She’s back! Pauline Hanson makes a comeback in her QLD seat 629



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Just when we thought she may have dropped off the radar again, it seems that One Nation leader Pauline Hanson might be making a comeback.

In Saturday’s QLD state election, Pauline Hanson ran for the seat of Lockyer, and ABC has reported that she is leading the count by more than 300 votes.

Pauline has been relatively quiet recently and it seems to have worked in her electorate, which has a history of far-right politicians. LNP candidate Ian Rickuss has held Lockyer since 2004, and before that, One Nation won the seat in 1998 and 2001.

According to the Gatton Star, Ms Hanson said she wouldn’t be commenting on multicultural issues however she did say her ancestors from Ireland assimilated into Australia and “multiculturalism was dividing Australia as a nation”.

For many years, the media has reported that Pauline’s views on multiculturalism and foreigners are racist, and in 2011, when she gathered independents to run in the NSW state election, she denied these claims to Fairfax, saying “I’m not racist. No one can ever comment or make a comment on any racist statement I have ever said. I have … as an Australian … a right to question immigration and multiculturalism, which I don’t believe is helping our country. I believe in people coming here, assimilating, becoming Australians and be proud of this country and abide by the laws of the land. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that”.

At the time, former NSW premier Kristina Keneally said “We absolutely condemn the sorts of racist and discriminatory policies which come from Ms Hanson and parties like One Nation”.

So does this mean, at a time where the world is fearing terrorism and racially motivated attacks, Pauline Hanson’s views are fitting more with the mainstream? Has she become a voice for many instead of very few? Years ago she was an anomaly but now, it seems she is being welcomed back with open arms.

According to ABC election analyst Antony Green, Pauline Hanson may end up winning her seat, although “It is likely her preference flows will be weaker in polling places with a higher Labor vote”.

But Ipswich councillor Paul Tully promised the ABC, “If Pauline Hansen happens to win, I’ll walk down the main street of Gatton at two o’clock in the morning with a sack of potatoes on my back”.


What do you think? Does Pauline Hanson deserve to win the seat of Lockyer? Are the voters encouraging racist or xenophobic views? Or are her policies and thoughts acceptable? Tell us below.


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  1. Yes, what Pauline was on about 15 yrs ago nothing has changed. She will be a breath of fresh air and a person who will stand up for Aussies rights.

  2. She was right 15years ago go girl C…

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    • She is more right now than ever, except to the idiots who want more boat people and muslims. You go girl.

    • I hope Pauline gets in and represents our views on foreign immigration.
      Her detractors call her a racist to keep her quiet. Usual lies from the Left.

    • How can people turn a blind eye to the chaos islam , and its muslim followers, has caused in every host nation they encounter ! Just recently in England the scandal of girls groomed and raped by muslim “men”, but ignored because no one wanted to be called a “racist” for investigating them ! This is what’s happening here ! You only have to Open your mouth and it “offends ” them , and we are forever appeasing them.

    • Recently it was reported that Fatima Elomar, that Mohamed cretins wife, & their 4 kids, were arrested trying to leave the country loaded to the eyeballs with cash & war goodies.
      My question is, why didn’t they just take her cash & bling let her go & withdraw the families citizenship?
      If the can keep a Bikie on ice in Malta because they can’t find anything to charge him with, surely they can get rid of a terrorist.

    • Mike here-she was wrong about one thing, she said we were about to be swamped by Chinese. But in everything else, correct, correct, correct.

    • The only thing is the masses are to frightened to vote for her because of that powerful word Racist, bury it and get behind her do it for the future of Australia and the next generation.

  3. I am NOT a Hanson voter , but many in here are and if they are happy she is back then I am happy for them, I don’t know as much as I should about Pauline but I do know Abbott got her goaled

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    • I took notice of Pauline Hanson when that snot-nosed, university educated Tracey Curro on 60 Minutes asked if she was xenophobic, and Pauline replied, “please explain?” I was so incensed that the free university education which Pauline’s taxes (and mine) had paid for was being used against her (and therefore against most of my generation) Pauline didn’t know something and instead of pretending that she did (the normal response from would be politicians) she asked for clarification. What a Sin! The age of the journalists and the writers of so called TV comedy all took advantage of our taxes while sneering at her (and therefore most of us) Then Tony Abbott realizing the danger of a straight talking politician set up a slush fund to blacken her name and have her falsely imprisoned

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