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Prince George has become one of the most-photographed and stylish kids with his trademark shorts.

If you’ve always wondered why Prince George is always photographed wearing shorts, you can put your mind at ease.

It turns out, the explanation is quite simple.

According to etiquette expert William Hanson, wearing shorts is an age-old tradition amongst aristocrats.

Apparently, the royal family have been sticking to this tradition for generations.

“The reason is predominantly to do with social class because everything in British society is to do with social class,” Hanson told Mashable.

“If you look back at old paintings of children from aristocratic paintings, you see little boys aged two and under dressed as girls, wearing gowns and dresses.

“In the 17th and 18th centuries, boys of age three or four were put in breeches, which are basically shorts.”

If you look back at photos of a young Prince Charles and young Princes William and Harry, you’ll see they too were mostly dressed in shorts.

Tradition also states that pants (trousers) were to be worn by men and shorts were more for little boys.

But it’s not just the royal family dressing their young boys in only shorts.

According to Hanson, the tradition is still practiced among members of the British ‘upper crust’.

“It has a little to do with the snob factor,” he said.

“A lot of mothers want their little boys to dress like little boys rather than like men.”

Dressing young boys in pants is actually seen as more of a “suburban practice”, according to Hanson.

“The royal family is not suburban,” he said.

“That doesn’t mean it’s ‘common;’ it’s just a different set of values.”

What do you think? Did you know this tradition? Is it outdated?

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  1. I think he always look very sweet and I like to see children dressed appropriately. I really dislike for instance seeing little girls dressed in mini-versions of their mothers’ outfits – the awful exercise gear, mini bra tops, even nail polish on some of them, ugh, the trailer-trash ‘no class’ look.

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  2. I grew up in Scotland in the fifties and ALL the boys wore shorts until they went to High School. We were certainly not “upper crust” either!

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    • We grew up in Australia also in the 50’s. We were a working class family. My brothers wore shorts until they were in their teens.

  3. If it’s all to do with what was worn in previous generations, why are the adults not wearing The same sort of clothes too. Why can’t they dress their children in what ever they like.

  4. My mother was a nanny in England in the 1920’s and little boys were dresses as girls until about the age of 4 and then had a ” coming out party”. It just goes to show different strokes for different folks.

  5. Growing up in Australia in the 50’s and 60’s boys always wore shorts until they went to highschool. It was just the way it was. Woollen serge ones for winter with long socks, cotton drill shorts for summer. Either first or second year of highschool the boys were allowed long trousers.

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    • I don’t remember when I got my first pair of long pants and as a child wore shorts summer and winter. It was only when I got to the 5th form at high school (around age 15-16) that we were allowed to wear longs as part of a ‘dress uniform’. And another thing – I can’t stand these stupid ‘long shorts’ (or ‘short longs’) that some males insist on wearing. Shorts should be above the knees and that’s it. Make up your minds boys.

  6. Let children be children and dress as children not miniature adults.

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    • Claudia, why don’t you go to a porn or casino site to advertise your garbage? Starts at 60 readers don’t want or need your spurious referrals to these “spam” sites.

  8. My son and sons of family and friends wore shorts until secondary school, and that was until the late 70’s

  9. Even in Gippslands cold weather boys always wore shorts until they started Form 1 which is now Year 7, no exceptions.

  10. I always thought this was because little boys always wore out the knees. “Back in the day” shorts were worn by boys even during the depths of winter in Southland NZ, wool of course, but even so… brrr. Long pants only available in the 6th form for the young men as they were in those day.

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    • Yes I remember those day.Gore high how did
      I survive

  11. “If you look back at old paintings of children from aristocratic paintings, you see little boys aged two and under dressed as girls, wearing gowns and dresses”.They didn’t dress as girls, they dressed in a manner to ease changing soiled nappies/diapers.

  12. As a child going to school all the boys wore shorts and teamed them with long socks in winter. Only once into high school on special occasions did they were trousers, age brought in trousers for the boys not the school once they were old enough or designated old enough they were permitted to wear trousers.

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