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South-eastern Australia, get those heaters, blankets, and warm socks ready, because a cold snap is heading your way! The Bureau of Meteorology says that it will be largest outbreak of cold weather in 15 years.

Victoria, NSW and Tasmania are about to experience cold fronts as Antarctic air bursts north, with night temperatures in some areas set to drop to around 0 degrees Celsius.

Where there’s cold there’s snow, and the winter sports playgrounds are about to receive a dump of snow, with conditions set to be the best for the ski season. Victoria’s Dandenong Ranges will see some snowfall, as will stretches of the Great Dividing Range, even as far north as the Queensland border.

Canberra is also a strong chance for snow. The Bureau of Meteorology’s Sean Carson said it would fall on the Brindabella Mountains and north towards Yass, and perhaps on the capital itself.

“There certainly is some chance of snow in the Canberra suburbs and if that was to occur Sunday morning is the most likely,” he said.

“We’ll most certainly get snow down to very low levels at the surrounding hills. Saturday night into Sunday that snowline will drop down to 600 metres at least on the western side of the great dividing ranges”.

“There’s about a 20 to 30 per cent chance of seeing snow in Canberra”.

Bureau of Meteorology NSW regional director Barry Hanstrum says the first cold front will begin to hit on Friday, followed by a second cold snap late Saturday.

The cold front will also bring with it some rain, again hitting much of Victoria, NSW and Tasmania. While we might not like the wet, cold weather, there is some good news. The rain will also fall in drought-affected areas of northern and western Victoria, and inland NSW, the happiest of news for those that have done it tough on the land.

How cold is it getting where you are? Have you any ‘keep warm’ tips to share? And let us know if you have some receive any drought-relieving rain.

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  1. Us Brisbanites tend to be a bit ‘wussy’ when it comes to cold weather. We don’t get much of it up here. I love the cooler months but 3 degrees first thing in the morning could have me having a bit of a whinge! My condolences to all those living in southern States this coming week.

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    • I heard it was supposed to be very cold up your way as well. At least we can rug up and stay warm. lots of warm socks, scarves and maybe a few layers of jumpers might be the go.
      At least we don’t get the weather like in US or Europe or Russia, THEN we would have something to whine about.

    • Kay, I was born in the UK; lived in Wellington, NZ for 7 years but having been back in Brisbane since 1981, as I said, we tend to get a bit ‘wussy’ when it comes to the cold. Mind you, I’d take Brisbane ‘winters’ any day.

  2. this might make me an oddity, but I like the cold weather…fire up the heater tonight and have a walk in the fresh air tomorrow

  3. Well in Picton NZ it’s a lovely sunny day, clear blue skies BUT -3C at 9.00am this morning.

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  4. Love the cold, don’t get much of it here in the northern rivers NSW You can always rug up for the cold but there’s absolutely nothing you can do for heat.

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  5. It’s actually all the Southern part. South Australia is in for record cold weather. We do exist you know. 7deg max where we live tomorrow

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    • I agree Glenda – they forget that we are on the map!

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