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Technology is trying to keep your home safer in some interesting ways. Some of them are using your smart devices so that you can pretend that you are home or at least monitor it, and some others are going a bit more unorthodox.

Using your smartphone or tablet to check in on your home while you away has never been easier with Wi-Fi enabled cameras. Some companies have even raised the bar allowing you to turn on lights or even your television to make would-be thieves think that you are home. A new product called Ring allows you to answer your door with a doorbell camera that even allows you to talk through your phone to whoever is at your door.

Now for those who have a scooter, bicycle, or small machine that requires a lock there is a new one that will make sure that no one tries to steal it. However, if they do, they will immediately regret it.

The SkunkLock is a U-Lock that has built-in gas that is very potent, legal, and will be released if someone attempts to cut the lock. The gas as the ability to induce vomiting, cause shortness of breath and can even blur vision. On top of all that the ‘stink’ of the gas will permanently stick to the offender’s clothes making them less washable and more burnable.

Now if they could come up with a way to combine the two into one product than the idea of an annoying door knocker might be a thing of the past.

What do you think? What technological advancements in security would you like to try at your home?

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  1. Ah, yes … remember, back in the old school days, the grammar rule of “i before e, except after c”?
    Well, “thieves” is not one of the exceptions.
    And then there was another one that “plural nouns take plural verbs”. Do security systems fights back against them?
    “while you away”, “WIFI enabled cameras”, “has built in gas”, “gas as the ability”, “stick to the offender’s clothes making them less washable and more burnable [who, the offenders?]”, ” … one product than the idea”.
    GREAT bits of writing, those!

  2. Afraid the spelling and grammar are somewhat out of whack here “theives”? SURELY NOT! I won’t mention the other embarrassments.

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    • When I worked at a newspaper, many years ago when the bears were bad, we had a saying: “Don’t worry about it, they’re only ‘journalists’.”
      That was when cold type came in, they dispensed with the proofreaders and they hired fresh-faced young kidlets straight out of journalism school.

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