way to achieve this is to have fair representation.

Today, regardless of what party I support, I’m proud to be a woman and to see women making decisions for this state and this country. It’s an achievement for the Premier and those in her Cabinet and I wish them the best, but more so, I hope that this is a legacy that continues for the rest of the years to come.

Are you proud to see women being successful in politics? Do you remember when so few were involved in policy and government? Share your memories in the comments below…

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  1. I settled in to watch the swearing in by the Qld Governor General on ABC – or was it News 24 ? because I wanted to become familiar with the names and faces of the newly elected. I heard the Premier saying her oaths but when the others were being sworn in, I couldn’t hear their names because although I could see what was happening, two male journalists in haughty conversation were already running down Annastacia and her newly elected. Are the women likely to get a fair go? Right from day one it is apparent they will not..

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    • Maybe go onto the fb page of the journalists concerned or the TV channel page & tell them to learn some manners & stop talking over the program on air. How rude!

    • Women still do it tough in most professions – as we age we also develop a lovely thick skin – it serves us well !!!
      Any woman who is intelligent, smart and attractive – needs to develop a very think skin and selective hearing too!!!

  2. It’s more than time. Don’t forget Dame Enid Lyons, though, who became a member of Menzies’ cabinet in 1949. I believe this was the first time a woman had ever been elevated to cabinet in an Australian government, albeit in a nominal position as Deputy President of the Senate.

  3. It is going to be very interesting as there has never been so many women in this situation before. Can they all get along, will she be a strong leader? One would hope so as Queensland really need her to be. What if they all get their monthlys at the same time? Ha that would be a testy situation. I think there will be fireworks but go girls and good luck.

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    • It is well documented that women who spend a lot of time in close proximity do come into cycle at the same time….although with the medical interference these days, who knows?

    • Florence and Bronwen, You have just insulted the Qld Premier, the newly elected, the voters in Qld and women in general. Well Done. Your Mickey Mouse badge will be in the next mail.

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      • Leone, you said it better than I could – I thought the remark was totally demeaning as well. Women are our (their) own worst enemies!

  4. Let’s hope that these women have been placed in these positions because they are capable and not because they are women! I dread what will happen to Queensland as over half of the appointees have never even been inside the parliament before and now they have multiple portfolios to attend to. The one positive thing though is that now Labour can fix its own mess up. The people of Queensland seem to resent anyone else trying. Interesting times ahead.

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    • Well, they have to fix up Campbell’s mess first, after that it would be a hard task to do any worse than his government. And in case you haven’t heard, women are much better as multi-tasking than men.

    • “Fix it up” ?? or cover it up, or even re divert the blame…. “Interesting.”..understatement….. Guess in next 6 months we gunna find out though… I just wish someone would step up to the table and bring forth a plate of miracles.

    • Campbell put forth too many fix it quick policies forward. The debt is not just in Qld it is Australia wide actually world wide.. But we here in Australia are only concerned in our own back yard… For us to survive this world wide crisis Big things need to be done.. I am not confident in either party . so I’m hoping that who you have elected is going to get the ball rolling in the right direction because if something doesn’t happen soon China will be calling in the debt.. Qld be first to go.

    • With her experience and education our new Premier is not likely to appoint to her cabinet people incabable of carrying out the portfolio. Campbell Newman walked into the Qld Parliament for the first time as Premier along with half his Government who were learners and QLD survived. Anastacia has extensive experience of Qld. Parliament. and will probably not break the protocols and traditions that Newman did.

    • campbells mess BIKIES GONE ..TRAveston dam farms sold qld health computers sorted out .ambulance congo line .hpoe anastasia does not reintroduce those good things newman RUINED.. EXPERIECE AND EDUCATION lawyer never practised uni/ labour advisor in dads office.took over his seat now madam premier [all copied from her site ] irene shanks can you use a computer look it up ..

  5. Are you honestly claiming that journalists of either gender have never been heard in “haughty conversation” running down a “male”politician being sworn in, Leone? That comment is very, very selective.

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    • Can’t argue with that, Bronwen…..and I can’t argue too hard against Leone either…..I’m sure there will be a serious number of male journos running Annastacia down just because she’s a woman.

    • Peter Warren It is not selective. It is a fact. I heard two male journalists. If it was female journalists I would have said. Not fussed on female journalists either. My initial post was to the subject regarding women being elected in greater numbers.

    • The first line of this topic says “Over the weekend Queensland’s new Premier was sworn in.” I replied to that.fact – the swearing in of the new premier and how journalists chose to report it.

    • I was responding primarily to your “Are the women likely to get a fair go….right from day one obviously not” comment Leone. I apologise if I have taken your post out of context.

    • So – an Indian or a Victory. I must say, in my 40 years as pillion. I preferred the BMW’s. The luxury tourers had a seat suitable for a solid Fraulein such as myself. The pillion seat on the average Harley is designed for teenagers.One of the wives in the Ulysses club when asked how she managed to stay on the seat said “Suction”

    • Hahaha…..loooove BMWs, Leone….but at 6’7″ and 130kgs, I can’t get my knees behind the fairing 🙂 ….. and yes….Victory Vision 🙂

  6. I don’t think you are in for ” interesting” times a head I think it going to be very trying times. But in saying that it is what you voted for… Qld will die if these ladies don’t bring something to the table…..

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    • Libs are never popular cause they always have to step in and bring in hard budgets to recoup the enormous blowout of labors spending. Whether women or men they better keep to a budget or we all will suffer.

    • Patricia Lanes there can always be WORSE….. QLD has been burning out along with the rest of the country… I agree with Debbie MacLean a very tight budget a very workable one is needed… The blow out of spending of Labour has caused big problems that can’t be fixed in short term… I really don’t know the answer I just pray that these ladies can find a way . not really got much faith in the party .

    • PatriciaLanes . I don’t know you can say that. All he was trying to was resurrect a dying state after years of Labor miss management. If that is a crime then he is guilty.

    • Yes Dianne. We are in for very interesting times. The first thing Labor will do is re-instate the Crime and Misconduct Commission which Campbell Newman got rid of and replaced with one person – personally chosen by himself. His changes were astonishing
      Once it is in action again we will find out a lot about dear little Campbell’s machinations which have been kept quite for a long time. Campbell was an experiment by the Liberals that went horribly wrong. He was the LNP leader before he was elected in any seat???? WTF? Try doing that in any other state.

    • Doesn’t matter what any of them do or implicate there is always going to be objection……wish they would just work together instead of the school yard squabbling… My mum always said don’t ever get tangled up arguing about religion or politics…

  7. The article is interesting. Women have been working in senior positions for many years and I’m sure will do their best here. I don’t think men are immune from infighting. As for the photo illustrating this article. Many women still cook. I still stir things in a saucepan, though not with a metal spoon.

  8. I read the other day that this is a ‘news’ site, along with other often quite interesting articles. However, I am so over this type of presentation and am finding it increasingly difficult to motivate myself to actually read what is presented. Any suggestions out there??

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    • This site brings about a lot of debate.. Also shows oldies are not dead yet… Opinions are given and the care factor is quite hilarious. I find the worst topics are political…. Nasty…I get quite caught up in it myself. But leaves me drained often… I know how different we feel with life when we get to over 60’s. Kids all gone their own ways and we turn to social media for entertainment…. Ugh it addictive…. But draining…

    • Thanks Dianne. I am past 65, still running my own little business, am an active member of my CWA branch, mind an eight year old four days a fortnight, juggle my time with a not-too-well daughter who lives with me and am taking care of all the things needed with running a household since the other half decided I was surplus to requirements after 45 years! Not bored, not needing entertainment, am busy with a range of sewing and handcrafts. I actually think I might tip myself off the site.

    • Yes Meg if the subject is unpalatable then dont read it be as selective with this site as you are with your television programs….SIMPLES as the muscrat says.

  9. I don,t think they had a landslide victory…they…and we…are one bye election away from losing government! This is a minority government, with five cabinet members completely new to parliament! Worrying times for us, I don,t care if they are men or women Queensland needs people who know what they are doing

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    • Agree…. You and us in other states have got nothing to hold onto but a wing and a prayer now. Certainly wasn’t a land slide think if it weren’t for the greens they would not have gotten in… However we all have to hold on tight now because the road ahead is not going to be smooth….no matter whose sitting in the seat.

    • It will be fine now labor are in, they’ll just borrow more money and say, aren’t we the clever ones, they’ll also create jobs that really aren’t jobs! Yes no worries NOT!!

    • Not a landslide?? She brought the party from 9 seats to 44 seats. Some swings of 20% against the LNP. Not too shabby I’d say.

  10. I would think gender has little to do with it. It is more to do with what each individual brings to the government, and how they perform. They have formed their government, let’s hope they can fulfil their roles.

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  11. yeah but I wonder if they will get a fair go or will their hair, makeup & dress be the talk of the media.

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    • Maybe they should all have to wear grey suits and understated make-up and jewellery so that we listen instead of being distracted by appearances. I’m from NSW and I wish the new QLD all the best.

    • Oh and the suze of their bums and boobs and their red box all this nastiness will happen but i think that the electors of australia are beginning to wake up to the anti labor rhetoric of the gutter Murdoch press.

  12. I just hope these women have got these positions because they are the best people for the job not because they are women!

    Let’s hope everything they have said they will do actually gets done as I’m very pessimistic about govt who promise Anymore.

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