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Have you ever had a grandchild come to you with something they’re nervous about; something they think you might not approve of?

As much as we love them, our grandies can sometimes underestimate us and – most importantly – our ability to love them unconditionally.

That’s what happened when a 23-year-old woman wrote to her grandparents announcing her engagement.

“My letter basically said that I was engaged, it was to a woman, and that I’ve never felt happier, safer, and more in love in my entire life,” Katie Mathewson told BuzzFeed.

She was nervous about how her grandparents would respond, assuming they would not approve.

“I knew I’d still love my grandparents even if they weren’t pleased with the news and that I’d forgive and understand their opinions either way,” she said.

But two weeks later, her grandmother replied with this beautiful letter:

Letter to grandma

Her letter, filled with love, some sage advice and even a complaint about the lack of suitable greeting cards for gay marriages, says:

Dear Katie!

Thank you for sharing this happy news with us Katie. The most important [thing that] matters is your happiness with Mackenzie for the rest of your life.

The rest of the world will follow the ideas as the time moves on, and that is their problem! Just be understanding for those who don’t.

I have been looking for an engagement card that is just right for you but was not successful – sorry.

Your grandfather and I are getting older each day — moods change as the aches and pains occur and yet some days we feel energetic and ready to do anything. So we will see by that time, August 28, 2016. It’s still long time yet.

We send our congratulations and blessings for your health and happiness and, most of all, no matter what may come, we love you very much.

Katie said her grandmother’s letter brought her to tears. “The words were so simple, but the message was powerful and overwhelming and beautiful.”

Sharing the letter on social media in the hope of helping other gay women who are afraid to come out to their grandparents, Katie wrote, “It’s not perfect or poetic, but it’s genuine and it’s love and it surprised me in the best way possible.”

What do you think of this grandmother’s response to her granddaughter? How do you think you would react?

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  1. I am a bit surprised in this day and age that a young woman in her 20’s would worry what her grandparents think. Many kids today seem to regard us and old fashioned out of date models that are best kept in a corner and fed occasionally. Very Nice letter from the Grandparents, I wish them all the best

  2. one may feel disappointed that their dreams for a person has not come to fruition, and even dislike the behaviour of a person, but that will never break the love one holds for that person.

  3. I would say its your life , your happiness that really matters, the rest of the world can find their ‘ own’ happiness as they choose!!

  4. As a Grandmother and an older Auntie I would only want that any member of my family would be happy and safe in any type of relationship that they are in and to know that i would still love them unconditional and would always be there for them.

  5. Lovely letter. I know if i received a letter from a grandchild with news like this. i would still love them unconditionally and always be there for them. Everyone has a right to be happy. 🙂

  6. Just being fortunate enough to see their grandchild reach maturity is a milestone in itself. Having that grandchild share with you something so close to their heart is indeed, a privilege. As I’ve aged I’d like to think I’ve become more tolerant of the changes in viewpoints and lifestyles especially those that are guided by ‘love’.

  7. Very nice letter from Grandma, we can’t control who our children love and want to marry let alone our grandchildren, nor should we want to, it is human to make mistakes , but there is no reason to think this young lady is making a mistake

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