The Duchess of Cambridge has accidentally revealed the gender of the new baby! 74



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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been under public scrutiny for a long time, so one would think they know a thing or two when it comes to keeping things private. But in something we imagine “baby brain” may have caused the world now knows the sex of the new royal baby!

Last week Kate said last week that the cravings for sweets made her believe it could be a girl, however there has been no confirmation. According to several news sources, three swatches of “very feminine” pink paint have been delivered to the country home that they are now living in.

This has caused the whole world to take this as confirmation that the baby is indeed a girl!

However, one magazine pointed out that during her last pregnancy she allegedly had a craving for flamboyance and did a decor makeover of Kensington Palace that saw many rooms be painted purple…

We hope that no matter the sex of this baby, it is healthy, happy and a beautiful time for the whole family!


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  1. Don’t ya just get sick of people surmising… Leave them alone and wait for the abby to be born… I hope those “pink” watchers are wrong just to make fools of them…

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    • I understand that Sheryl. I always only pray the baby is healthy. The sex is second place…. I am just so sick of everyone writing the sex of the baby into something they say or something she wears….

    • seriously does it matter? If they are happy to wait, then so should everyone else. it is their baby and it isn’t long to wait now. I personally like the waiting & the surprise at the end.
      I agree with Sheryl I do hope it is a little girl just to round their family out & for his beloved mother

    • Diana was the most loved by the people, if they call the daughter( if it is that ) Diana , the peoples hearts will be filled with love for their child..
      Will be watching her grow and look to see if she has the same personality traits Diana gave Wills…the out to one side look she gave ,that Wills has also, the Royals will be once more watched..

  2. Thought Kate was married now so why are we calling her Middleton

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  3. It doesn’t matter Kate and Wills; you are a sweet couple and Bub will be beautiful no matter if a girl or another boy!

  4. who gives a .. ?? I sure don’t !

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    • Nasty old man.If you can’t say something pleasant,shut your mouth.You must be a real bundle of joy,i don’t think.

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