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 Barry Callebaut also reiterated fears raised by Mars Inc of a global shortage of cocoa and the impact that could have on the individual consumer. Fiona Dawson, the then-UK president of Mars chocolate, warned in 2012 that the global cocoa sector “may suffer a 1 million tonne shortage by 2020 because of the increasing economic and environmental pressures on cocoa farms”, telling us that it just wasn’t sustainable.

So much time and so little chocolate… A cocoa shortage by 2020 can only mean one thing. Stock up now!

Tell us, what chocolate do you love the most and what would you do if it ran out? Tell us in the comments below… 


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  1. I thought that the majority of the chocolate grown is grown in west Africa. I do know that the Ebola virus is having a huge impact on the market. There’s other product which we get from west Africa. I will look it up to see where Cadbury gets its chocolate from.

  2. Don’t tell my daughter, this will end in tears. It could start a war. Oh my poor husband more tearsTHIS is BAD, this is very BAD

  3. Devastating! Off to plant me a forest of cocoa trees right now! Love to know I’m not alone in my dismay! Lol! Love yours best Christina Smith! ( seriously though it could just be my salvation lol)

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