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A Victorian senator is on a mission to change Australian’s attitudes towards guns and the people who own them, but it’s not what you might expect.

Senator Bridget McKenzie is a 40-year-old single mother who is one of only two women elected to federal or state Parliament for the Victorian Nationals.

A country girl, she grew up with guns and went shooting for rabbits with her best friend.

Recently, Ms McKenzie took a group of journalists on a clay pigeon shooting trip in an effort to change the way people think about guns and shooters.

In an interview with Fairfax media, she says gun owners are too often thought of as “terrorists” and “rednecks” by people in the cities.

“There’s a lot of snobbery and elitism that I find offensive and I really want to challenge it,” she said.

She said that a whole group of Australians felt they were “being put in the same basket as crazy people who had used firearms illegally and were murdering people”.

Ms McKenzie certainly couldn’t be described as a redneck. She has blonde hair and usually wears pearl earrings, she says people are typically very surprised when they see her Beretta Silver Pigeon shotgun.

Ms McKenzie recently went duck shooting, which is banned in three states, and described the experience as “moving”.


“I know it will sound incongruous to people but hunting is about connecting with nature and the outdoors. You have to understand nature to reap the bounty of it,” she says.

“If you have a gun or a bow and arrow, you don’t need urban society to provide for you,” she says. “There’s something quite empowering, quite freeing about that.”

Do you think Bridget McKenzie can change the way Australia and the media perceive gun owners? 

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  1. I do not give a damn who she is or what she looks like , while guns are used in crime than I will never support them

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    • Most criminals also use cars in the commission of their crimes David, I presume that you do not support the ownership of cars on that basis?

  2. Don’t understand how she could describe a duck shooting episode as “moving”! During the “duck season” many ducks aren’t killed outright so suffer an agonising death. Also many protected species are killed. I am glad many Australians deplore the use of guns & this is “controlled”.

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    • If you were a duck, wouldn’t you find being shot at ‘moving’? We lived in a city beside a river – the day before duck shooting season opened the ducks started arriving _ the following day as many again arrived. I used to feed them our stale bread and regularly got mobbed.

  3. Guns kill!!!!

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    • Guns do not kill. Idiot people do. Change society’s attitudes, not gun laws, and be more vigilant about who we let into our country.

  4. I think the best thing Howard did was gun control , if she enjoys the sport that is fine but don’t expect me to change my attitude because she wants to Shoot things. The only people in this country with guns should be The Police, The Armed Forces, Farmers and Sports people.

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    • I’m with you, if the duck had a gun and could fire back then she could say it was moving.

    • Yes, but look who else has guns……terrorists, criminals, bikies just to name 3 groups…..then there is the importers,

    • POLICE ? how many people have been shot by police since gun laws came in ? They are unlicensed and unskilled in the use of firearms . Check the annual casualty rate of all the sports SHOOTING has the safest record of all .

    • Well said Libbi total agree she isn’t going to change my mind about what I think of people who have this bizarre need to shoot at things.

  5. Quotes & my replies, “Ms McKenzie recently went duck shooting, which is banned in three states, and described the experience as “moving””….I’m sure being shot is a very “moving” experience, perhaps she should shoot herself in the foot to illustrate the intensity of the emotion to herself & us?

    “I know it will sound incongruous to people but hunting is about connecting with nature and the outdoors. You have to understand nature to reap the bounty of it,” she says”….she should shoot herself in the foot to illustrate her connection to nature & the intensity of the emotion of understanding nature & it’s bounty?

    “If you have a gun or a bow and arrow, you don’t need urban society to provide for you,” she says. “There’s something quite empowering, quite freeing about that.”…I guess her pearl ear-rings were obtained by shooting oysters until (bliss) she found the 2 pearls???? What a self-justifying, delusional twat she is 🙁

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  6. I’m a gun owner. (For country vermin) I really don’t mind having to have a licence for myself and for my gun.

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    • You are in New Zealand Gregory I am not sure how the laws apply there but even in Australia if you are a farmer you can legally own a firearm

    • We were in N Z a few years ago, it was a long weekend and a young teacher and a few friends travelled to the South Island from North Island, while staying in the campsite she went to the amenities block some hunter shot her between the eyes thought she was an animal

  7. Killing animals for fun is awful. I think that bows and arrows are even worse than guns. I just don’t understand how anyone can enjoy killing another animal. She won’t change my opinion. She finds duck shooting, in her words ‘moving’. I wonder if she would find being hunted ‘moving’.

  8. I have no issue with the gun laws remaining as they are, what I have an issue with is the gun laws only prevent law abiding citizens to have access to firearms, doesn’t seem to have stopped the criminals at all.

  9. For a country with strict gun laws we sure have a lot of shootings. Grew up on a farm taught to respect guns and nature.

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