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A short and snappy video about immigration and poverty has divided many over whether or not accepting immigrants into the country is really worth it.

The video shows the founder of Numbers USA, Roy Beck, using jars of gumballs to explain just how gigantic the world’s problem with poverty is and – according to him – how immigration does nothing to help those who are in desperate need.

Beck argues that the number of people living in poverty around the world is so big that no matter how hard we try, we will never be able to do enough to help.

While Beck’s speech is focussed on the number of immigrants America accepts every year, his argument has been picked up by people from around the world who say you can apply the same theory to any country – including Australia.

Beck says that while America accepts 1 million immigrants every year, the number of poor people around the world is growing at such a fast rate that no country ever really makes a dent in the issue.

He also says that the immigrants who actually manage to get out of their own countries and find a better life somewhere else are the least deserving out of all.

He says the people who truly deserve to leave their poverty-stricken life and move to a new country are the ones who are so poor and out of touch with the rest of the world that they never have a chance to make enough money to even feed themselves for a week, let alone afford a visa and a plane ticket to a new life.

Beck argues that the people who do immigrate are doing a disservice to their country and should stay there and try to help their fellow countrymen build a better life for themselves there.

Australia accepts close to 200,000 immigrants each year – a number which has consistently grown every year since 1984.

Beck’s opinion has divided many, with some agreeing with his case and others calling in cold-hearted and callous.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think about is argument.

Is he correct? Or has he totally missed the point?

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  1. Very well said. Clever man. Spot on.

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