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It has just been announced that Christine Milne, the leader of the Australian Greens party, has resigned.

Today The Greens released a statement saying Senator Milne has chosen to step down as the leader of the party as she does not want to recontest in the next Federal election and that she is looking forward to becoming a grandmother for the first time.

According to ABC reports, a ballot for the new party leader will occur later today at 11:30am (AEST).

This is what Ms Milne posted on her own Facebook page at 10:30am today:

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 11.11.28 am

Senator Milne made special note that this is a personal choice, led by the impending birth of her first grandchild.

“After 25 years in politics, I am looking forward to spending more time in my beautiful home state of Tasmania, with friends and family, and especially as I am soon to be a grandmother”.

She will continue to fight for action on global warming and will participate in her Greens community.

The Tasmanian Senator became the first woman to lead a political party in Tasmania in 1993, and has served as Greens leader since 2012. We wish her all the best in this new stage of her life.


Do you believe Christine made the right decision? Did you leave your career behind to make time for new members of the family?

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  1. No sorry I don’t believe that’s the reason, however what ever her reason is that is her business and no one else’s, Congratulations Christine it is absolutely wonderful being a Grandmother.

    2 REPLY
  2. The best thing she has done.

    8 REPLY
  3. Pity Sarah Hanson Young didn’t go with her.

    6 REPLY
  4. I don’t really think she owes the general public an explanation; she’s resigned – that’s all we need to know. Anything else is her own business.

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