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Another day another leadership challenge… Once again, there are rumours that our Prime Minister’s job might be on the line, but what is it that could ultimately cost Tony Abbott his party’s support?

The PM should be in a strong position after last week’s focus on the Syrian war and refugee crisis, with many believing his strategy of strength and compassion were a winning combination to woo the Aussie voter back.

But it’s dissent within the party that is Abbott’s greatest challenge today. And it has nothing to do with smirking at a tasteless joke about our neighbours sinking below sea level while we continue to sell coal – in true Liberal fashion, it’s finances that could bring the PM unstuck.

According the The Australian, some ministers believe a leadership spill is “absolutely inevitable” because Mr Abbott has failed to deliver on his promise to his party in February to restore the government’s fortunes within six months.

The man poised to take the Prime Minister’s place has deployed a now familiar strategy of saying nothing.

Malcolm Turnbull has been urged to make a public declaration of support for the Prime Minister ahead of next week’s crucial Canning by-election in Western Australia by several ministers, including the Coalition whip Andrew Nikoli, however the communications minister is staying mum.

Whether it’s true Mr Turnbull is keeping quiet to prevent creating a “slippery slope” of leadership speculation or has something else to say is yet to be seen.

The question is: would the Liberal party go for a leadership spill after the “revolving door” leadership debacle of the the Labor party in recent years? Surely that’s juts not the Coalition’s style?


Would a new leader restore your faith in this government or do you think a leadership spill would be disastrous at this point? 

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  1. If the coalition wants to have any hope of winning the next election, Tony Abbott has to go.

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    • I think you may be right Berndt. I hope MT will not be made leader again. He had his turn. Perhaps Julie Bishop or some other person.

    • Sandy West – no, you are just as important as everyone else and have the right to voice you opinion – intelligent or not.

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      • Your opinion. If you’re going to have a shot at someone else, make sure your post is right.

  2. The unfortunate thing is that if they roll the little shit Turnbull will most probably take over and we will have another duplicitous shit on our hands, albeit an intelligent one. How’s the NBN going Mr Turnbull?

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    • Not a bad reply Elizabeth but I don’t know why you feel it necessary to use offensive language.

  3. Keep him please, he is sure to kick enough ‘own goals’ before now and an election to alienate even more voters. The last thing the Opposition wants is a Liberal leader who can actually intelligently answer interview questions and come across as an intelligent, thinking human being. If there is a leadership spill there are other sharks circling, not just Malcolm Turnbull.

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    • After seeing Christopher Pyne’s dedication to “Corporate profits over the good of the people” there seems to have been a paradigm shift of Conservative governance.
      The Howard sell-off reshuffled the deck chairs so that the Captain must be conversant with 1960’s 2nd hand car dealership process, which literally rules out someone that ran an international bank.

    • Angela, at least Malcolm Turnbull sees the bigger picture and is “liberal” in the literal sense. TA is far too right wing and only represents the “haves”. What about the rest of the Australian people?

    • Barbara you do have a good point. However, I think they will get rid of TA because they know that their chances of winning another Election with TA at the help will be slim.

    • Christa yes I think they probably will replace him, I don’t think Malcolm Turnbull is the only shark circling, Scott Morrison is a possible too. I think Malcolm Turnbull would appeal more to those Libs who see TA as way too far right and some of their measures against the disadvantaged too extreme.

    • Scott Morrison…oh hell!!

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      • But would Scott Morrison circle? He doesn’t strike me as being underhand. I think it is going to be a very interesting scenario. I feel sorry for Tony Abbott though. I do feel Mathias Cormann would be a good ambassador and just don’t trust Mr Turnbull.

    • Christ or mighty not that bloody slime turnbull. can’t stand the horrible little man. Give me abbott anyday at least you know where you stand with him. He’s done a far better job than turnBULL would ever do. Would also help if turnBULL would stop white anting abbott. Does he realise he’s stuffing up the libs also. Idiot.

  4. Turnbull in an egotistic snake in the grass, it will be more of the same. Abbott is s cunning rat, his IPA wealthy members will throw more money to help him. They have spent millions in Canning in WA. Labor spent nothing.

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    • Well said,Carol….all liberals are the same ,with Abbot being the worst leader ever…..Abbot lets australians see and know only what he wants them to……gags on people who work in government,gags on media…you only get fed a n inch of what is really going on…smoke and mirrors…as we found out when we kicked Newman out….so much secrecy and hidden truths came out…..Newman hid so much from the public,and told so many lies……a true Narcissist ,like Abbot and Liberal party ….its about them and the rich only……Abbots and liberals time is coming…because people have had enough!!!!!

  5. No way, the left has never wanted Abbot gone, you Liberals just keep that fool right where he is. He is the best asset the ALP and The Greens have for winning the next election

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  6. Someone talks about a leadership coup, the media pick up on it and it goes like the proverbial rolling snowball getting bigger and bigger. Then everyone begins to think it’s a good thing or a fait accompli.

    When politicians spend their time worrying about or plotting coups, distracted by rumours and other media beat-ups, they aren’t doing what we want them to do – run the country.

    No matter who is in office, there will be a certain group in the country who don’t like them. Given the alternative of a high spending government run by unions and a run-away immigration policy, the LNP is probably our best option at present and it doesn’t really matter who is at the head of it.

  7. What is it today with politicians? The back stabbing politics have to stop! Let the prime minister get on with his job. Turnbull is a slimy individual who I certainly would hate to see in power. He tried before and failed for a leadership spill. Look at the dirty tactics of the Labor government when they were in power last time! They had no strong leadership, and looked what happened there! And quite frankly, they still don’t have a strong leader. Shorten is anything but!

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    • I agree it is a disposable society we live in, just get rid of anything we don’t like…of course it is only MEDIA hype that this is going to happen after all.

    • Wake up Molly, they are all in it for themselves these days and it makes not one ounce of difference which party, it’s most unfortunate that there is not 1 Politician that I would feel comfortable voting for, they are all greedy money grabbing leeches and a disgrace to Australia.

    • I agree with you to a point Trish, not quite so much. Our local member here who is in Mr. Abbott’s cabinet is a great person and a true gentleman who has his constituents at heart, it is once he takes things to the next level where things get lost, it is that there is a line between the lower level and the higher level. The cities also get things over the country. I wish it would go back to old day politics where it was you scratch my back and I will scratch yours, it was great then because everyone got a fair deal.

    • The media control everything today , the ABC and Fairfax are intent on unseating the PM. And just imagine Bill Shorten and the CFMEU in charge , gee that’s a step ahead isn’t it.

    • I was going to say it’s a Media beat up again… The majority of Australians still have Australia’s best interest at the forefront and would still vote in LNP with Tony as leader

    • Just ask 800000 people what to do with them , then ask all the multinationals that don’t pay tax SIMPLE

    • The trouble is that Tony only beat Malcolm by 1 vote as preferred Leader and, as many in the Liberal Party feel that TA has not been a good Leader so far, they will keep trying to bring Malcolm back as Leader. They do need to do it now or not at all to give them a chance of winning the next Election. Remember it is “power to the people” who, it seems, are very dissatisfied with TA. As for Labour, they should do the same NOW regardless of what happened with KR and JG. Both need a change of Leaders NOW, then we can go forward and make up our minds. I do not like TA or BS, but my principles are for fairness all round and this government is not doing that.

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