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When the deputy mayor of Auburn in Sydney declared his wedding was going to be “AUSTRALIA’S BEST WEDDING” on social media, he wasn’t messing around. He also wasn’t going to let anything get in his way.

Salim Mehajer​, who arrived at the ceremony in a helicopter, ordered a whole street of residents to park their cars in their garages so the cavalcade of Rolls Royces, Ferraris and bikies on Harley Davidsons could get through. Any who didn’t oblige would have their cars towed, according to a letter drop before the event.

Fortunately, no one told the police, who came only as crowd control.

“We were never told, and as you can see it was out of control,” Inspector Chris Laird told Fairfax media. “We’ll be asking regional command to send the family the bill.”

A police spokeswoman said: “He [the groom] didn’t call us. We weren’t there to make things easier for him.”

Residents are understandably upset by the event, which included drumming, a jet flyover, and a plane towing a sign on congratulations.  There was no council permission to close the street, and it seems the deputy mayor authorised the chopper landing himself.

The groom did not seem put off by the numerous complaints.

“To all the haters,” he said on social media on Saturday. “Keep hating. I work hard. 100% legit.

Today, Mr Mehajer has released an expensive, Hollywood trailer-style pre-wedding video that defies belief. It features his father, who was recently released from jail and a very thin plot line.

What do you make of this young man’s lavish lifestyle? Is it in keeping with how a politician should behave? 




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  1. What’s with the gun for heavens SAKE!!

    1 REPLY
    • Just goes to show what he thinks of himself, most probably thinks it makes him look a bigger man & if he throws money around people won’t notice how small he is. Should be removed from his position NOW as he will only benefit himself in property development and having zoning changed etc.

  2. What a wanker! We used to say, “it could only happen in America”. Not any more. This man just oozes corruption.

  3. To all you ratepayers over three…vote him out..he so don’t connect with the ordinary folk

    2 REPLY
    • Should not have to wait for an election, there is a conflict of interest and look at this standover tactics for this wedding? Should be removed NOW and any decisions made should be put through the microscope.

    • Too late. Look at what suburb. This is a sign of things to come. Slowly infiltrate local council, then State and then Federal. Then do whatever you want like this jerk. Have him investigated. Arrogance and control.

      1 REPLY
  4. Unbelievable ego! The gun? One is left to wonder just how he runs a business. Doesn’t seem to have consulted his fellow Councillors. Mmm.

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