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Australia’s new bad boy of tennis Nick Kyrgios is at it again.  This time, he has gotten into a heated argument with a reporter after his second round victory of the Wimbledon tournament.

After defeating Dustin Brown to progress to the third round, Kyrgios was asked by a report in the post match interview if he thought his on-court antics were distracting to other players.  The reporter was referring to a warning issued to Kyrgios at the start of the third set by umpire Jake Garner.  Kyrgios told Garner mid game that he was doing a “horrible job”.

“What did I say to the umpire today?” Kyrgios asked the reporter.  When reminded of what he said Kyrgios shot back “Is that bad language? Have you never said a swear word before? Have you never said a swear word in your life?  Can you answer my question?”

The reporter tried to put the question back to Kyrgios, but the Australian 15th seed continued “”What did I say to the umpire today? So how is that going to affect another player by saying ‘horrendous job’?”

Kyrgios is no stranger to controversy as he was accused of “tanking” Wimbledon last year, banned from the ATP after an incident with Stan Wawrinka in Montreal, and was fined $3,380 for unsportsmanlike conduct in his opening match at Wimbledon this year.  Of course, Kyrgios also made headlines earlier this year when he was openly critical of the Australian Olympic Committee over his feelings of the Rio games.

While many believe a fiery attitude is “part of the game” some wonder if he is bad for the sport.  Dustin Brown, whom Kyrgios defeated, came to his defence saying “I’m pretty sure everyone that knows Nick, knows Nick is a great tennis player,” and concluding with “I’m pretty sure in a few years, he will also have that sorted and going to be even better.”

Do you think that Kyrgios is bad for the sport?  Do you think he makes it exciting like McEnroe?

Scott Black

  1. Most definitely. In fact, about time he was sacked totally.
    He’s THE worst representative for Australia……..EVER!

    Someone very wise told him to ‘resign’ from the Olympics, before he was probably dismissed.
    Imagine his shenanigans’ there? Perish the thought!

    Exciting? You jest! He’s just cringeworthy.

    He needs a personality transplant.

    His parents’ are a disgrace in that they taught him NOTHING……no manners’, when to keep his foul mouth shut, how to be a Sportsman………just NOTHING!

    He’s a d@&$head, utterly. Too bee stupid to know he’s his own worst enemy.
    And his immaturity means he’ll never realise the opportunities’ he’s missed out on…..absolute ..FOOL!

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    • Good Point. He should be banned totally. He is a disgrace to tennis and to Australia. If he was related to me I would be ashamed to admit it.

    • Good Point. He should be banned totally. He is a disgrace to tennis and to Australia. If he was related to me I would be ashamed to admit it.

  2. and FENELLA is such a GOOD EXEMPLARY example as to how to behave and speak!!

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    • FENELLA isn’t on a tennis court when saying it, right?

  3. [email protected]

    I don’t feel any need to speak harshly about Nick. He is an exciting, brilliant tennis player and I really enjoy watching him. I don’t think that he is bad for the sport and I have heard much worse language on public transport. He’ll change his style in time. A couple of things that will help —— 1. I think we should forget about this nonsense of sportspeople being “role models”. They are there to play a game, as best they can, in their own way, in an effort to win. 2. The media should somehow be prevented from stirring up trouble and sensationalising events. (Good luck with that one.)

  4. You must ask yourself, why is he like this and you then have to look at his up bringing. If he was taught, good manners, sportsmanship, how to behave in public, then he made have stood a chance. What is needed now is for him to fall flat on his face. He needs a good lessen in sportmanship and a hid lose may do it.

  5. He doesn’t do anything for the game, he is cringeworthy.

  6. He doesn’t do anything for the game, he is cringeworthy.

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